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15 years, Serv. Disabled, EE, TS/SCI, SMU IT/EE Support, WTI, Multi Service, ISR, DARPA, REF, C2, Spanish, B.A.


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
March 20, 2010

December 29, 2012 – February 28, 2015

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 60%

Current Passport:
Expiration Date – November 05, 2016

Spanish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Guam, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Virgin Islands, Washington,
Overseas – Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gabon, Georgia, Germany, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea,North, Korea,South, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia Montenegro, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, UK, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, USA, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, VaticanCity, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe,

Highlight Write Up:
I am a dedicated person that has been working for the United States goverment providing support in various countries and locations to fight the War on Drugs, to the War on Terrorism either in the Service, goverment employment, contracting. I possess 14 years of experience of hands-on electro-mechanical engineering support while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Army along with various Department of Defense Contractor companies. I am dedicated team player who is self-motivated, flexible and able to work well under pressure in austere environments. As For the Army I have demonstrated reconnissance capabilities including Human Intelligence, Signal Intelligence, variants to squadron commanders and (SCIF) briefings for Iraqi conficts dealing with Sader City, Mousl, Baghdad, Balad, Al Ahamara province in southern Iraq, Iran border. For many services and contracting companies, I have demonstrated expert technical skills in troubleshooting and repairing a wide array of ISR systems in a field environments. As an Electronics Engineer, I have exstensive experience on Signal Intelligence techniques. I traveled extensively throughout Iraq to provide field maintenance, inspections, troubleshooting and repair expertise to ensure continuous system operations and enemy movements on various systems. I possess experience in C2 systems for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard for multi role and multi purpose War capabilities for joint warfighter.

Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: 4 years

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 13 months
United States Navy July 2011- Current
Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Seal Team 6)
Ensures physical safty of personnel and U.S. Navy property, material assigned to the NSWDG Command. I am currently providing force protection security measures to prevent any classified materail entering and leaving the SCIF areas. I am specialized in patrolling, tactics, safety and law enforcement. The main control point I have to confirm status of personnel desiring access to NSWDG ST-6 and check for clearances, authorization access; which shows access or denial provided by verbal or written documentation of actions as required. I possess an array of knowledge in the United States code of laws, and distinction in applying applicable law enforcement techniques, interfacing with leadership on daily patrolling along with functional control for the compound.
Skills: I am responsible for physical security and force protection; implementing policies and procedures for the personnel along with security clearance access control point and SCIF avalibility and special access VIPs for Department of Defense, WARCOM and other govermental agencies. I am experienced in written and oral reporting along with tasks and initatives for the department. My recurring administrative tasks include the maintenance of the daily journal, moble patrol (i.e. building checks, munitions bunkers, safty of personnel and hazards, perimeter discrepancies, transporting escorts of multi-million dollars for the Navy; guarding 50 million dollar aircraft and equipment, along with ammunition escorts). All incidents and force protection are controlled through access points and main check points; with barrier and communications, along witth armorment for security measures. My main responsibilities are to report directly to the supervisor on all matters and issues, written and or oral communications as required for direction. (Reports and investigates all alarms, preforms security measures of level three facility ensuring compliance and functionality to report and secure multi-SCIF areas and buildings including the Air Mobility security).

Abilities: I serve as a technical and force protection officer on all authority and antiterrorism measures directed by the command. I am a specialist at identifying radar scanning of packages for Improvised mail explosives, expert pistol on the P226 Sig Saur, 12 guage shot gun, tactical guidence, force tactics and police procedures on detainments, force protection threats of violations, S.P.E.A.R. hand to hand training, vunerability, impliments corrective actions. I have given multiple recommendations for improvements on security policies, measurments, and guidence.

Rapid Equipment Force US. Army
STS International, Berkley Springs, WV
Electronics Engineer – Deployed to Iraq January 2010-Febuary 2011

Knowledge: I went to Iraq in support of the Rapid Equipment Force (REF) by providing 24/7 maintenance and operational support of numerous complex perimeter surveillance systems, vehicle mounted imaging systems, as well as various other imaging and force protection systems on ACR Army Unit capabilities for (IMINT, SIGINT) security measures and force protection requirements for FOBs.

Skills: My skills set in STS was to coordinate and conduct installation, inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, field repair, and life cycle sustainment of systems. Such as mast mounted, portable, mobile (vehicle mounted), and fixed Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance intelligence, servaillence, recconissance systems; complex distribution information systems; short to long range imaging and target acquisitions systems; central and distributed Command and Control (C2) systems; Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems for image intelligence on improvised explosive device detection; wired (Ethernet, fiber optics) and wireless (802.11 a/b/g, SeeNet) communications systems; and power generation.
I have been apart of route convoy security, giving the soldiers knowledge and expertise of each systems to capture, maintain security measures, and to save of the lives of the warfighter. I have traveled extensively throughout Iraq providing field maintenance support, installation’s, inspection, troubleshooting and repair expertise on equipment, and to ensure continuous system operational readiness for aggressive recconaisance tactics on the battlefiled. The primary focus was to reduce uncertainies about the terrain and the effects of weather upon it, and to determine the presence or absence of the enemy. Effectively giving opporational awareness and capabilities to unit commanders in planning and briefing in (SCIF) Forward Observation Base areas along with Combat Observation Bases. I was tasked out to develop for the company technical writing to the systems and revision, for content development and implementation for multi system projects along with re-engineering the systems changes with the use of CADD for schematics, production, and evaluational use; which was flawed and re-designed out for the battlefield. My preformance evaluations concluded many changes into system design flaws, I changed the system design and wrote many documents in different formats of medium, and concluded a basic layout for use of tracking changes in each system for the company and STS business agreements.
I have formulated productive technical manuals and software use under Microsoft, to produce publications within the company and for the Army after many revisions and control of hardware and software changes. I also utilized my writing techniques for manuls under the platform for publications ( ATA 100) . My networking skills in Iraq for various interconnected communications channels that facilitated communications and allowed sharing devices in the BDOC for the purpose of communications protocol, Ethernet-CAT 5 on LAN and Internet Protocol Suite and fiber optics. While working in Iraq I networked computer based servers with Windows 2008 operating systems for the BDOC and networking printers. I networked 35 computer laptops and desk stand alone based systems in the BDOC for various communications systems for Combat and Forward Observation Base control in Mousl and combat operation base (COB) Cobra Iraq. Also while in theater I was working with tough book laptops on XP based windows operating system, connecting on Ethernet for camera based vehicle systems on MRAP convoy functions to track a record enemy presence.

Abilities: To provide the operator a clear understanding of each of systems warfighting capability, maintenance and system administrator program of instruction (POI); along with new equipment training, and (NET) training on assigned systems as needed. I provided ongoing assistance to base force protection personnel and commanders for deployment of systems assets around Forward Observation Base (FOB) perimeter to ensure adequate coverage and visibility to points of interest. Provide comprehensive, life cycle logistical support to sustain operations and readiness of systems. Regularly interface with client leadership and end-users for daily operations, presentations, and status reports to ACR commanders.
Security includes all measures to prevent observation, harassment, and suprise aggressive support and tactics for bold reconnaissance security measures ACR to commanders in the Forward Observational Base (FOB) tactical areas. I specialized in counter sniper tactis and techniques for which I was picked to issued the infantry ground detection (IGD) development version for individual infantryman detection system and GPS trackers. For the Forward Observation Base and JATIF command new virtual SCIF battle situations for enemy and dismounted infantry movements for battle situations and development. . I have an outstanding mission awards from REF Army commander Colonel Phil Able.

Reason For Leaving: The company’s contract ran out and changed positions with a competitor USI Corp. I took the position with the goverment at Naval Special Warfare Development Group to one day have the opportunity to further enhance my primary goals of electronics engineering with the one of the worlds finest fighting force.

Night Vision Laboratories/ NVSD Night Vision Doctorate Ft. Belvior Army Installation
Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Research & Development, EOIR
Technologies Washington D.C. January/2009-June/2009
Joint operations for the Navy, Army, Marines in research and development.

Knowledge: Commencing my time with EOIR Technologies, I was capable of keeping the war fighter operational with the latest in scientific research and development for ongoing Homeland security and abroad efforts for the United States Army, Navy, and Marines. My primary focus was in the field of infrared spectrum, for new advancement of technologies used in laser research and for target acquisitions.

Skills: For my applied skill set was to deliver a wide diversity of technology in chip set for night vision capabilities. The development in the areas of different medals applied to assisting the functional use for scope optics on EEE-INST-002, MFI, holographic, sense imaging, thermal imaging scopes, along with night vision research designs using tellurium, aluminum, copper and silicon. As a state of the art technology for the Army we designed and manufactured small micro boards for advancement in night vision and infrared spectrum technology patented 2009. Along with other area’s of operational advancement in laser features. One primary focus was finding different skill sets for determining distance to target feedback functions for digital video and auto play (SIGINT) design structures for future Army warfare devices.
I was placed to assist and develop a cooling aspect for new electronics areas of operational equipment used in any type of weathered climate. On a special task for the Night Vision Laboratory one of my assignments was replacing the Air Conditioning unit and ductwork, our team changed out the ventilation, and natural ventilation system for a controlled dust free, humitity climate changes and particle regulation requirments for the lab. We replaced the heat pump, also redesigned the circuit breakers for a modern update. The electronic blue prints were drawn at ¼ scale for floor plans on layout for electronic controls and machinery replaced by old french electroinc machinery designs. By updating the Air Conditioning system provided cooling, ventilation, and humidity control for creating new night vision computer electronic chips. I worked with many Electronics power supplies with Tesla circuits, Inverters, Free Energy circuits, chargers, AC/DC- DC/DC, Current Limiting, Micro-Power Circuits, and High Voltage. My CADD experience consists with working on Analog electronic circuits, Digital electronic circuits with programming capability. I worked in CADD on direct correlation for graphic (SIGINT) capability design to develop components for ongoing electronic systems and computer board designs for satilite data components.

Abilities: To create new optical and electronics abilities that can function in all weather climates and capable to have effective range to target operational structure. For new scope system designs for the warfighter, I assisted in writing and modifications to new manuals. I have helped in the research and designs of new electronics and computer cooling systems for counter-mine detachment for the Army to find and destroy old or existing minefields for humanitarian missions.
Reason For Leaving: I loved being in the labratory under research and development, but the Rapid Equipment Force was in need of outstanding Electronics Engineers to give the warfighter the edge in technology and the abiltiy to defeat enemy positions . I wanted to enhance my skills to the importance in missions and the ability to serve my country by utilizing my talents in the combat zone.

CECOM Command US. Army
Computer Science Corporation, Research & Development, Deployed to Iraq
Electronics Engineer July/2008-January/2009

Knowledge: Working with Computer Science Corporation I was able to grasp and give the war fighter the newest Counter-Sniper devices and technology to keep out of harmful oppositions, and keeping the soldiers safety a priority; along with counter acting threats by target acquisitions.

Skills: Working with DARPA and BBN technologies as a sub-contract with Computer Science Corporation my duties consisted of primary component and installation use to the warfighter against enemy snipers. For the boomerang project I introduced an enhanced weapons capability on vehicle mounted platforms consisting of HUMMV, STRYKER, MRAP capabilities to convoy security measures. I was in charge of installation of the project components to the vehicles for a rapid detection devices to each vehicle. On certain components I had to use an oscilloscope to determine certain components functionality and evaluation. One other areas of duties was troubleshooting the system on Voltage with volt meter, to find and repair problems out in the field environment. My primary goal was to provide the warfighter the capability sniper detecting mast using microphones to detect the algorithms of tracking the bullets sound barrier waves; computing the direction, and distance of the shooter on the electronic warfare system. After the shooter is detected I developed and patent under Computer Science Corportaion the networking to the automated 50 caliber Crow System to certain vehicles to eliminate enemy targets.

Ability: To deliver a counter-sniper device throughout Iraq, traveling extensively for rapid installations. Under the Army guidelines giving classes on each system used to troops and briefs for commanders in the field.
Reason For Leaving: I was able to advance into Research and development for the Army’s warfighting capabilities at Ft. Belvior Research and Development Center NVSD Night Vision Doctorate.

US Army 2/183 Cavalry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division
Served with Distinction, Various Locations May 2006-July 2008
Knowledge: While enlisted in the Army I was assigned to the 2/183rd Cavalry as a Scout Reconnaissance Sniper. My primary duty functions were to locate and give tactical recconnaissance and counterreconnaissance (HUMINT, SIGINT) intelligence gathering, along with target acquisitions for sniper capabilities.

Skills: My primary function for scout sniper was to encounter opposition force detection and communication of intelligence (HUMINT, SIGINT) to the commanders out in the field. My inherent task in all was for security operations, by defeating or blocking hostile terrorist threats to convoys in the battle field. The unit was key to vital information to coalition forces for troop and insurgency intelligence (HUMINT) gathering and briefing the commanders for the 3rd Infanty Division and 2/183 Cavalry. The main task during OIF was unit convoy security from Kuwait to Iraq for the detection and collection of Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs). The RISTA reconnaissance troop 2/183 took offensive and defensive postures for enemy positions in and around Forward Observation Base (FOB) Gary Owens 3rd Infantry Division in Al Ahamara province. Also in my task was counterreconnissance missions for security measurements, we set up incorrect intelligence resulting in tactical advantages to the enemy. I have gathered numerous reports and briefs over timely information upon which the commanders based, plans, decisions about reaction space to plan for security measurements, and then execute orders carried in operation Saber. One of my sub-tasks as a Non-commisioned officer was to interact with contractors on all warfare and optics venues for weaponary to solid state devices and elecronics warfare operations.

Ability: Completed 11B Infantry school. Completed requirement Cavalry Scout. Completed Scout Reconnaissance Sniper, Marksmanship Combat Training, Rifle, Squad Rifle, Bayonet, Grenade, Mechanics Badge.
Completed Non-Commissioned officer Communications training, Communications System Management course, Electronics Communications, Supervisory Management, Interior Wiring, Solid State Devices, Explosives training course: Claymore mines, Anti Personnel Mines, Anti-Tank Mines, Detonation (DET) Cord, Terrorism Training, Weapons Course, Military Studies, Battle skills, Anti-terrorism training Non-Commissioned officers course, Small Arms Gunsmith, Range Safety Officer.
Honorable Discharge- Medical Retirment due to Iraqi Mission.
Awards: Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal 2nd, Army Reserve Medal with M device National, Defense Medal 2nd, Army Service Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation, Distinguished Army Unit Citation, 2 outstanding coins from Joint chief of staff Admiral Mike Mullen

US Army 2/130 Field Artillery MLRS/HIMARS, 1st Infantry Division
Served with Distinction, Various Locations Febuary 2004-May 2006
Knowledge: While enlisted I preformed maintenance on the MLRS/HIMARS multi rocket system for field artillery unit attached with the 1st Infantry Division. My primary goals were fixing every electrical problem on the rocket system. My mission as a mechanic and electronics wiring and diognostics specialist was keeping a 90% multi functional rocket system platform operational; giving support for infantry and tank units supplimental cannon fire. My primary task was to maintain and fix broken radio mounted communications systems in all the vehicles, along with other tasked that were assigned included the replacement of Thruster Rocket Motors and fueling of rockets, re-fueling of the trucks. I also had to change tracks on the MLRS/HIMARS vehicle maintenance.

Skills: My best and primary skill was changing out and repairing whole wiring harnesses to bring a 90% fixed ration to the unit operations. I fixed and wired up the booms on the MLRS/HIMARS system for loading and unloading the launch structure systems on the vehicles working with the tactical data systems on broken equipment, bring the system to fully functioning for optimal functional use for the multiple rocket targets and system tracers. I had to troubleshoot the system with multi-meter to find and repair ongoing problems with internal wiring and fixes to the system. Also with my duties as a mechanic were working on hydraulics for the back boom launcher and functions of the lift. Knowledge of tools: Calibration torque wrenches, impact tools, drill press, and hydraulics fluid lines. My other assigned duties were to perform maintenance on M1Abrams tanks with replacement on turret stabilizer electronics components and troubleshooting. I also replaced whole wiring harnesses and replacement of new upgrades for components.

Abilities: My abilities were to repair engines with replacement of new engine components. I also machined out the heads and valve replacements with springs. I worked on electrical systems, including the communications gear for each vehicle. I repaired hydraulic lines on the MLRS/HIMARS systems. Awards: Unit Transfer 2/183rd Cavalry

US Marines, Bridgeport, 1st Marine Division
Enlisted November 1998-September 2000
Knowledge: I attained my primary initial skills as a universal mechanic at Bridgeport, Mountain and snow warfare school. I worked and maintained all snow and tracked vehicles for total rebuild and routine maintenance. Certified Mercedes Benz Diesel SUSV qualified Mechanic.
Awards: Unit Transfer

US Marines, I&I 1st Battalion 14th Marines, 4th Marine Division
Enlisted September 2000-November2002
Knowledge: While stationed in Alameda Naval and Marine Corps base, I taught classes on vehicle maintenance for reserve component Marines. I taught Martial Arts instructions and qualifications for tan and grey belt, vehicle repair, Engine rebuilds, small arms instructor.

Skills: I have broken down and rebuilt starters and engines, worked and rebuilt transmissions and wring harnesses. I have taught over 100 marines in fundamentals of Marine Corps NCO, training on hand to hand combat, Vehicle Operations and maintenance. I have instructed and maintained basic shop fundamentals and tool with parts ordering requirements.

Abilities: My abilities were to perform all duties in Motor Transportation including engine maintenance, hydraulics, carc painting of vehicles. Marine Corps Schools and Courses: Marine Basic Training, Marine Corps school for vehicle mechanics, Marine Infantry School, Marine Rifleman, Electronic Devices, Hand Tool Usage, Identification and Safety, Basic Shop Fundamentals, Marine Corps Martial Arts: Tan, Grey, and Green belt.
Awards: 2 Letters of Commendation US. Coast Guard, Marine Unit Citation, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal

US. Navy/ US. Coast Guard
Sax Freeman & Associates, Electronics Engineer, January 1996-November 1998
Knowledge: My main fuction was providing service support to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard for the War on Drugs to support Interdiction to the (IMINT) operations to the C2 systems and C3CEN. I originated with a gift and flair at building tactical weapons computer systems aboard the Tagos Class ships for the US. Navy. To provide a multi-mission capablity for law enforcement (IMINT), search and rescue (SAR), navagation, defense readiness and enviromental protection. The ships systems were an complex multi-teried network of computers, radar systems, navigational recievers, satillite feeds, crytocraphic communication feeds, for the Navy, and Coast Guard ships. The Navy ships are decommissioned following the creation of Military Sealift Command US. I networked Hewlett Packard servers and Northrup Gumman communications gear for satallite feed with the main ships computer and Radar systems (IMINT) for to locate and lock on target acquisitions, I also installed (CAT 5 Net.) cabling for networking the tactical computers and the radar systems to function and work together for acquiring targets on (C2) systems onboard the US. Coast Guard Cutter class ships and (C3CEN). I have repaired and worked on the AIS system to track data ship communications changes identification, position vessel movements, course, and speed to (CIC) combat Information Center on (SIGINT) for Defense Information Systems Agency’s Global Command and Control System (GCCS). This contract was installation and troubleshooting Networking and functional systems for the combat control center. I preformed my tasks with great skill and knowledge of the ships functions and electronics, for the Navy and Coast Guard.

Skills: My Lab skills were to re-build computer systems by replacement of new motherboards, hard drives, Zip drives, and updating all device drivers and software. With new motherboards I replaced cache memory, and Ram memory upgrades to the boards. While working with the Radar systems I completed total rebuilds of the radar system main boards and system function interface boards. Along with my duties I was troubleshooting the radar system and testing bad control boards in the lab with oscilloscopes to see if they were functional. I had to order new replacement cards for the bad ones. I was in charge of building new radar electrical and wiring, along with networking (CAT 5). I used new wiring diagrams and help assist in CAD engineering for redesign of new component upgrades used on board. I was taught and have knowledge of loading cryptographic messaging and networking of security Networks aboard the various ships.

Ability: My abilities were to install cabling, networking structures aboard Navy and Coast Guard vessels. I had to replace existing CAT 5 cabling and re-wire new cable installations from the bridge of the ship down to the combat control center. While re-running new cabling we replaced existing nelson blocks with new ones so they were tested and water tight areas. I had to help in the re-installation of radar systems on board for ships use, and re-build and test along with troubleshooting of radar systems. Along with re-placement of radar systems I replaced subsystem assemblies to attach on and use with the equipment for C2 opporations along with windows applications Nautical software for tides and current. My accomplishment of re-fabrication on system cabling structures saving the Navy and Coast Guard a significant amount of money on contract with the company.

Skills Write Up:
Specific Technical Skills: Qualified in Microsoft Office 2007& 2010, Excel 2007 & 2010, Power Point 2007 & 2010, Microsoft outlook and Access 2007 &2010; Sun Micro-Systems Applications NetBeans Programming platform, Sun Micro-Systems Open Office platform, CADD Systems Application, Advanced Schematics layout for electronics applications; Evaluating and writing schematics, Programming Language C, C++, Java, & Java Script, Advanced Robotics, Macro-Robotic electronic motors. Advanced Robotic Motors. Advanced Skills in infred spectrum understanding scope target systems and night vision. Supporting the Navy and Coast Guard on Image Intelligence (IMINT) opporational support for C2 systems data management capability to C3CEN. Trained in Human Intelligence (HUMINT) for reconnisance and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) areas for enemy movement, tracking, capabilities for Target Aqusitions to command squadron and JATIF command for the Army.

Education Write Up:
Ashford University (Bridgepoint Education, Inc.), San Diego, CA
BA Military Studies, April 2009-April 2013
GPA 3.24

Cloud County Community College, Junction City KS., Major: AS/Biology 2000

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