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10yr, 18E/F, TOP SECRET, SOTACC/JTAC, SFIC, Arabic, B.S.

Top Secret/SCI

Date of Clearance Adjudication:
May 15, 2011

  July 01, 2018 – July 01, 2018


Current Passport:
Official Passport
Expiration Date – August 26, 2020

Arabic – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Intermediate

Desired Location:
Stateside – Florida,
Overseas – Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Syria, United Arab Emirates, USA,

Highlight Write Up:
Top-performing, multilingual professional with 8 years of US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) team leadership in highly stressful irregular environments, strategic planning and execution of global operations, risk management, and crisis response. Diverse leadership and global advisory experience with senior US and foreign executives. Proven record of success in collaborative and challenging environments worldwide, and history of building strong domestic and global cross-functional partnerships.

Prepares intelligence estimates (analysis) during mission planning and preparation (isolation); employs conventional and unconventional techniques in intelligence collection and processing during unilateral, combined, coalition, joint, interagency, and multi-national operations; plans, organizes, trains, advises, assists, and supervises indigenous and allied personnel on collection and processing of intelligence information; establishes intelligence nets, capable of establishing personnel identification through fingerprinting and other means; processes prisoners of war; establishes security plan and performs security duties; maintains all classified documents in the operational area and establishes destruction and evacuation plans; provides area specialist assistance to U.S. forces and outside agencies.

Geo Location:
– Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 6
18F, Intelligence/Asst. Ops SGT and JTAC-I (Task Force XXXXX) Syria (2017)
?Delivered multiple Intelligence presentations to the Commanding General and other key leaders regularly for use in strategic decision making
?Advised, assisted, and enabled Syrian Democratic Forces to pursue offensive combat operations against the Islamic State in Northern Syria
?Advised the CDR on all matters related to intelligence and fire support in Northern Syria
?Conducted HUMINT operations resulting in actionable intelligence on the battlefield
?Coordinated tactical and operational integration of Human Resources, Communications, Facilities, Security, Executive Protection and Internal Security Operations during combat operations
?Assisted in managing a geographically-dispersed team, and leveraged multi-national capabilities to counter Islamic State influence

Number of months in position – 6
18F, Intelligence/Asst. Ops SGT and JTAC (Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force Syria) Turkey (2016)
?Researched and developed comprehensive intelligence briefs on Northern Syria; enabling Detachment comprehension of the AO/AI
?Conducted HUMINT operations resulting in actionable intelligence on the battlefield
?Advised CJSOTF-S Employment Node (EMN) in fires during OIR; enabled over 100 air strikes with over 700 EKIA
?Advised and assisted four BDE level Vetted Syrian Opposition (VSO) CDRs, enabling seizure of key terrain and CJSOTF-S targeting process in Northern Syria
?Rated #1 SFC on a very talented ODA

Number of months in position – 3
Senior 18E, Communications SGT and JTAC (Special Operations Command FWD JORDAN) Jordan (2015)
?Trained and developed multiple Special Forces soldiers on Close Air Support; conducted over 45 live-fire missions
?Advised the Jordanian Special Operations Forces on base security TTPs resulting in increased force protection on three Jordanian Special Operations bases
?Advised and assisted multiple Jordanian Special Forces Operators on Close Quarters Battle (CQB), off-road mobility, and communications

Number of months in position – 5
18E, Communications SGT (Joint Special Operations Task Force – Gulf Cooperation Council) GCC (2014)
?Advised senior UAE military leaders as the UAE Combat Engagement Team advisor, increasing operational interoperability and UAE?s Special Operations Command?s counterterrorism capabilities
?Advised UAE Special Operations Command (SOC) on communications and assisted in coordinating a multinational response exercise and assessment at US Embassies throughout the GCC
?Conducted Subject Matter Expert Exchanges (SMEEs) with UAE Presidential Guard Forces, increasing their operational capabilities and security protocols
?Enhanced UAE Special Operations Command (SOC) capacity and strengthened US-UAE security relationship

Number of months in position – 7
18E, Communications SGT (Office of Security Cooperation ? Iraq) Iraq (2013)
?Advised senior Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (ICTF/ICTS) and Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) leadership on counterterrorism, Close Quarters Combat (CQB), off-road mobility, small unit tactics, and communications.
?Advised 24 ISOF Academy NCOs on teaching techniques, resulting in new TTPs and over 500 newly selected ISOF commandos to support counterterrorism operations in Iraq
?Enabled Unaccompanied Advise and Assist with ICTF/ISOF leadership, leading to over 150 counterterrorism missions in Iraq disrupting multiple AQI cells throughout the area
?Trained a 10 man ICTF/ISOF team to participate in ?Eager Lion? in Jordan, which increased ICTF/ISOF?s credibility as a counterterrorism force amongst Iraq?s regional allies

Number of months in position – 3
18E, Communications SGT (Small Unit Exchange 3155 ?Israel and Language Initiative Prgm ? Oman) Israel/Oman (2012)
?Trained and advised Israeli Counterterrorism members on Close Quarter Combat (CQB), breaching techniques, off-road mobility, navigation, and communications
?Advised Israeli Counterterrorism members on current insurgent TTPs and US Special Forces security techniques
?Enhanced preparedness capacity and strengthened US-Israeli security relations

Number of months in position – 6
18E, Communications SGT (Operation Enduring Freedom) Afghanistan (2011)
?Commended by the CFSOCC-A CDR for assisting in establishing an Afghan Local Police force in Zabul Province
?Conducted multiple mounted and dismounted counter-insurgency operations, resulting in increased security throughout the Zabul Province
?Led Jordanian Special Operations Forces, Afghan Local Police, and Afghan Commando Squads on 97 combat patrols, disrupting Taliban freedom of movement and resupply routes
?Served as the classified document custodian during OEF, resulting in the maintenance and accountability of both secret and special category material without error or mishap

Number of months in position – 1
18E, Communications SGT (Joint Combined Exercise for Training ? JCET 16W) Jordan (2011)
?Advised and assisted multiple Jordanian Special Forces Operators and the 71st Counterterrorism Unit on Close Quarters Battle (CQB), off-road mobility, and communications
?Assisted Jordanian Special Forces Operators with mission analysis and war-gaming techniques for future operations in Afghanistan
?Conducted multiple off-road driving courses with Jordanian Special Forces Operators, increasing their mounted vehicle capabilities and interoperability between US Special Forces and Jordanian Special Forces


Skills Write Up:
Military Schooling:

Airborne; United States Special Forces Qualification Course; Survival, Resistance, Evasion (SERE); Tag, Track, Locate (TTL); Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC); Achilles Dagger; MIDSOUTH Tactical Shooting Course; TIER 1 Offensive and Defensive Driving Course; Overland Expert Driving Course (OEX); Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller Course (SOTACC); Special Forces Intelligence Course (SFIC); Senior Leader\\\’s Course (SLC); Joint Terminal Attack Controller Instructor (JTAC-I)

Education Write Up:
NORWICH UNIVERSITY, VT Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis

Working B.S. in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis (2013-Present)