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14 yr, SOF MI SME, TS/SCI, J2X, PR, SOCCENT SA, SMU Support, M3, MA in SI,


Military planner with (14+) years of experience conducting and supporting joint military and USG operations. A seasoned performer in strategic, operational, and tactical environments. Able to work as a leader, team-member, or individually. At ease in stable or volatile environments, under low or high supervisory constraints. In-depth knowledge of conventional forces operations, cyber and information operations, anti-terrorism, force-protection, counter terrorism, counterinsurgency, unconventional and irregular warfare, joint special operations (SMU/TF), interagency operations, JIPOE, MDMP, and JOPES. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


US Central Command (USCENTCOM) w/ : Operational Planning: Operations Planner (****** Cyber Operations) in USCENTCOM J*, Tampa (10/2015-present). Plan ****** Cyberspace Operations (**CO) and works cyber-related policy and strategy issues for Central Command. Provide strategic and operational level planning utilizing JOPES or APEX. Integrate cyberspace operations into CENTCOM OPLANs. Develop cyber related policy to support execution of *CO. Provide cyber-related subject matter expertise to CENTCOM staff, leadership, and higher headquarters. Author papers and correspondence for * (GOFO). Prepare information and decision briefs for GOFOs. Led multiple projects from planning, execution, completion and assessment phases with minimal guidance. Planning support to USCENTCOM Joint Cyber Center. Develop CONOPS ISO USCENTCOM Cyber Strategies. *************************************** **

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) : Program Management: Co-founder and Operations Director, Tampa (02/2013-04/2014). Implement the company’s strategy. Responsible for the marketing of products and services. Evaluate the success of current programs, and maintain awareness of the external competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, and new industry developments. Program management and government accountability for engineering, and execution of a complex, innovative technology contract at USSOCOM for a total award of $5.25 million USD.

Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT) : Unconventional Warfare Planning: NAR/PR/UW Ops Planner at SOCCENT CEG J3, Tampa (05/2012-02/2013). Planning support to Non-Conventional Assisted Recovery activities. Develop NAR plans for real-world SOF engagements. Develop NAR CONOPS and execution strategies. Monitor and identify critical issues and provide recommendations to improve overall C2 of NAR operations. Establish, support, and maintain data management system for NAR programs. Coordinate and staff NAR requirements. Ensure NAR funding and appropriate funding disbursement. Integrate NAR plans with theater PR requirements using *** ** *** operations cycles. Advise and assist senior military personnel with establishment, maintenance and employment of Non-conventional Assisted Recovery (NAR) and Personnel Recovery (PR) policies, orders and procedures, traditional and asymmetrical PR capabilities, * Plans of Action (*PA), Isolated Persons Reports (ISOPREP), and DoD **** programs. Support PR Coordination Cell (PRCC) and ****Assisted Recovery (*AR) activities. Develop and present plans of instruction (POI), and deploy to austere environments in support of NAR activities.

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) w/ Future Technologies: SOF Strategic Planning: Senior Strategic Planner (Project Manager) at USSOCOM J7/J9, Tampa (12/2010-05/2012) Support for strategic, long range planning efforts to enhance the survivability, lethality, and effectiveness of Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Irregular Warfare (IW) capabilities worldwide. Develop assessments and concepts for the operation, expansion, re-engineering, and transformation of SOF. Develop COCOM level strategies, policy, guidance, and C****** Concepts

Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT) : Unconventional Warfare Planning: Unconventional Warfare Planner in SOCCENT C** & J3-Special Activities, Tampa (10/2009-06/2010) Independently responsible to provide solutions for complex, difficult and clandestine operations. Operational support to Joint Special Operations/ Theater Special Operations Commands. Doctrinal and experimental application of Unconventional Warfare in support of ASD-SO/LIC initiatives, Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT) operations, and the Irregular Warfare Support Program (IWSP). Congressionally-mandated research and development in USCENTCOM AOR. **** ***

US Central Command (CENTCOM): Interagency Operations Planning: Joint Operations Planner in USCENTCOM J3 IATF-IW and J3-IAG, Tampa (06/2008-10/2009)  Planning support to Interagency, Irregular Warfare, and Information Operations activities. Develop and review sensitive, compartmented plans and orders. COCOM lead for the Global Synchronization Process ISO Counterterrorism national planning efforts. Coordinate across DOD, Intelligence Community, and the Interagency to develop operational priorities, recommendations, and initiatives. Cultivate relationships with Interagency personnel to facilitate planning and execution of CENTCOM activities. Briefer to Command Group.

US Central Command (CENTCOM) : Force-protection/ Anti-Terrorism Planning: Force-protection and Anti-terrorism (ATFP) Action Officer in CENTCOM J3-JSO, Tampa (10/2006-06/2008) Chairman of CENTCOM’s Threat Working Group (TWG) and Force-protection Working Group (FPWG). Synchronization of FP response and threat mitigation actions for deployed personnel/units across the CENTCOM AOR. Strategic briefing to the Command Group.


United States Army, Soldier (Honorable Discharge 04/2010): Non-commissioned Officer (Military Intelligence Corps) Various Locations (09/2002-04/2010) SME at USCENTCOM Joint Intelligence Center. Interagency activities to F3EAD/PID transnational threat networks. Support to Interagency and Special Operations (Middle East). Army Intelligence support to hostage recovery and rescue operations (Central-****). Intelligence operations for aerial exploitation (S.Korea). Range operations and Quick Reaction Force (QRF) Team leader (DMZ, S.Korea). Service Medals: JSCM, JSAM, NDS, AGC, OSR, ASR, Iraq Campaign, GWOT Service, GWOT Expeditionary, NDK, Army Achievement(2), Army Parachutist


Master’s (M.A.) of International Relations (Conflict Resolution), American Military University (current-12/36hrs)

Master’s (M.A.) of Strategic Intelligence (Intelligence Operations), American Military University (Graduated)

Bachelor’s (B.A.) in International Relations (International Conflict), University of South Florida (Graduated)

Master’s Certificate- Project Management (Villanova University/ 15.5 CEUs /155 PDUs, 2011) (Graduated)

Master’s Certificate- Professional Facilitation, Joint Special Operations University, Leadership Strategies (Graduated)

Associate’s (A.S) in Recording Engineering, Full-sail University (Graduated)


Personnel Recovery – PR*** / PR***/ PR 2**/ PR2**


Technical Training:

M3 (USSOCOM S****** Training)

Palantir Intelligence Suite (Palantir FSR SOCCENT)

DoD and Intelligence Training/Certificates:

Asymmetric Warfare Intelligence Analysis (DIA JMITC)

Counterdrug Intelligence Analysis (CENTCOM RJITF)

National Intelligence Course


Asymmetric Threat Analysis (CENTCOM RJITF)

Certificate in Bioengineering and Production Analysis (*** Asynchronous Training)

Military: Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Military Occupational Specialty (US Army Intelligence Center)