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20 yrs Integration Training Instructor, SECRET, WPS, PSD, Recon Marine, B.A. UT


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016 – July 14, 2021


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – January 24, 2026

German – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic
Kurdish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:

Highlight Write Up:
Expert security professional and instructor with 10+ years of experience in support of special operations and Department of State missions. Successful track record in ensuring the safety of personnel, VIPs, and sensitive materials in high-threat environments, through coordination of both static guard and motorcade movements. Experienced in the design and implementation of a comprehensive range of training curricula to create functional and cohesive security teams. Skilled marksman trained as a firearms instructor and range safety officer. Regarded as a leader in the field with a focus on leading by example, personalized mentoring, and remediation plans.

Areas of Expertise: Small-Team Leadership; Mission Planning; Security and Investigations; Communications; Instruction and Safety; Testing and Evaluation; Civil-Military Relations; Geopolitical Analysis

Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: 6+ Years

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 14
Integration Training Instructor, (Department of State Contractor), Iraq/Kurdistan
Deliver effective firearms and tactical instruction, via classroom and field training, to US Marine Corps and
Kurdish local guard force and foreign military personnel for consulate protection and local defensive efforts.
Serve as primary firearms instructor providing marksmanship training, administering qualifying shoots and
developing remediation plans.
Operate and conduct virtual training sessions using simulated scenarios on the Firearms Simulator Training System (FATS).
Mentor trainees on protective security and counter-threat methods, including motorcade movements and close quarter battles, through in-field and situational training exercises.
Designed and implemented new curricula to enhance learning experience and engage trainees in realistic training scenarios, including nighttime operations with use of alternate light sources and equipment.
Act as range master to ensure safe operations, proper equipment maintenance and supply, and liaise with local military officials.

Number of months in position – 55
Personal Security Specialist,  (Department of State Contractor), Iraq (December 2006-July 2011, April 2016; 50 hours per week;
Provided protective security services to Department of State officials and VIPs, including US Ambassadors, the Vice President of the United States, and the Prime Ministers of Japan and Italy, in high-threat areas.
Served as tactical commander for advance operations by conducting site surveys to analyze physical environments and interview site POC’s for security and tactical requirements.
Planned routes for motorcade movements and coordinated activities with local and government authorities.
Supervised up to 20 team members, including responsibilities for operational accountability, safety and pre-mission briefings, training exercises, and required paperwork such as weekly time sheets and training logs.
Maintained working relationships and resolved communications issues with local/government authorities, coalition forces, and DOS personnel.

Number of months in position – 53
Reconnaissance Marine (Sergeant), US Marine Corps (1997-2002; 40+ hours per week; Supervisor:
Provided strategic reconnaissance and surveillance to support Marine Corps special operations via missions in diverse climates and environmental conditions, requiring extensive use of sensitive equipment.
Tasked with the proper maintenance, employment, and security of communications equipment and encryption devices for use in a wide variety of missions and overseas deployments for 24-man platoon.
Conducted live-fire exercises with an emphasis on small team management and maneuvers.


Skills Write Up:
WPS: Basic Field Firearms Officers Course
WPS: PSS Course
USMC: SOTG Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course
USMC: Amphibious Reconnaissance Course

Education Write Up:
BA, University of Tennessee