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20+ yrs. SEAL (7 yrs. DEVGRU),TS/SCI, PI for Multiple NSWDG Courses, HALO/HAHO, Sniper, DLI German,


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
December 06, 2007

October 28, 2012 – End


Current Passport:
US Current
Expiration Date – Janaury 09, 2013

German – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming,

Highlight Write Up:
My background consists of over 20+ years of experience in the Special Operations community as a Navy SEAL. As a highly versatile technical resource I am proficient in all aspects of planning and policy development, C4ISR, Intelligence, Management and Execution in support of Special Operations, Joint and National mission requirements. I have proven combat experience in planning, development, and execution of tactical, technical and high risk programs. I’ve maintained certification as an instructor in weapons, tactics, demolitions, mobility, communications and a host of other operational fields. Created, developed and instructed the KENNEDY IWC Training and Certification program, which is responsible for preparing personnel for deployment to multiple geographical and high risk regions, in support of the KENNEDY IWC Mission.

Geo Location:
Afghanistan – Duration: 7 rotations 2001-2005

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 47
Director of Training Feb 2009 – Sept 2012
– Responsible for oversight of program or record support of customer training programs, strategic operations development and curriculum development.
– Responsible for customer relations, training, staff personnel, management and budget development.
– Supervised 5 instructors
– Facility Manager of 2,900 sqft Secure training facility and sensitive items valued at over $1.6M
– Programs of record to include:
*Weapons Armorer and inventory(est $700K)
*NCEA manager and inventory (est 340,000 munitions expended yearly)
*NVEO/VAS manager and inventory (est $750K)

Number of months in position – 90
Maritime training instructor – Mobility Instructor – NSWDG Virginia Beach, VA
• Primary Maritime Training Instructor and Course Developer for 11 month long course of instruction designed
to bring SEAL/SWCC personnel to a level of Maritime operational proficiency allowing them to integrate with
a XXXX Assault Force, enabling immediate target exploitation. Successfully trained over 135 personnel, both
U.S. Military and OGA in this program.
• 12 weeks of Maritime Navigation Training conducted on High Speed Assault Craft @40knts+
All sea states up to sea state 5 under blacked out conditions (NVGs)
1,800+ Nautical miles transited during each Green Team cycle (approx 9 months)
Extensive use of NavNet/GPS & Radar plotter geo-positioning during ZERO visibility training (*100%Fog &
0% Illume) in restricted waterway environments. *Primary Instructor
• 6 weeks of Heavy Weapons training conducted on the following Weapons: Mk-19, M2HB .50 Cal, Twin
M240’s, H&K GMG, M-3 Carl Gustav, AT-4, RPG-7, JAVELIN, from High Speed Assault Craft.
All weapons shot Day/Night from Static Range positions & zeroed utilizing multiple Passive & Active
Thermal/IR pointing devices. (Izlid-II, Izlid 1000P, PEQ-2, HPLI, MIPLI, MK Ranger, CVL, SOFLAM, GBDII,
MARFLIR AN/KAX-1, Viper BLRF, MLRF, GCP-2, IL-7, AIM-1, ACOG 5x, W-1000 T.I., Mk-7 LRF)
All weapons shot Day/Night from dynamic live Fire & Maneuver Waterborne ranges on High Speed Assault
Craft. *Primary Instructor
• Extensive 2 week in-depth course on High Performance Fuel Injected Gasoline Power propulsion, covering all
aspects of (theory, use, trouble shooting, field repair, maintenance).*Primary Instructor
• 1 week OTH (over the horizon) long range Maritime Navigation Training conducted on CRRC (Zodiacs) with
30/35/55hp OBMs both soft & hard floorboard configurations. *Primary Instructor
• 1 week OTB (over the beach) surf passage, righting a capsized boat, OBM de-watering, towing, cache’,
inserts/extracts both Hot & Cold live fire from Beach Landing Site. *Primary Instructor
• 1 week of NSW communications training covering (theory, use, trouble shooting, field repair maintenance)
of the following (Prc-117D/F, PSC-5, HPW, Falcon View, PRC-138, PRC-148, PRC-112, KYK-13, KOI-18,
ANCYZ-10, KY-57, KY-99, PSN-11, NavNet, GP32, Faruno Radar, Garmin 76CSX/Etrex/Forerunner).
*Primary Instructor
• 1 week LSSSO course hosted by NSWC Crane division covering all aspects of night vision devices with a
CAT-II cert.*Primary Advisor on course curriculum
• 2 weeks Coast Guard Captains License testing & accreditation. Primary Advisor on course curriculum
• 1 week of B&A Crane/Well deck operations aboard USN support ships.*Primary Instructor
• 3 weeks of Advanced MFF (H.A.H.O./H.A.L.O.) operations.*Primary Instructor
• 2 weeks of Basic & Advanced S.E.R.E. SV-91/SV-93. Primary Advisor on course curriculum
• Primary Mobility Instructor and Course Developer for 7 month long course of instruction designed to bring
SEAL/EOD/PJ/CCT personnel to a level of operational proficiency allowing them to integrate as a XXXX
Assault Force, enabling immediate target exploitation. Successfully trained over 350 personnel, both U.S.
Military and OGA in this program.
• 3 weeks Advanced CQB/MOUT *Primary Advisor on course curriculum
• 1 week Advanced Mobility Off Road Day/Night blacked out NVG driving:
(JNTV trucks/Motorcycles/HMMVs/ATVs) in various open/closed terrain conducting: ROD/RON, PSD,
convoy, recon patrol, vehicle Insert/Extract via Helo/C-130, helo Sling-Ops, towing, vehicle recovery, field
expedient repairs, field maintenance. *Primary Instructor
• 1 week of Dynamic Day/Night blacked out NVG Vehicle Live Fire & Maneuver for all vehicle types listed:
counter ambush, IED threat, Assault TTPs, using MK-19, M2HB .50Cal, Twin M240B, H&K GMG, MK-46,
MK-48, M4, M14, M203, M79, M3 Carl Gustav, AT-4, RPG-7, M72 LAW, H&K 21Es, H&K P9s, Sig
P226/239, H&K MK23. *Primary Instructor
• 1 week of M224 60mm Mortar Day/Night Direct & Indirect Fire *Primary Instructor
*Primary Instructor duties required the following:
A) Conduct cost analysis & budget for all training expenditures/movement TAD.
B) Conduct all ADVONs & schedule logistical equipment movement prior to training.
C) Submit ConOps & all waivers for approval on specialized training conducted.
D) Complete all risk assessments in accordance with training guidelines.
E) Order all ammunition/demo and target materials for training conducted.
F) Act as ROIC or RSO with current letters of designation from training site/command.
G) Submit & file AAR’s for future training requirements.

Number of months in position – 36
SEAL TEAM 2 1998 – 2001

Number of months in position – 11
DLI Montery, CA 1997 – 1998
Defense Language Institute German Studies
Level 2

Number of months in position – 79
SEAL TEAM 1 1990 – 1997


Skills Write Up:
– Electronics A school for Communication/Radar
– Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training
– SEAL Tactical Training Instructor
– NSW Diving Supervisor
– MFF Parachutist
– NSW Range Safety Officer/Officer in Charge
– NSW Communicator Course Instructor
– NSW Scout/Sniper Instructor
– USMC Urban Sniper
– Defense Language Institute German
– High Risk SERE
– Advanced Maritime Mobility Instructor
– Laser Range Safety Officer
– 60mm Mortar Instructor
– Explosive Entry Technician
– Advanced Mobility Instructor
– Numerous off-road driving COI’s
– DoD Hostage Survival Course
– 100ton Captain’s License
– ASA Certified Sailing Course

Education Write Up:
Currently working to complete degree
additional 10 Credit hours needed.