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16 years, Urdu/Hindi Linguist, Intrim TS, Logistics/Sourcing/Negotiation, Covert Operations, Foreign Relations, Certified Instructor

Intrim TS

February July01,2013 – July 01, 2014


URDU – Speaking, reading , wri
ARABIC – Speaking, reading, writing

Desired Location:
Stateside – Virginia
Overseas– Pakistan

Highlight Write Up:

  • Skilled Logistician – Minimized Financial and Logistics Burden
  • Diligence Saved Numerous Man-Hours – Preserved Procedural Continuity
  • Strengthened Alliances within the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Improved Theatre Security Cooperation

If you seek a proactive, seasoned Logistics Director consistently earning these types of comments on his formal employee/military evaluations, I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

With sixteen years of significant experience in the United States Naval Reserves, including five years of special assignments with the U.S. Navy SEALs, my background is strengthened by considerable logistics management experience in the corporate sector. Throughout both facets of my career, my performance has been characterized by:

• Planning and driving intricate logistics strategies impacting the success of numerous covert U.S. operations overseas; doing so in a manner that minimized costs/risk and elevated productivity.

• As cultural attaché and linguistics specialist, maintaining integral participation in missions in 11 nations throughout the Middle East and East Asia. Recognized as the only Reservist to hold such a distinction.

• Sourcing and negotiating the purchase of weaponry and other supplies critical to the covert missions; ably managing as many as 25 lines of accounting.

• Elevating the performance of Navy SEALs and support personnel through training, leadership, and example.

• Balancing U.S. military goals with safety, scheduling, shipping, receiving, warehousing, and inventory analysis procedures and objectives.

Granted the opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview and provide you with my formal evaluations, I am confident that I will demonstrate how my knowledge and unique skill sets will have immediate and long-term value. Thank you for your interest, consideration, and anticipated response.

Geo Location:

Position Write Up:

• Attached to the U.S. Navy SEALs – Consistent Record of Achievement in All Middle Eastern Nations
• Notable civilian career with one of the world\’s largest logistics corporations
• Liaison with foreign dignitaries and all branches of the U.S. Military, including Top Brass
• Hold Secret Clearance – Top Secret Clearance is Pending

U.S. Navy Reservist Engineer, in 11 Middle Eastern/East Asian nations, logistical aspects of complex, sensitive CENTCOM/JSOTF-GCC missions, including stewardship of $25K in monthly procurement funds.
• Conceived and constructed numerous improvements in efficiency and productivity that were successfully adopted into SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) of the U.S. Navy’s Supply Department.
• Arranged and provided meticulous oversight to logistical concerns, including hospitality accommodations, for the first Sovereign Leadership Shared Solutions Symposium attended by senior delegates of Gulf Cooperation Council nations.
• Achieved consistent on-time performance for directing daily supply flow of 1 million packages per every three hours through a FedEx, Newark, New Jersey distribution center with 200 bays.
• Conceived and instituted the Newark facility’s first formal weight verification system. By correcting under-reported cargo weights, delivered notable income, which prior to this system, sustained losses linked to unsubstantiated weights.
• In less than year, positioned the Newark hub third in productivity, nationwide, in terms of Weights and Inspections.

Skills Write Up:
Exemplary service with the U.S. Naval Reserves and strong background in the private sector. Expertise encompasses planning, coordination and management of supply flow processes for commodities strategic to sensitive covert operations, as well as facilitation of international anti-terrorist alliances through multilingual skills and sensitivity to cultural diversity. In the private sector, organized and managed, high volume freight/logistics and related operations for clients representing considerable revenue. Versatile, highly decorated professional whose competencies include:

• Total Supply Chain/Logistics Management • Exceptional Negotiator & Cultural Attaché
• Military Supplies; HazMAT & Non-Hazardous Cargo • Purchasing: Annual Budget of $300K+
• Identification & Capitalization of Cost Savings • JSOT-GCC Operations; JCET, CNT & JCS Events
• CBR Instructor, Naval Special Warfare Unit • Certified U.S. Navy Linguist
• Fluent in Urdu/Hindi; Read/Write Arabic • Translation of AOR Communications
• Continually Exceeds Expectations • Driven Professional with the Utmost of Integrity

Education Write Up:
United States Military/Federal Government Certificate Courses:

• Certified Navy Instructor
• Certified U.S. Navy Linguist
• Urdu, Linguist 2+, DLI (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center)
• Designation: Secret Clearance (Top Secret Clearance is pending)
• Disaster Preparedness Operations Specialist (U.S. Navy)
• Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Course (U.S. Army Special Operations School)
• Toxic Agent Training (U.S. Army Chemical School)
• Radiological Emergency Management Course (Department of Homeland Security)
• Emergency Program Manager (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
• Primary Leadership Development Program (U.S. Navy)
• Hazardous Material Control Management Technician (U.S. Navy)
• Transportation of Hazardous Materials (U.S. Navy)
• Basic Ship Board Cargo Handling (U.S. Navy)
• Advanced Cargo Handling (U.S. Navy)
• Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (U.S. Air Force Special Operations School)
• Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist (U.S. Navy Special Warfare)
• Motor Vehicle Operator\’s License (U.S. Government)
• CBR Cell LPO/Instructor, Naval Special Warfare Group 1 (Coronado, CA)
• CBR Instructor, Naval Special Warfare Group 2 (VA)

College/University Courses:

• Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Government of National College, Pakistan (1978-1982)
• Materials Management courses, Bloomfield College, NJ (1988-1990)
• Kean University, South Orange, NJ. Completed various computer/software applications courses (1996-2000)