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20yrs+ SOF Logistician, TS/SCI, USMC, Multiple Master’s


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
November 01, 2008

July 13, 2017 – March 22, 2036

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 100

Current Passport:
Expiration Date – December 17, 2017

English – Speaking: Native, Reading: Native, Writing: Native
Spanish – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Intermediate
Arabic – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic
German – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina,

Highlight Write Up:
Win every day!

For over two decades I have produced world class results by instilling high standards of professionalism, articulating a clear picture of what success looks like, and teaching my teams to achieve it. Success doesn’t come overnight, it requires a constant winning attitude; long term success is achieved only by teams who win every day.

Whether it’s operations, finance or supply chain, I bring advanced analytical thinking, strategic vision and creative problem solving to the table, and I bring out those same skills among the teams I lead. I have directly led as many as 400, and influenced as many as 40,000, and creating cross-functional synergies has become a specialty of mine.

I have been recognized for building and maintaining key strategic relationships with government, military and business leaders worldwide, and for bringing a high level of energy, focus, teamwork and professionalism to the teams I lead. I can do the same for you – I can teach you to win every day!

Geo Location:
Saudi Arabia – Duration: 1 year
Afghanistan – Duration: 6 months

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 11
Director of Logistics Operations
Cape Fear Valley Health System
• Led a team of 60+ employees to provide world-class receiving and distribution, central inventory management, and linen operations to a 916-bed, 8-hospital regional health system
• Led insourcing effort to eliminate third-party courier service; developed and oversaw internal courier service featuring 250+ weekly scheduled stops and 24/7 on-call service; savings to the health system exceed $200k annually
• Oversaw efficiency improvements to central inventory management resulting in 30% fewer warehouse picks even as the number of locations served grew by 10%; corresponding reduction in staff saves the health system over $100k annually
• Revamped receiving procedures resulting in improvement from 90% same-day delivery to over 99% same-day delivery

Number of months in position – 32
Supply Officer
Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
• Led a team of 20 employees to manage all purchasing for a major Marine Corps headquarters
• Developed and managed annual budgets in excess of $8 million across more than 20 business units in support of global operations
• Directed the program of inspections, audits and internal controls
• Accountable for equipment valued at over $130 million at multiple sites stateside and deployed globally

Number of months in position – 29
Commanding Officer
Ground Supply School, USMC
• Led a school with a student population of over 300 and 60 permanent staff
• Trained and educated over 2,400 Marines through 10 programs ranging from entry level students to senior managers
• Led the development of the curriculum currently in use to educate Logistics Operations Officers throughout the Marine Corps
• Recognized for bringing a high level of energy and focus, and fostering a proactive spirit and a climate of teamwork and professionalism

Number of months in position – 13
Senior Advisor
US Military Training Mission to Saudi Arabia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
• Led a team of 8 US Advisors from all four services, directly interfacing with multiple Saudi military agencies; facilitated the closing of a $60B aircraft contract and a $35B shipbuilding contract
• Cultivated personal relationships with senior Saudi military leaders in order to facilitate multinational operations and improve interoperability with regional partners
• Collaborated with Saudi military and government officials to plan and execute 6 large training events, involving over 3,000 Saudi and US personnel
• Coordinated support from in-country agencies of the US Departments of State and Homeland Security to ensure the safety and quality of life of US service members

Number of months in position – 21
Materiel Readiness Officer
• Coordinated overall supply and maintenance readiness for a force of over 40,000 Marines
• Developed policy, monitored operations, and mentored junior leaders to improve force-wide property record accuracy from below 80% to greater than 95%
• Instrumental in the location of over 13,000 missing weapons, and the subsequent improvement to the accounting process that has completely eliminated this issue throughout the Marine Corps
• Sourced over 60,000 items of equipment from around the globe and coordinated their delivery to southwest Afghanistan

Number of months in position – 8
Logistics Staff Officer
Kabul, Afghanistan
• Sourced, imported, and distributed over 20 million gallons of fuels per month from Pakistan, Russia, and other locations into and throughout Afghanistan
• Negotiated an agreement between Afghan and Pakistani customs agencies resulting in a 40% increase in commercial capacity through the Khyber Pass
• Oversaw all construction, maintenance and storage operations at 31 bulk fuel facilities throughout Afghanistan, with a total capacity of over 22 million gallons
• Frequently called on to inform senior executives and visiting political leaders regarding current security conditions and throughput capacity along border areas and road networks throughout the region

Number of months in position – 15
Logistics Officer
Twentynine Palms, CA
• Provided logistics and life-support to a population of 6,000 Marines during their final training exercise prior to deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan
• Supervised over 150 employees to provide equipment maintenance, ammunition sourcing and storage, food service, bulk fuel, and medical services
• Sourced over $20 million worth of equipment; this effectively doubled the size of the equipment pool available for training, and directly facilitated the strategic surge of troops into Iraq during 2007


Skills Write Up:
• Leadership
• Integrity
• Expert communicator
• Collaboration/team building
• Leader development
• Public speaking
• Broad international experience
• Selecting/coaching/ evaluating employees
• Operations and metrics
• Multi-site operations
• Foreign Military Sales
• Process improvement
• Budgeting and cost controls
• Production planning
• Training and education
• Auditing/internal controls
• Multiple ERP platforms
• Inventory management
• Safety and OSHA compliance
• Quantitative analysis and data analytics

Education Write Up:
• Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (2011-2014), Master of Science in Supply Chain Management
• Marine Corps University (2007-2008), Command and Staff Course (Nonresident)
• Boston University, Boston, MA (1996-1997), Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
• Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (1990-1994), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Music

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