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16+yr, 18B/F, ASO III, TS/SCI, Russian, ASOMS


Date of Clearance Adjudication:

October 16, 2014 – October 16, 2015


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – April 30, 2017

RU – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing:

Desired Location:
Stateside – Ohio,
Overseas – Afghanistan,

Highlight Write Up:

Hardworking, motivated professional looking to transition from U.S. Army active duty to the civilian workforce in the intelligence community. With more than 10 years of Special Operations experience as an Intelligence Sergeant with the 5th Special Forces group. Actively seeking additional responsibilities. Willing to relocate or deploy.

Geo Location:

Iraq, Afgan – Duration: 8 yrs

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 12 years
Please see resume

Skills Write Up: SUMMARY:

• TS/SCI clearance
• ASOT level III
• 18B (Weapons)
• 18F (Intel)
• Personal Security Manager
• Personal Recovery Unit Manager
• Physical Security Manager
• Operational Security Manager
• Key Control Custodian
• Classified Document Custodian
• ASOMS Instructor

Special Forces Assistant Operations & Intelligence Sergeant;
Sergeant First Class U.S. Army

2001 Deployed to Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom; Maintained all individual and crew served weapons for the ODA, including maintenance and employment.

2002 Deployed to Iraq Operation Iraqi freedom OIF; Trained detachment light infantry tactics and assisted in deployment of detachments, mounted and dismounted SOP lead strategic reconnaissance. Developed (IPB) intelligence products for the detachment.

2003 Served as Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF II) for SFOB in the CENTCOM area.

2004 Served as Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant (OIF III) for the SFODA CENTCOM area; Established and managed intelligence assets in support of theater direct combat operations.

2005 Served as Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant (OIF IV) for the SFODA CENTCOM area; Planned and executed foreign internal defense direct action special reconnaissance in support of direct action in conventional and unconventional warfare.

2006 Served as Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant (OIF V); Advised and leading up to a company level indigenous forces in conventional and unconventional warfare, drafted orders plans and supported Intel annexes, advised detachment commander on all matters in Intel.

2007 Performed duties as ground operations Officer; Coordinated and ensured successful execution of multiple OCONUS and CONUS deployments; coordinated with USASFC, USASOC, and CJSOTM.

2008-2009 Served as Operations and Intelligence Sergeant for the CENTCOM AOR S-3 (OIF VI); Maintained the role as Operations Technician with all Advance Special Operations (ASO) for the SOF, targeted cell combining HUMINT with all other sources to develop US and host Nation target packages.

2010 Deployed for Joint Combined Exercise Training (JCET) with Jordanian special operations forces. Responsibilities included supervising indigenous combat forces up to Battalion, managed and maintained $600,000 USD worth of sensitive equipment.

2011-2012 Served as Administrative Manager for 5th Special Forces Advance Special Operations (ASO) detachment for annual training requirements for the group.

2013 Managed, tracked, and processed security clearances for 400 soldiers as the GSB S-2 NCOIC.


1991 College- University of Maryland 12 course hours

Education Write Up:

1991 College- University of Maryland 12 course hours

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