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22+ Yrs., Tagalog, Cebuano, Farsi, Dari, Pashto, CI/HUMINT Support Team Specialist, Analyst, Law Enforcement, Interviewing/Interrogation, SIPRNET, NIPRNET, CENTRIX, SIGINT, Bio-metrics, Secret


August 31, 2014


Tagalog, Cebuano, Farsi, Dari, Pashto

Desired Location:
Stateside -Virginia, Florida, Texas
Overseas- Anywhere

Highlight Write Up:
22 years of Law Enforcement (Civilian and Military Police).

Counterintelligence experience in Afghanistan.

Force Protection experience in Iraq and Afghansitan

Familiar with the Island of  Agusan Del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines.

Geo Location:
Afghanistan – Duration: 2.5 yrs
Iraq – Duration: 3 months
Philippines – Duration:
Europe – Duration: 6 years
Kuwait – Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
CACI Premier Technologies/ CIS Athena/Afghan 109 11/2009 – 02/2011
Counterintelligence/HUMINT Support Team Specialist / Analyst
Hours per week: 84 hours
As a subject matter expert (SME), I provided embedded investigative and operational security (OPSEC) orientated support to U.S. and Coalition Forces using standard Counterintelligence (CI) I and Law Enforcement (LE) interviews and other associated methodologies. I supported deployed specialized teams of CI/LE agents responsible for interviewing foreign nationals and third country nationals for potential Insider-Threat activities at facilities throughout Afghanistan and associated countries. My on-the-job responsibilities included analysis of historical and current threat streams, as well as personnel and security anomalies, foreign contact and travel reporting, and other related matters for identifying, investigating, exploiting and neutralizing insider threats. I used proactive CI and security capabilities to detect, identify and disrupt threats from foreign intelligence services, terrorists, insiders, and other entities targeting the USFORC-A /OEF. I had knowledge of, and experience with, research and technology protection, supply chain risk management, critical infrastructure protection, and special access programs. I had experience dealing with DoD/Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and national-level CI, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement organizations and structures, as well as experience with Intelligence Community databases and their successful manipulation. I also had knowledge of search, link analysis, and peer-to-peer tools. SIPRNET, NIPRNET, CENTRIX, Cellular Exploitation Equipment, DOMEX, DOCEX, Pathfinder, HOT-R, QUERYTREE, PCASS, TIGER, BATS, DSOMs, CIDNE, AOSP (army open source portal), Geospatial Intel.
I produced and entered into data bases, classified high-quality papers, presentations, recommendations, briefings and findings for US government intelligence and network operations officials.
I used CAT II / III interpreters on a regular basis and was instrumental in setting up Counterintelligence Support Teams (CSTs) on: FOB Torkham to support FOB Torkham and the Joint Coordination Center-Khyber Pass, Afghanistan (NGA); FOB Blessing, FOB Chapman and FOB Fenty. RC-East Afghanistan.


Kellogg, Brown and Root, Inc.                                                                                  9/2008 – 11/2009

Security Coordinator /Force Protection LEP Screening Cell/S2, Sharanna Airfield, Afghanistan

Hours per week: 84 hours

Security Coordinator/Locally Employed Personnel (LEP) Screener who oversaw all site security operations for, and is at times the subject matter expert (SME) and focal point for Force Protection (FP) and routine security issues.  Coordinators did all of the following: Directed the operation of the Screening and Badging Cell.  Worked with a team of six or more coordinators, and when required with the assistance of interpreter, are responsible to conduct interviews of host nation citizens who apply for work or leave employment with the US military installations.  Used United States Government (USG) Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs) for guidance during screenings.  Compiled data for screenings and place’s in a classified data base.  Responsible for the security of employees, interpreters, badge production, issues and accountability.  Responsible for preparing badge applications reports using the Biometrics Automated Toolset System (BATS).

Implemented access control procedures, BATS/HIIDE training and maintenance.  Conducted bi-annual and specific interviews of host nation personnel.  Responsible for enforcing compliance with the Code of Business Conduct (COBC), corporate policies and project procedures.  Responsible for the physical, informational, and operational security of KBR personnel and assets.  Complied with various open source information which is utilized to prepare various FP tracking and incident reports.  Conducted security screening of KBR grounds/facilities to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.  Participated in preliminary data collection operations and evidence gathering for later use in corporate-directed investigations.  Performed other duties as assigned.  Managed all KBR personnel security screening operations, and NISPON / industrial security training at the site.  Reviewed monthly reportable information to send to Country Manager.  Coordinator had additional duty to review and oversee maintenance of electronic databases and archives.  Made recommendations to Security Management based upon threat vulnerability assessments and security assessments.  Held a SECRET Clearance.

Provided written and verbal briefing information to upper senior management.  Gave Security Education and Industrial Presentations.  Coordinated with client and other government agencies to include host nations.  Reviewed, edited and scrutinized Threat Vulnerability Assessments (TVAs), Security Overviews, Threat Profiles and Threat Analysis.  Coordinators had Counter-Intelligence/Human-Intelligence experience at both tactical and operational levels, were familiar with Coalition operations and staff procedures, and were experienced in a Stability and Support Operation Environment.  Coordinators were experienced in Theater and Division level interviewing and debriefing operations.  When a new Forward Operating Base (FOB) was being planned/built, Coordinators implemented security measures and/or travel to site to set up security screens, force protection, etc.  Once a base was Operational, security personnel would be permanently assigned to FOB.


Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department                                                      5/1995 – 10/2008

Police Training Officer, Star Corporal /Evaluator – Police Investigator / Intelligence

Lead Police Officer for a 563 man department aiding supervisors in carrying-out control and administrative missions.  I served as acting supervisor when designated; perform a wide range of police assignments according to division to include patrolling, intelligence with specialty in gangs, conducting complex preliminary and supplementary investigations, traffic accidents investigations, investigating complex crimes and community problems.  Ensured proper performance from officers and is accountable for the efficiency, discipline, good conduct, appearance, and strict attention to duty of the officer; assists with daily Roll Call to include conducting briefings regarding daily patrol activities, changes in the status of wanted persons, stolen vehicles, major investigations, changes in officers scheduling and assignments, and new directives or changes in existing directives.  Coordinated the efforts of Precinct officers with other departmental units, observe procedures affecting the operation of the Precinct and recommends changes designed to increase efficiency at the Precinct. Ensures officers on the shift comply with Department Rules, Regulations, Orders and Standard Operating Procedures.

Responded to incidents, within assigned area, where members of the Department are injured or involved in altercations, and takes command of the situation in the absence of superior officer.  Inspected vehicles and equipment, reports damage or unserviceable items, and ensures deficiencies are corrected.  Reported potential or actual police hazards which may exist in the community to supervisor to be included in daily reports for Roll Call.  Served in Intelligence Unit as an investigator with specialty in gangs for four years.  Field Training Officer (FTO), Patrol Training Officer (PTO), Patrol Training Evaluator (PTE), G8 Summit- Protective Operations, Olympic- Protective Operations, Grant Writing.


Pinkerton Security and Investigation                                                                     8/1994 – 5/1995

Armed Security Officer/ Investigator for the 165th Security Police, Georgia Army National Guard

Security Officers/Investigator who ensured that all operating instructions, special instructions, Pass-ons, directives, and all other applicable orders are complied with while assigned with the 165th Tactical Airlift Group.  I prepared the AF Form 53 (Desk Blotter), making all entries in the shortest, most concise manner.  I ensured that incidents and accidents are reported to appropriate personnel.  I ensured that all patrols remain in their assigned area until dispatched elsewhere.  I ensured all IDS Systems are continuously monitored, and that the appropriate plans and checklists are immediately implemented in the event of an alarm malfunction.  

I ensured all aircraft are plotted and the plotting board is kept current.  I kept knowledgeable of all phones, radios, maps, charts and aircraft plots located on the 165th RAMP.  I ensured that the Flight Chief and Shift Supervisors are informed of all events applicable to their areas of responsibilities.  I ensured radio procedures are followed and radio discipline is enforced. I ensure all inventory items are properly controlled and accounted for at all times.  In all emergencies, upon request, and whenever possible; Security officers/ Investigators would render any assistance needed to the Flight Chief or Security Supervisor and would be prepared to implement all applicable portions of the Savannah International Airport Security Plan, Mutual Aid policies, and all directives kept at the Security Police Desk.  Ensured the Flight Chief or Security Supervisor conduct preliminary Investigations concerning any serious crime or incident which involve US Government Property, US Military Personnel and their Dependents, and Civilian personnel employed by the US Government or GA-ANG.  Controlled entrance to 165th ramp, maintained proficiency with .38cal weapon and Use of Force regulation.


US Army Military Police Corps                                                                                 10/1988 – 12/1991

Sergeant of the Guard/ Squad Leader – MOS: 95B Q9

Served as Sergeant of the Guard (SOG) and Squad Leader for NATO Site # 107.  Provided Physical Security for items deemed vital to National Security for 38 months.  Duties included training of guard force and keeping the on 100% alert status 24hrs a day.  The guard force consisted of sentry guards, intrusion detection operators, entry control custodial agents, turnkey operators, back-up alert force and reaction force leader.  All mentioned position; the SOG was fully qualified to work.  Required enrollment in the \\\’Personnel Reliability Program\\\’ with a NATO Secret Security Clearance.  Major accomplishment consist of passing three Nuclear Weapons Technical Inspections with a \\\’No Comment, No Deficiency\\\’ rating.  Expert Marksmanship with M16, M60 and M203.  EOD- Shape Charge trained.


US Army Military Police Corps                                                                                 2/1987 – 10/1988

Supervisor, Traffic Accident Investigations – MOS: 95B Q9

Served as the NCOIC of the Provost Marshal, Traffic Accident Investigation Section for a sub-installation.  Duties included investigation of major traffic accidents, review all police reports, citations and documents related to accidents, incidents or offenses.  Supervised two DOD Traffic Investigators and one Secretary.  Supervised vehicle registration for a closed installation, controls vehicle impoundment and emergency deployment readiness exercise storage lots.  Planned, coordinated and supervised all special events/missions for installation.  Major accomplishments included 1987 and 1988 Boy Scout Jamboree, Iron Man Tribulations, Independent Day Concert and Fireworks displays and a visit by the Secretary of the Army.  Because of my knowledge in all areas of Military Police operations on the Post, I was pulled from my normal duties and used as Patrol supervisor and/or desk sergeant on short notice.  Traffic Accident Investigation, Q9, Qualification Advance Traffic Investigations.


US Army Military Police Corps                                                                                 7/1983 – 2/1987

Team Leader/ Patrol Supervisor – MOS: 95B Q9


Served as a Team Leader for a Direct Support Platoon.  While working in a field environment, responsibilities included the health and welfare of three man team, all combat equipment and tactical vehicles assigned to team.  While in a garrison environment, responsibilities included working as Patrol Supervisor for an eight man road commitment.  Reviewed, assisted and investigated all incidents/complaints receive while working patrol, ensured maintenance on all patrol vehicles is complete, conducted weapons inspections and guard mounts on daily basis.  Responsible for training and professional development of all team members and patrol members.  Major accomplishments included completion of: Traffic Accident Investigation School, Small Arm Maintenance School, Primary Leadership and Development School, French Commando School and maintaining a expert marksmanship rating for entire team with the M16, M60, M203 and .45cal pistol.  Awarded 8th Infantry Division \\\’Path Finder Professional Badge\\\’.

Skills Write Up:

Education Write Up:
High School Diploma -1982

Central Texas College – 1986