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28 yrs. USAF, SOF Intel, TS/SCI, CT, Russian (DLI), SIGINT, Acquisition, IESS, JTF-6, ARL, M.S. Intel


Date of Clearance Adjudication:

April 16, 2014




Russian and German

Desired Location:
Stateside –
Overseas –


Highlight Write Up:

– Highly dedicated and responsible intelligence and operations professional and retired, formerly enlisted US Air Force Major with over twenty eight years of experience

– Expert knowledge of Special Operations Forces Intelligence, Counterterrorism, Targeting of threat networks, and Regional Affairs (Former Air Force Specialty Codes:  14N4/3, Intelligence Officer, 2001 to 2015; 9L000, Interpreter/Translator, 1996 to 1999; X1N3, Airborne Germanic/Slavic Cryptologic Linguist, 1987 to 1995)

– Possesses exceptional technical and strategic planning abilities within military and diplomatic arenas

– Effectively leads intelligence and IT personnel and manages programs, conducting a wide range of tasks in numerous situations and locations and focused on continuous improvement, accountability and critical thinking
– Regional Affairs Strategist, specializing in Eurasia with previous experience as an arms control interpreter/inspector, proficiency in Russian and German and limited knowledge of Ukrainian   (Russian DLPT L2/R2, Oral Proficiency Interview 2+ (May 2105); German L2/R2; Ukrainian L1+/R2))

– International experience includes three 6-month Afghanistan deployments, a one year deployment in Qatar, shorter duration duty in Tbilisi, Georgia, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Moscow and Kubinka, Russia, and Kyiv, Ukraine, plus arms control treaty work in Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Germany and UK

Geo Location:

Qatar – Duration: 1 Year

Afghanistan – Duration: 6 Mos.


Position Write Up:

Operations Efficiency Consultant, Check-6, Inc. – Tampa, FL, June 2015 to Present

– Coaches and mentors leaders/ teams conducting high risk operations to improve operations efficiency and safety thru standardized processes to reduce human factor-driven incidents and to “Get it right the first time, every time”

– Assists organizations transitioning from experience-based operations to High Performance/ High Reliability Operations

– Uses foreign language skills to establish rapport, facilitate communication and bridge cultural gaps

– Conducts organizational environment and safety surveys

– Provides written analysis of observations and briefs client leadership on findings


Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) Operations and Requirements Officer, US Special Operations Command/J24S – Tampa, FL, Jul 2013 to Jul 2015

– Orchestrated submission and competition among Defense Department agencies for National Security Agency funding initiative supporting all Theater Special Operations Commands; acquired $6.1M to develop sensors, hardware and software initiatives
– Coordinated aircraft/sensor solution for special operations mission in South America; refined sensor test criteria; $11.9M solution fielded on time, on-budget

– SOCOM User Representative for DGCS-SOF SIGINT Silent Dagger- coauthored SOCOM-approved Change 2 to Silent Dagger Capability Planning Document; garnered additional deployable and reachback hardware kits (computers, satellite dishes, etc.) for TSOCs and component command subordinate units; enabled enhanced SOF SIGINT collection

– Reviewed emerging technologies with SORDAC to identify rapid fielding solutions for TSOC requirements worldwide

– Participated in deliberate and time-sensitive planning to ensure intelligence requirements supported special operations forces’ needs

– Posted Distributed Common Ground System- Special Operations Forces (DCGS-SOF) SIGINT Silent Dagger information to SOCOM databases and SharePoint



Director, Joint Intelligence Support Element (JISE), Special Operations Joint Task Force- Afghanistan (SOJTF-A/J2- JISE) – , Kabul, Afghanistan, May 2014 to Nov 2014

– Led all-source special operations forces intelligence team of 25; provided analysis and presentations to decision makers on regional and global political and economic developments; shaped engagements with key Afghan leaders; enabled effective and safe withdrawal from Afghanistan by enabling operations to detain 2,000 insurgents

– Tracked insurgent financiers across Middle East and Southwest Asia; two senior financiers detained; disrupted funding stream from illicit marble mining operations

– Represented SOF intel equities at biweekly Embassy-led threat assessment meetings in Kabul; ensured transparency, open information exchange and reinforced ‘write to release’ mindset for information dissemination
Director of Intelligence, Special Operations Joint Task Force- Bragg (SOJTF-B/J2) – Fort Bragg, NC, Jan 2014 to May 2014

– Recruited, screened and hired field grade officers, warrant officers and senior noncommissioned officers for key intel positions for a 1-year rotation to Camp Integrity

– Provided daily intelligence briefings, coordinated weekly deep dive sessions and responded to Requests for Information for SOJTF commander and staff during pre-deployment spin up



Airborne ISR Requirements Officer, US Special Operations Command/J24R– Tampa, FL, Aug 2012 to Jul 2013

– Authored requirements document and identified recurring costs savings of $1.2M; garnered $6M in additional hardware fielded to special operations teams in 20 countries

– Teamed with SORDAC and J8 for improvements to Predator and Reaper UAS and MC-130; rapidly fielded improved sensors and aircraft

– Instructed 150 special operations and support personnel on intelligence systems as adjunct professor, Joint Special Operations University (JSOU)



Deputy Director of Intelligence, special operations task force  (DJ2), Bagram, Afghanistan, Nov 2011 to May 2012

– As deputy chief of a 1200-strong distributed special operations forces intelligence team provided oversight of counterterrorism detainee operations;

– Coordinated at ISAF, CENTCOM and SECDEF levels for extensions which provided additional time for intelligence collection and reporting; led to follow-on raids and detention of targeted individuals; collaborated with various operations and intelligence agencies and organizations to reduce duplication of effort and focus limited resources on the highest priority objectives



Chief, Intelligence Systems Branch (Intel IT), Headquarters, US Air Forces in Europe/A2O ISR Operations  – Ramstein, Germany, 2010 to 2012

– Led a 34-person team of military, contractors and US government civilians and managed $9.2M inventory of classified IT hardware and software and $5m annual budget; ensured connectivity for 1600 users over 50 sites across Europe
– Planned and executed a $1M renovation, test and move of continuity of business (CoB) site for intel IT system; zero impact to operations during switch from main to CoB site

– Provided oversight of change management for all USAFE JWICS customers; reviewed and approved accounts, configurations changes and life cycle procurement, install, maintenance, replacement and disposal of hardware

Officer in Charge/Team Leader, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Management and ISR Assessment Cell, Combined Air and Space Operations Center (CAOC/ISR Ops Division)– Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, 2009 to 2010

– Directed exploitation and dissemination of 20 intel organizations; delivered intel products and imagery support for targeting efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan; yielded 18K hours of airborne intelligence collection over targets, including SOF targets throughout to CENTCOM Area of Responsibility

– Analyzed and assessed performance and effectiveness of 80 US and coalition intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft sorties daily which supported troops under fire, identified 20 improvised explosive device locations; assessment reduced redundant collection by high demand U-2 reconnaissance aircraft by 24%

Detachment Chief (Strategic Debriefer/ Overt Human Intelligence Operations Collector), Defense Intelligence Agency – Germany, Afghanistan and Republic of Georgia, 2006 to 2009

– Led, directed and conducted sensitive intelligence collection operations and established new sources; reporting aided Korean hostage recovery in Ghazni, Afghanistan,

– Conducted daily/ weekly interface with SOF HUMINT elements (Bagram/Kabul) to synchronize and deconflict collection operations
– Led crisis support cell in XXXXXX; reporting surged 400% above pre-crisis level; provided ground truth reporting on adversary force disposition to US planners



Information Operations Planner, US Air Force (32d Air Operations Center and 16th Air Force/Ops Division (Information Ops) – Ramstein, Germany, 2004 to 2006


– Managed operations security program and coordinated/ conducted OPSEC training for US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), an Air Force major command dispersed across 26 locations

– Conducted information operations analysis and planning in support of humanitarian missions, American citizen evacuations and combat operations in Africa and Europe

– Led a 6-man team of influence operations professionals performing OPSEC, military deception, psychological operations, counterintelligence and counterpropaganda duties



Program Manager, Joint Targeting Toolbox, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/Information Directorate) – Rome, NY, 2003 to 2004


– Led integration of Air Force’s Interim Targeting Solution (ITS) initiative into the baseline of Joint Targeting Toolbox, a DOD program of record; acted as the facilitator between intelligence customers and IT developers



Briefer, Coalition Intelligence Center, US Central Command (CCJ3O) – Tampa, FL 2002 to 2003


– Provided daily current intelligence briefings to approximate 30 coalition members; researched and responded to Requests for Information

– Conducted intelligence analysis and reporting on counterterrorism-related developments in the CENTCOM AOR



Systems Engineer, Imagery Exploitation Support System (IESS), Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/Information Directorate)– Rome, NY 2001 to 2002


– Integrated IESS with PRISM for ISR Collection and transitioned this DOD program of record from AFRL to NGA



Student, National Intelligence University – Washington, DC, 1999 to 2000



Inspector/ Interpreter, and GEOINT/ IMINT Sensor Operator, OC-135B Open Skies aerial observation/ remote sensing operations, On-Site Inspection Operations, Defense Threat Reduction Agency – Washington, DC, 1996 to 1999


– Interpreted in Russian and German for Treaty on Open Skies aerial overflight missions and related negotiations, meetings, training and conferences

– Operated GEOINT/IMINT sensors (wet film photographic, synthetic aperture radar, infrared and video) aboard OC-135B Open Skies aircraft

– Facilitated arms control team missions to Kazakhstan as Deputy Chief, Arms Control Implementation Unit, US Embassy, Almaty, 1997



Airborne Slavic/ Germanic Cryptologic Linguist Technician/ EC-130H Compass Call electronic combat/electronic warfare aircraft operations – Tucson, AZ and Sembach, Germany, 1988 to 1995


– Conducted voice signal search, ID, analysis and made jam recommendations aboard EC-130H XXXXXXX electronic warfare aircraft while stationed in Arizona and Germany and during Operation DESERT STORM while deployed to Turkey

– Participated as electronic combat crewmember and provided electronic countermeasures support for SOF exercise based out of Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia, 1994

– Translated Russian and German money laundering-related documents while supporting US Customs, DEA, FBI and other law enforcement agencies as part of JTF-6 Counterdrug operations in Los Angeles, 1995


Skills Write Up:

  • Skilled Negotiator
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Strategic Planning
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Executive Communications
  • Intelligence Collection
  • Operations
  • Team Building & Training
  • Research, Analysis &
  • Production
  • Threat Finance Intelligence
  • IT Program Management


Education Write Up:

Master of Strategic Intelligence (MSI), area of concentration: Intelligence Operations, American Military University, Charles Town, West Virginia, 2010

– Relevant postgraduate courses:  Analytics; Counterintelligence; Information Warfare; Research Methods in Security and Intelligence; Ethical Challenges in the Intelligence Community; Issues, Trends and Strategies for Computer Systems Management; Management of Productivity and Quality in Technology Systems;
Systems Development; Organizational Performance Management
Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (BSI), National Intelligence University (formerly Joint Military Intelligence College, Washington, DC, 2000

– Relevant undergraduate courses: Analysis and Production; Military Intelligence Analysis; Intelligence Collection; Statistics for Intelligence Analysis; Collection Management; Intelligence Writing and Briefing; Intelligence and Information Systems; Counterintelligence; Intelligence and Joint Regional Planning


Associate of Applied Science in Intelligence Collection, Community College of the Air Force, 1993
Counter Threat Finance Course, Joint Special Operations University (JSOU), 2015
Counter Threat Finance Course, Defense Intelligence Agency, 2014

Special Operations Intelligence Course, JSOU, 2013

Methods of Instruction Course, JSOU, 2103

United States Special Operations Command Staff Education Program (USEP), JSOU, 2012

ISR Operations Course, US Air Force, 2009

Individual Protective Measures Training, DOD Contractor-provided, 2007

Overt HUMINT Collection Operations Course, DOD Contractor-provided, 2006

Defense Strategic Debriefer Course, DOD, 2006

Squadron Officer School (Professional Military Education), 2006

Information Operation Integration Course, US Air Force, 2005

OPSEC Program Manager’s Course, Interagency OPSEC Support Staff, 2004
Certification, Regional Affairs Strategist- Eurasia, US Air Force, 2003
Certification, Acquisition – Program Management, Defense Acquisition University, 2002

Intelligence Officer Course, US Air Force, 2001

Officer Training School, US Air Force, 2000

Russian Immersion Training, Moscow State University, Russia, 1997

Russian Arms Control Speaking Proficiency Course, Defense Language Institute (DLI), 1996

Russian Intermediate Course, DLI, 1995

Instructor/Mission Crew Supervisor Training, EC-130H COMPASS CALL, 1992

Slavic Cryptologic Linguist Course, US Air Force, 1992

Russian Basic Course, DLI, 1991

Non-Commissioned Officer Preparatory Course (Professional Military Education), 1989

Airborne German Voice Intercept Training, EC-130H XXXXXX XXXX, US Air Force, 1989

Aircrew Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE), US Air Force, 1988

Germanic Cryptologic Linguist Course, US Air Force, 1988

German Basic Course, DLI, 1987



Chief of Staff of the Air Force Team Award Nominee (1 of 16 teams Air Force-wide), 2011
Teamwork Award- Russia/Georgia Crisis Cell, Defense Intelligence Agency, 2008
US Air Force Information Operations Officer of the Year, 2005

Company Grade Officer of the Year, AFRL/Information Directorate, 2003
Honor Graduate (Top), Air Force Intelligence Officer Course, 2001
Distinguished Graduate (Top 10%), Air Force Officer Training School, 2000

Honor Graduate, NCO Preparatory Course, 1989


APPLICATIONS:  PRISM, Joint Targeting Toolbox, Imagery Exploitation Support System, BATS, HOCNET, HOTR, M3, ISR Assessment Tool (IAT), CIDNE, Palantir, DCGS-SOF SIGINT Silent Dagger