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10yr+ O5, 6yr Joint Staff, TS/SCI, ORSA, 7yr USJFCOM, MA Naval Post Grad


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
Janaury 01, 2016

June 01, 2020 – June 01, 2025


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – May 22, 2020

– Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Overseas – Germany,

Highlight Write Up:
Master’s degree in Operations Research (OR) from Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and OR Instructor at NPS; completed resident DISAM Security Cooperation course designed for duty with USEMB staff; while assigned to USASOC completed USSOCOM resident Advanced Irregular Warfare course; current TS/SCI; 2.5 years with SOCAFRICA/J5, included travel to African continent; 2 years with SOUTHCOM, supported a SOCSOUTH project; 4 years with SOCOM; retired Army officer , O5 grade, with 10 years in tactical units and 10 years studying, teaching and supervising OR teams; proven manager and organizer of expert teams: early promotion to Army grade of Major, alternate battalion command list; and formally designated by the SecDef as a ‘Joint Specialty Officer’ (ASI3L).

Geo Location:
Panama – Duration: 2 years
Germany – Duration: 7 years
Africa – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Philippines – Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 70 months
07/2014 – Present

The Joint Staff

Office: Joint Deployable Analysis Team (JDAT) Division
Location: Eglin AFB, Florida
Position: Chief of Division Quality Assurance/Senior OR Analyst (Federal job: Series 1515, Pay Plan GS, Grade 13); temporarily rated during 2019 rating period as the Division Technical Director in a GS14 position
Duties: Serves as the Division SME for OR and Systems Analysis (ORSA) methods and techniques; provides guidance and advice to individuals and teams designing analytical models and assessment plans that generate meaningful databases to measure and report friendly performance and their effects in the operational environment under study; responsibilities include data collection, integrity, reduction. Studies focus on C4+Cyber programs/capabilities employed by Combatant Command and CJTF staffs and forces; findings inform rapid develop of solutions that improve Globally Integrated Operations (GIO) IAW the CJCS Capstone Concept for Joint Operations (CCJO) out to 2030, emphasis on information and data exchange among the Intelligence, Targeting and Fires communities down to the tactical edge; routinely work with teammates across DoD, the Joint Staff, the Services and foreign militaries; operationalized the Joint Staff’s proposed technical method/process to extend a multinational federated set of IT networks from home nation, or CCMD, forward in an AOR for CJTF operations; significantly revised the Division analytical handbook and supporting Division contract requirements; and led the contract re-compete process.

Number of months in position – 12 months
07/2013 – 07/2014

US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)

Office: Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9 (Concepts & Experimentation)
Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Reason for Leaving: Returned to my original USG organization and family (adult children/grandchildren)
Position: Senior Directorate Operations Research Analyst (Federal job: Series 1515, Pay Plan GS, Grade 13)
Duties: Advised and consulted senior leadership on OR methods to assess and analyze joint concept studies; applied modeling to construct intellectual frameworks derived from national security guidance; analyzed Warfighter requirements to identify capability shortfalls and mitigation, reported findings using DOTMLPF-P to the Joint Staff in support of the JCIDS process.

Number of months in position – 51 months
05/2009 – 07/2013

US Africa Command (USAFRICOM) | Special Operations Command – Africa (SOCAFRICA)

Offices: J8 – Operations Research Branch (USAFRICOM); J5 – Strategy, Plans & Assessments (SOCAFRICA)
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Positions: Operations Research Analyst (Army Civilian Employee: Series 0301, Pay Plan GS, Grade 13); Strategist & Planner / Assessments Branch Chief (Army Civilian Employee: Series 1515, Pay Plan GS, Grade 13)
Reason for Leaving: Overseas Government Term position expired
Duties: Conducted operational design for DoD/US Interagency approach to support regional security stabilization; built assessments to measure progress of regional OAAs; conducted an in-country assessment of DRC infantry unit undergoing US training; designed a common methodology to assess Named Operations for Component-level Commands; advised J5 staff on analytical resource requirements; developed Security Cooperation (SC) activities in support of the Theater Security Cooperation Plan; familiar with the CMD Posture Plan and High Value Targeting (HVT) process; produced CDRSOCAFRICA assessment reports for consumption at the highest levels of US Government, up to National Security Council (NSC); monthly, briefed USAFRICOM Deputy Commander on regional Operations progress and provided an information briefing to the US Ambassador to Algeria.

Number of months in position – 94 months
06/2001 – 05/2009

US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM)

Sub-unified Command: Served as a contractor with the Joint Combat Identification & Evaluation Team (JCIET) and Joint Fires Integration & Interoperability Team (JFIIT) – this is the same office, but it changed titles during this timeframe; the office is now titled, Joint Deployable Analysis Team (JDAT) (see above timeframe: 07/2014 – Present).
Location: Eglin AFB, Florida Work
Position: Senior Operations Research Analyst (US Defense Contractor)
Reason for Leaving: Accepted a job with USAFRICOM as a new US Civilian Employee
Duties: Lead joint study teams assessing the Strategic-Theater to Tactical levels of warfare (CCDR down through battalion level), included mission rehearsals prior to deployments; studies oriented on Universal Joint Task OP 3.1, Conduct Joint Force Targeting that included C2, ISR and Fires; used DOTMLPF-P format to provide findings and recommendations; designed operational models and analytical plans that generated meaningful databases to measure and report friendly performance and effects in the environment under study; responsibilities included data collection, integrity, reduction.

Number of months in position – 27 months
03/1999 – 06/2001

US Naval Postgraduate School

Office: Operations Research Department
Location: Monterey, CA Work
Position: Military Instructor (Active Duty US Army Officer, Grade O5)
Reason for Leaving: Retired from Army active duty
Duties: Taught statistics and military wargaming courses to US and foreign students; supported research on the integration of operations research applications in support of mission planning. Completed resident Defense Acquisition University Level III course certification for ‘Test and Evaluation’ and Level II course certification for ‘Project Management’–see ‘Job Related Training’ below.

Number of months in position – 24 months SOUTHCOM; 48 months SOCOM
10/1990 – 07/1992 (USSOUTHCOM) | 06/1995 – 03/1999 (USSOCOM)

Staff Positions with other Combatant Commands

Offices: Operations Research Division (USSOUTHCOM); Wargaming & Analysis Division (USSOCOM)

Locations: Quarry Heights (Panama Central America); MacDill Air Force Base (Tampa Florida) Work
Positions: Operations Research Analyst / Modeling & Simulation Branch Chief (Active Duty US Army Officer, Grade O5)
Reasons for Leaving: Reassigned by US Army
Duties: While assigned to SOUTHCOM provided project support to SOCSOUTH; served as an executive officer for a Command Crisis Action Team; led a Command study team to design and field a regional counterdrugs strategy and campaign analysis capability; solution was fielded as an analytic program incorporating US embassy teams and other US interagency teams; matrix team fielding the capability included elements from the Joint Staff’s Joint Warfighting Center, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Naval Postgraduate School, and a US defense contractor; led a Command study team to plan and execute a bi-lateral exercise with the Argentine Joint Staff. While assigned to USSOCOM, served as the Command’s Chief for M&S development; managed government and contractor SMEs to analyze strategic requirements and force structure using LVC simulation; represented Command equities across range of DoD simulation programs and served as a member on the configuration control board for a DoD analysis model; active parachutist.

Number of months in position – 34 months 11 ACR; 32 months 7th ID; 12 months 2ACR
02/1982 – 12/1984 (11ACR) | 10/1985 – 06/1988 (7ID) | 06/1994 – 06/1995 (2ACR)

US Army Tactical Leadership

Units: 11th Armor Cavalry Regiment (OCONUS) / 7th Infantry Division (CONUS) / 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (CONUS)
Locations: Fulda, Germany / Fort Ord, CA / Fort Polk, LA
Positions: Platoon Leader through Battalion XO (Active Duty US Army Officer, Grades O1 – O4)
Reasons for Leaving: Reassigned by US Army
Duties: Led Soldiers at tactical levels from Platoon Leader through Support Platoon Leader to Company XO with 11th ACR; Primary staff officer (Battalion S4) through Company Commander with 7th ID; Battalion XO with 2nd ACR.

Number of months in position – 12 months
06/1993 – 06/1994

Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) Office: Armor & Mechanized Team

Location: Fort Polk, LA
Positions: Senior Observer/Controller (Active Duty US Army Officer, Grade O4)
Reason for Leaving: Reassigned by US Army
Duties: Served as the Senior Observer/Controller (O/C) for the participating Heavy Team (mounted) exercising teams comprised up to 300 people, 100 combat systems (M1 tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles), and logistical/support resources; duties included mentoring, advising leaders/soldiers during replicated combat conditions and consulting senior military leaders; led, mentored, and evaluated five senior command-qualified captains and nine senior Abrams tank or Bradley vehicle Master Gunners; active parachutist that participated in tactical airborne operations, including 82nd Airborne Division.

Skills Write Up:
Job Related Training or Designations:

-Joint Specialty Officer (ASI3L), approved for critical joint duty assignments by Secretary of Defense
-Defense Institute for Security Assistance Management (DISAM), Security Cooperation Management & International Programs Security Requirements Course
-US Special Operations Command, Advanced Irregular Warfare Course
-Defense Acquisition University (DAU), Acquisition Level II Course (Systems Acquisition & Program Management)
-Defense Acquisition University (DAU), Acquisition Level III Course (Test & Evaluation)
-Contract Support Specialist (ASI3C), awarded upon completion of U.S. Army Operational Contract Support Course
-Contracting Officer’s Representative Course, Defense Acquisition University
-Intermediate Level Education: US Army Command & General Staff College
-Joint Professional Military Education I and II residence courses
– Air Operations Officer (ASI5U), awarded upon completion of USAF Air Ground Operations School Joint Firepower Control Course
– Ranger & Airborne Schools

Additional Information:
– CLEARANCE: TS/SCI, update 01/2016
– Selected for early promotion to Major in the US Army
– Selected as alternate candidate for US Army battalion command
– Skilled in written and oral communication; experienced writing and briefing to senior general officers and civilians across the US Government
– Excellent health

Education Write Up:
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA Master’s Degree
Major: Operations Research in Engineering Science
U of Kansas, Lawrence KS Bachelor’s Degree
Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration