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13+ Yrs 18E/180A, TS/SCI, PM, ASO 3, Merlin, Georgetown Univ. MA Security Studies, Kurdish Sorani, Spanish, Arabic,


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
November 2013



Current Passport:
Expiration Date – July 10, 2018

Arabic (MSA) – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Basic
Kurdish Sorani – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Basic
Spanish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – N/A
Overseas – N/A

Highlight Write Up:

Special Forces Assistant Detachment Commander //  Deputy Program Manager

I am a dedicated professional with multiple years experience in both the full spectrum of military special operations missions as well as a civilian in the national security arena. I have a Masters of Arts in Security Studies from Georgetown University\’s School of Foreign Service. I continue to build on my qualifications, both as an SF Assistant Detachment Commander, and as a Deputy Program Manager that performs duties in support of the DOD.


  • 4 Combat Tours – Iraq (\’03, \’07, \’08, \’10)
  • Special Forces Liaison Element (SFLE) to Kurdish Regional Gov\’t (KRG) – 2010
  • JCET – Senegal (2009)
  • JCET – Poland (2016)

Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: 1 year
Iraq – Duration: 9 months
Iraq – Duration: 8 months
Kurdistan / Iraq – Duration: 8 months
Senegal – Duration: 3 months
United Kingdom – Duration: 3 months

Position Write Up:


 Deputy Program Manager, (03-14 – Present)

·       Directs operations and budgeting of commercial research program – Native Prospector, Europe – in support of USSOCOM efforts

·       Manages team of 15+ analysts / subject matter experts in the formation of taskings and report building

·       Directs the recruitment of, communications with, and retention of 70+ foreign nationals in support of cultural, socio-economic, security-focused research in non- and semi-permissive environments

·       Leads / coordinates training of Navanti personnel in security, communications, task-drafting, vetting, evaluating


·       Liaises with DOD, IC, and civilian customer base to ensure knowledge gaps are identified and filled


MILITARY EXPERIENCE, US Army: (Jan 2003 – Present)

Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer 2

20th Special Forces Group (ABN), MD National Guard, (08/10 – Present)

·       Serves as second in command or commands in absence of commander for 12-man Operational Detachment-Alpha (ODA) 2222

·       Focal point for synchronization of efforts and provides technical, tactical, and operational expertise for all

Detachment functions

·       Directs intelligence collection efforts and manages operational and intelligence fusion

·       Capable of advising or commanding, directing or leading indigenous forces up to battalion strength

·       Trained in and serves as subject-matter expert in Unconventional Warfare

·       Recent operational experience / deployments with NATO Special Operations Forces (Denmark / Poland)

Special Forces Intelligence Network Manager / Senior Communications SGT

10th Special Forces Group (ABN), (01/06 – 08/10)

·       Senior HUMINT operative on Special Forces Liaison Element (SFLE) to Kurdish Regional Government  – OIF VII, Irbil / Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan (01/10 – 08/10)

·       Led +125 key leader engagements with top tier Kurdish Regional Government and Military personnel

·       Practiced and maintained Operational Security (OPSEC) in an environment heavily permeated with Foreign Intelligence Services, as well as in conjunction with other US interagency personnel

·       Gained targeting INTEL and directly participated in the eventual capture of national-level HVTs, to include the principle assassination cell leader within volatile Mosul, Ninewa Province

·       Operated as interim Team SGT for three month period

·       Commanded all split-team efforts and missions in Dahuk Province; heavily focused on providing accurate/timely reporting on activities in vicinity the Kurdish/Turkish/Iranian tri-border regions and the contentious Disputed Internal Boundary (DIB)

Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) to Senegal / Mali, Africa (05/09–07/09)

·       Conducted the selection and training of 90 indigenous personnel, establishing Senegal’s first Special Operations Company – the first JCET to occur under the newly-formed AFRICOM

·       Gained atmospherics and timely ground truth on Al-Qaeda Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) activities and status in Northwestern Africa

·       Conducted operational taskings assigned through AFRICOM relating to in-country infrastructure development and capabilities.  Provided related assessments reporting.

Senior Communications SGT / HUMINT Network Manager – OIF VI (05/08 – 01/09), Ad Diwaniyah, Iraq

·       Led the largest and most comprehensive Tribal-Engagement strategy in SOTF-Central’s area of responsibility, personally coordinating with +25 tribal elders, encompassing more than 30 tribes throughout Najaf, Qadisiyah, and Maysan Provinces

·       Authored article published in Special Warfare Magazine, “Navigating the Human Terrain” (08/10)

·       Facilitated the successful targeting, capture, and exploitation of three national-level HVTs

Communications SGT / HUMINT Network Operative – OIF V, Samarra, Iraq (03/07 – 10/07)

·       Developed Intelligence tactics, techniques, and procedures through reconciliation operations.  Chosen to brief General David Patraeus on these methods/TTPs.  Unparalleled targeting information and first-hand intelligence were provided through these operations

·       ODA 083 members awarded the Thorne Award, (10th Special Forces Operational Detachment of the Year)

Section Leader, Heavy Machine Gun Squad, 4th ENG BN, 4th Infantry Division


·       Deployed with expeditionary force, OIF I (04/03 – 04/04)


Skills Write Up: 

  • Special Forces Warrant Officer Technical and Tactical Course
  • Advanced Special Operations Techniques (ASOT Level II & III)
  • Technical Support and Operational Application Course; United Kingdom (TSOAC/MERLIN) (awarded Honor Grad)
  • Military Free-Fall
  • Close Target Reconnaissance
  • Physical Surveillance (Vehicle and Foot)
  • Technical Intelligence Collection, Tag, Track, Locate (TTL)
  • Data Forensics
  • Covert Method of Entry (CMOE)
  • Advanced Special Operations – Urban Survival Tactics
  • Gryphon Group Clandestine Weapons Program
  • Gryphon Group Mobile Force Protection Course
  • Fast Rope Insertion Extraction Master Course (FRIES)
  • Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC) (most recent – 11/2014)
  • Special Forces Communications Course
  • S.E.R.E. (High-Risk) Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape School (Level C)

Education Write Up:
GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, School of Foreign Service Washington, DC
Master of Arts in Security Studies – International Security – May 2013
Cumulative GPA 3.57 / 4.0

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies – Dec. 2012
Cumulative GPA 3.79 / 4.0, Magna Cum Laude