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20yr, SF O6, TS/SCI, Avaitor/PM, SOAG, J7 SOFAFRICA, C/Staff SOCEUR, Arabic, M.A./B.S.


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
July 25, 2017

July 01, 2017 – July 01, 2020


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – May 20, 2023

Arabic – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Texas, Utah,
Overseas – Afghanistan, Iraq,

Highlight Write Up:
Transitioning Special Forces Colonel and former Army Aviator with a wealth of strategic leadership and senior program management experience. Adept at developing and leading large, multi-site programs, managing large operating budgets and building collaborative, cross-functional teams to accomplish critical objectives under the most austere conditions. Extensive Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa experience via a host of executive level military positions. TS/SCI clearance.

Geo Location:
Afghanistan – Duration: 1 year
Iraq – Duration: 1 year
Africa – Duration: 1 year

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 12
J7, Director, Training & Development, Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA), Stuttgart, Germany

– Developed and managed the command’s training and education initiatives for 2000+ personnel, including a 21-million-dollar exercise program – rebalanced program and corrected cost overruns within first 3 months
– Developed overarching policies and implemented compliance processes to ensure programs met objectives
– Regularly conducted program management reviews to improve training systems and processes
– Led development of a new onboarding program, including distance learning and formal training
– Led development of an innovative new model for the command’s future exercises to insure relevance against current threats and maximum impact on operational goals and objectives
– Led development and oversight of the theater priority FLINTLOCK exercise, the largest multi-national training event on the African continent, involving 2000+ participants from over 26 countries

Number of months in position – 12
Commander, ANASOC Division Special Operations Advisory Group (SOAG), Camp Morehead, Afghanistan

– Recruited to lead a 300 person, multinational, senior military and civilian team charged with training, advising and assisting the elite Afghan Special Operations Division
– Primary advisor to the Commander of the Afghan National Army Special Operations Division, a two-star military headquarters responsible for two Special Operations Brigades and 10 Special Operations Kandaks/Battalions with 11,000 Commandos located throughout Afghanistan
– Led development activities and executed a $200+ million-dollar Afghan Special Operations training and equipment program that radically increased institutional capability despite decreasing resources
– Provided guidance and direction to multiple subordinate program managers, ensuring a synchronized effort that met cost, schedule, technical performance requirements and contracting regulations
– Mentored our Afghan partners to develop a five-year vision and implementation plan to drive policy, resourcing, training and procurement for the highest performing Division within the Afghan National Army
– Assisted the Division in development of a more responsive logistics system based on best practices, and helped to gain Afghan policy approval for integration within the larger defense logistics system
– Mentored the Commander to institute value based leadership at all levels of the organization, resulting in increased effectiveness as well as 95% retention (unheard of in Afghanistan)
– Mentored the Division to develop a 3-year budget plan with internal budget management procedures, resulting in new budget authority and a streamlined ability to support critical operations
– Base manager for a 350 person camp in Afghanistan, overall responsible for base operations, life support and safety of personnel in a conflict environment
– Served on the command’s safety council, responsible for generating best practices and mitigating risk for both operations and training and environmental hazards

Number of months in position – 12
Chief of Staff, Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), Stuttgart, Germany

– Hand selected to lead a joint military and civilian staff of 338 personnel with 7 reporting directorates and three subordinate land, maritime and aviation units at multiple sites with 2500+ personnel
– Responsible for development and execution for a $59 mil budget – provided guidance and oversight for multiple program managers in an environment of fiscal constraint, resulting in balanced programs
– Established cross functional teams to develop and implement new organizational decision making processes, resulting in streamlined processes and improved efficiency
– Provided oversight of HR functions, including succession planning, annual performance management and onboarding; provided conflict resolution between staff directors to achieve win/win solutions
– Developed and staffed organizational growth proposals and represented to SOCOM, resulting in increased organizational structure and contract support
– Directed and provided oversight of employee feedback and assessment surveys, including command follow up activities to address concerns
– Army Service Director, responsible for career coaching, counseling, awards and feedback. Dealt with employee relations and resolved complaints, including sensitive harassment accusations
– Gained $5 mil of additional funding for command priorities through strategic engagement
– Oversaw program development for SOCEUR’s participation in the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), a billion dollar program, including training and development efforts for eastern Europe

Number of months in position – 12
J3, Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), Stuttgart, Germany
– Led an 80 person directorate responsible for operations, planning, training, exercises, readiness and contingency response for a 2500 person joint special operations command
– Managed and fully executed a $22 mil budget during a period of fiscal constraints
– Supervised directorate program managers, ensuring time, cost and scope were achieved in a dynamic operational environment
– Led development and staffing of training and engagement initiatives, including gaining new forces and partners for European operations
– Provided guidance and oversight and led a cross functional team to build a new division within the organization, including redesigning operational and administrative processes to support
– Led a strategic planning effort across all directorates to develop new organizational decision making processes to both maximize efficiency and responsiveness
– Conducted annual performance assessment and coaching for directorate employees
– Led refocus of the command from a focus on training European partners for Afghanistan to developing strategic plans and building capability to defend against threats to NATO’s eastern borders
– Initiated analysis and gained approval for SOCEUR to assume the NATO Response Force special operations component for 2015, increasing the credibility of NATO deterrence
– Led a multinational, academic seminar in Poland focused on increasing cooperation and collaboration at the political and military levels to resist external threats
– Led planning and coordination for multiple contingency operations

Number of months in position – 22
Commander, Special Operations Training Detachment (SOTD), Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Ft. Polk, LA

– Hand selected for prestigious second command at the nation’s premier training center, responsible for Special Forces Battalion level training & development of new tactics and operational methodologies
– Teamed with other military and civilian organizations to create realistic training events at JRTC and several surrounding states to provide an unprecedented level of complexity and relevance
– Developed and managed a $15 million-dollar training program, including proposal development and management of new contract solutions
-Created synergy with outside organizations – increased quality and value of training iterations
-Made serving at the SOTD a career enhancing position with enhanced credibility – achieved 20% growth in manning with higher talent
-Used media and aids to facilitate candid after action reviews that allowed organizations to see themselves and identify areas for self-improvement – coached on daily basis to ensure that lessons learned were implemented
– Developed the first Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) level unconventional warfare exercise at JRTC, providing a venue to test and validate new special operations capabilities and wargame new threats
– Reinvigorated a command that had begun to lose relevance, re-establishing JRTC as the premier training center for special forces battalions

Number of months in position – 22
Commander, 3rd SF Battalion, 10th SF Group, Fort Carson, CO

– Selected from 140 peers for extremely competitive tactical, special forces battalion command, responsible for 450 special forces and support personnel conducting operations across Iraq and Africa
– Developed and executed the 10th Special Forces Group strategy for countering violent extremists in Africa, and managed 15, multi-month special operations missions annually at austere sites on the African continent
– Planned and conducted the U.S. Special Forces Command’s first unconventional warfare exercise, starting a trend that became a requirement for all other battalions
– Developed and managed a maintenance and training budget in a constrained fiscal environment; met or exceeded all organizational requirements despite a 20% reduction in funds
– Developed and implemented a comprehensive leader training plan, ensuring that company and detachment commanders were prepared for increased responsibility
– Served on the Command’s safety council, responsible for generating best practices and mitigating risk in order to preserve personnel and equipment
– Re-established training management processes which had atrophied during multiple deployments to Iraq, and prioritized training resources and budgets against new missions, increasing mission readiness

Skills Write Up:
senior leadership
program management
operations management
resource management
training and development
change management
strategic planning
risk management
unconventional warfare

Education Write Up:
Master of Arts, Leadership, Management and Defense Studies, National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM), 2005-2006.

Bachelor of Science, International Relations/Systems Engineering, USMA, West Point, 1991