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23+ Years, Strategic Planning and Execution, Project Management, Chief Intelligence/Air Defense Branch, Missile Defense Planning, TS/SCI, PPES, JCIDS, Air Force, Intelligence Fusion Centre Team Leader


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
Clearance Adjudication

September 30, 2012 – End


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – July 2013

Language – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia,
Overseas – Australia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Turkey, UK,

Highlight Write Up:
Twenty three year winning record in operations, intelligence, plans, and program management. Focus on strategic planning and execution. Successful peacetime and critical wartime leadership positions ranging from nuclear deterrence to conventional intelligence operations. Very proficient in Planning Programming Budgeting Execution (PPBES) System and Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS). Proficient in MS Office software. Current Top Secret (SCI) Clearance. Retired US Air Force Officer

Geo Location:
AFG – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Turkey – Duration: 6 months
Israel – Duration: 1-4 weeks
United Kingdom – Duration:

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 12
– Project lead on new Technical Data Package for Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, US BICES program.
– Develops and implements planning for construction of first ever comprehensive documentation of entire program supporting all US Combatant Commands, Combat Support Agencies and foreign partners.
– Leads a project team to plan and develop, research, construct, and deliver this effort to the OUSDI customer.
– Standardizes and organizes multi hundred million dollar program.

Number of months in position – 36
– Directly supported the Commander, European Joint Analytic Center, (JAC) as Senior Consultant.
– Prepared, presented, and implemented command policy, plans, programs and assessments in support of command goals and initiatives.
– Developed command strategy and guidance for implementation.
– Researched new technologies and processes in support of analysts.
– Managed program to deliver accepted technologies such as Tripwire and Palantir to the entire RAF Molesworth community to include AFRICOM.
– Long range planner, developed long range sustainment plans. Built EUCOM J2 CONOPS and OPLANS to support contingencies in EUCOM AOR.
– Managed US and NATO intelligence and relational interaction.
– Successfully created and managed new program to deliver new tools and systems to JAC intelligence analysts

Number of months in position – 26
– Senior operations team leader in Intelligence Fusion Centre, a new NATO organization.
– Provided analytical support to NATO Forces and Senior NATO leaders.
– Prepared and presented written assessments, briefings, and policy support, to prepare commanders and political decision makers alike for any global contingency.
– Supported Supreme Allied Commander Europe with concise, relevant, and timely analytical support and operational planning information.
– Built and supervised new division within NATO Fusion Center to support intelligence analysis to warfighters in Afghanistan

Number of months in position – 12
– Senior requirements and acquisition analyst supporting advanced programs to fulfill critical warfighting requirements.
– Developed fielding plans, budgets, long range requirements, and acquisition strategy. Also supported PPBES submissions to ensure continued funding for programs. Built JCIDS acquisition documents for CENTCOM Wartime Urgent Needs Requirements.
– Managed quality assurance on acquisition programs of critical importance to US Air Force customer. Brought programs from infancy to fully operational,
– Results: time saved in providing air support to ground combat operations. Good guys lived!
– Procured over $1M additional funding to ensure deployed maintenance and sustainability of system.

Number of months in position – 48
– Senior financial analyst and Program Element Manager supporting Theater Battle Management Core System and Air Operations Centers.
– Built and implemented entire program to include analysis, funding, and programming for key $200M annually Air Force programs.
– Advised senior Air Force leadership on procurement, fielding, contracts, acquisition, out years programming, and daily funds execution.
– Built and advocated PPBES efforts worth over $1B in Future Years Defense Program.
– Successful in obtaining over $30M to modernize this vital command \ control system in extreme budget constrained environment.

Number of months in position – 144
US Air Senior Officer

Aug 98-Dec 98 US Air Force Operation NORTHERN WATCH, Chief, Intelligence Air / Air Defense Branch (Deployed)
– Hand picked to lead the most critical division of this contingency operation.
– Led 7 multi disciplined intelligence specialists.
– Responsible for ensuring safety of flight crews through comprehensive analysis of threat environment.
– Developed and implemented new procedures to enhance Combat Search and Rescue.
– Worked with British and Turkish allies to coordinate operations and develop / implement improved data exchange and analysis.
– Led effort to integrate new technology for improved threat data in area of operations. Cited for outstanding operational support and awarded Joint Service Commendation Medal.

Aug 97-Aug 98 US Air Force Chief, Theater Intelligence Missile Defense Planning, Langley AFB
– Built Air Force program for implementation and integration of Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace for Theater Air and Missile Defense capabilities successfully used by intelligence analysts in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.
– Worked Headquarters level intelligence support to high level platforms to include the B2 bomber.
– Developed joint service doctrine and coordinated the publishing of new doctrine documents. Coordinated responses to Headquarters Air Force plans and processes.

Aug 94-Aug 97 US Air Force Division Intelligence Operations Officer, Tyndall AFB
– Led Homeland Air Defense and Counter-narcotics intelligence operations for entire Southeastern United States.
– Led training, systems, and analysis branches.
– Built and implemented contingency plans for air threats against the United States.
– Coordinated air and maritime threats with national defense and law enforcement agencies.
– Supported Air National Guard air sovereignty alert units. Earned Air Force Achievement and Meritorious Service Medals.
– Superb analysis saved over $1M in unnecessary aircraft deployments
– Integrated variety of systems to provide better data to commander, saving time and manpower

Aug 93-Aug 94 US Air Force Student, Joint Military Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency
– Selected to attend premier school for professional intelligence officers. Studied strategic analysis in joint environment while completing Post Graduate Intelligence Program, a competitive entry, national level, intelligence education program. Culminated in Master’s Degree in Strategic Intelligence.
Jan 89- Aug 93 US Air Force Flight Commander /Command Post Flight Commander, Warren AFB,
– Responsible for operational readiness of Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles systems, facilities, and personnel readiness.
– Led 13 personnel in the accomplishment of this mission.
– Implemented facility improvement program to improve quality of life for alert crews.
– Personnel and facility recognized for top performance.
– Due to recognized leadership selected for most competitively manned position of Flight Commander. Led personnel to regular top ratings.

ADDITIONAL: Oct 00- May 2009, Major, Air Force Reserve, (retired)
Mobilized 1 Oct 2001 – 6 June 2003, in support of Global War on Terror.
– Led programs and resources division.
– Built and led merger of Air Intelligence and Air Combat Commands programs divisions.
– Created five year plan for program continuity. Procured budgetary and personnel resources for deployed units worldwide.
– Successfully advocated over 450 new manpower positions into critically stressed career field.
– Commanded all AFRES personnel at Joint Facility, ensured personnel met requirements, represented Air Force Reserve to Joint Leadership.
– Selected as 2001 Air Force Reserve Intelligence Field Grade Officer of the Year, awarded Meritorious Service Medal.


Skills Write Up:
– Leadership
– Intelligence Analysis
– Tripwire training
– Very familiar with Palantir
– Acquisition

Education Write Up:
– MS Joint Military Intelligence College,1993-1994 Strategic Intelligence
– Squadron Officer School (Residence) 1996
– BA Southwest Texas State University, 1980 – 1985
Political Science
– Undergraduate ICBM Missileer School MM3-CDB
– USAF Intelligence Officer Course
– Joint Air Operations Course
– ITIL v3 Foundations Certified

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