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28 yrs, Wounded Warrior, TS/SCI Elig., 18Z/F/E, SFOD-D DS, AT/FP, Biometrics, ASI, Adv. Surv/CS, ASOT LVL III, FO, B.S.

TS/SCI Eligible

March 11, 2014 – End

Wounded Warrior, Permanently Disabled Retired: 70%. Service Connected Disabled (VA): 100%

Spanish – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Basic
French – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Basic
Serbo-Croatian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – N/A
Overseas– Central and Southern Europe: Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Estonia

Highlight Write Up:
My past work assignments and frequent visits to the Former Republic Yugoslavia (FRY), which include Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro have outfitted me with the experience and advanced knowledge of culture, customs, demographics, language(s), and dynamic history of the region, which I believe are certain indicators of my capability to deliver a superior service. The summary of my qualifications includes:

• Over 28 years of military experience; numerous leadership roles within Conventional, Special Forces (SF), Special Mission Units, Counter-Terrorism and Proliferations; Managed challenging programs/ assignments worldwide
• Expertise in operating at various U.S. Embassies locations, with immense experience and capability of working closely with the U.S. Ambassadors and country teams in accomplishing Department of Defense and Department of State/Missions’ and goals
• High level of adaptability and flexibility working with the Military (U.S., NATO, and Partnership Countries), Government Agencies, and Non-Government Agencies (NGOs), Country teams’ initiatives, and foreign dignataries and their staff
• Expertise in Intelligence Analysis, Targeting and Tracking, Counter-IED operations, 14 years as a SF Communicator (Full spectrum), eight years as a SF Intelligence Analyst, six years of Advanced Special Operations Techniques (HUMINT), five years as an Operations (future and current) Supervisor/Manager and seven years as project manager for various Humanitarian construction projects.

My diverse background allows me to understand and deal with the many issues and demanding concerns we are currently faced with. I have served at many levels of leadership including the Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha level, Joint Special Operations, and national military levels focusing on tactical, operational, and strategic environments. I have a unique understanding of Special Operations Forces, Tier One Operations, and Joint SOF. With my ability to remain flexible, I offer future commands and employers the best in leadership, mentorship, and dedication to organizational goals.

I am confident that my team-focused, positive attitude, attention to detail, and my emphasis on quantifiable results will add to the success and reputation of any position I am selected to fill.

Geo Location:
European Command – Duration: 11 Years
Central Command – Duration: 3 Years
Africa Command – Duration: 2 Years
Southern Command – Duration: 2 Years

Position Write Up: 

1/10SFG(A) Battalion S3 Operation NCOIC
U.S. Army, Stuttgart, Germany 06/2010 – 09/2011

• Supervised, managed, and tracked routine administrative actions of a 24 man, 8 section Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
• Coordinated and monitored Special Forces operations and deployments into the EUCOM and AFRICOM Theater of Operations, and combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to include OEF-TS countries
• Lead in the review, audit, and validation of Special Forces Team Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), pre-mission training Statements of Requirements, AAR’s, SODAR’s, for authenticity and Quality Control
• Coordinated staff deployment briefings, countries’ clearance requests, Defense Travel System (DTS) request vouchers, and various augmentation requests
• Experience in Information Operations, Human Intelligence Collection, and conducting vulnerability assessments
• Maintained 100% accountability of over $1.3 million dollars of Battalion equipment

1/10SFG(A) Special Forces Operations Sergeant U.S. Army, Stuttgart, Germany 12/2008 – 06/2010
• Led a Special Forces Team in the accomplishment of direct action missions as a part of International Security Assistance Force – Afghanistan (ISAF-A)
• Trained and conducted Mission Readiness of a 12-man Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha for combat deployments supporting the ISAF-A
• Served as a lead planner, interrogator, and trainer in Advanced Special Operations Techniques; conducted All-source Intelligence Collection
• Regularly briefed the U.S. Ambassador, government agencies’ representatives, non- government agencies (NGOs), and Senior Host Nation Officials
• Served as an expert in Physical Security, Information Security, Operational Security and Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection
• Maintained accountability of $2.6 million dollars of equipment, $150K construction project, and over $130K in operational funds

USASFC(A) G3 Operations EUCOM/AFRICOM Desk Manager U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 11/2006 – 12/2008
• Briefed division staff equivalents on two Special Forces Groups facilitating key-staff briefs to the USASFC (A) Commanding General
• Processed, and tracked through the Automated Message Handling System deployment and warning orders, feasibility assessments, tasking, and all official message traffic
• Engaged in proliferation of weapons to Mali by enforcing border security along the borders with Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Algeria
• Prepared and coordinated with Country Teams from various European Embassies in processing and approving the country clearance requests
• Processed and tracked requests, and maintained 100% accountability for military equipment valued at over $7.8 million
• Monitored the preparation, deployment, and execution of over 92 separate SF deployments in support of OIF, OEF, OEF-TS and numerous TSCP events
• Accountable for the daily status of over 1,200 Soldiers deployed in support of OIF, OEF, OEF-TS, and TSCP events

1/10SFG(A) Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant
U.S. Army, Stuttgart, Germany 9/2002 –11/2006
• Served as Team Leader for a 3-man team, as a Military Liaison Element member and Advanced Special Operations Operator
• Regularly briefed U.S. Ambassadors, non-government agencies, other government agency representatives, and senior host nation officials while deployed in various countries
• Target-oriented All-Source Intelligence Analyst with over nine years of military experience in counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency and counter improvised explosive devices operations
• Trained and led a 6-man team in Sensitive Site Exploitation, Explosive detection kits, Urban Reconnaissance, Target analysts and interdiction, and Covert Surveillance during OIF deployment
• Deployed to the U.S. Embassy, Mali as the senior U.S. military representative to the Special Operations Command Europe working for COMSOCEUR, the Defense Attaché, Chief of Station, and Chief of Missions
• Surveyed, coordinated, and supervised over 45 individual projects valued at $3.8 million providing Humanitarian Assistance in Mali
• Procured and maintained 100% accountability of $1.8 million of equipment, and over $100K in operational fundings
• Extensive IT experience with IP, VOIP, Cisco Routers along with Satellite Communications (SATCOM)
• Supervised and provided training instructions to 30 Special Forces Operators in clandestine communications, and covert surveillance vehicle installations

2/3SFG(A)&1 SFOD-D Special Forces Communications Sergeant
U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 07/1997 – 9/2002
• Conducted daily meeting in several cities in Bosnia Herzegovina and completed daily reports which were sent directly to the Chief of Staff
• Deployed as the Senior Communications Sergeant in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM III, and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, and Combined Task Force-Fervent Archer (CTF-FA) into Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1999 and 2001, as well as visits to neighboring countries: Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro
• Selected as a Direct Support Tactical Communicator for 1st SFOD-D supporting JCC Directed missions in the SOUTHCOM, EUCOM, and CENTCOM AOR
• Extensive knowledge of the dynamic history, culture, customs, ethnical and religious background of the Balkans
• Served as Joint Commissioned Observer in support of Operation Joint Forge and was commended by the United Nations Secretary General for outstanding performance in Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Planned, organized, and traveled over 9000 miles in 4 months conducting over 80 meetings with various local Representatives, Municipal Authorities, and High Ranking Military Officials of the City of Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Bijeljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina
• Coordinated with various Non-Government Organization officials in the procurement of military equipment and civilian humanitarian supplies
• 14 years experience in Satellite Communications; expert with Harris, Thales, Raytheon, and Motorola Radios, full spectrum communicator; with advanced troubleshooting capabilities

Skills Write Up:
• Advanced Special Operations Techniques LVL III, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 2005
• FBI Interrogators Course, U.S. Army, Fort Carson, CO, 2004
• Peacetime Government and Hostage Detention Course (SERE Level-C) JPRA SV-91/93, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 2004
• Personnel Recovery (PR)-101, U.S. Army, Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany, 2003
• Level II Force Protection Certified, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 2003
• High Threat Personnel Tactical Survivability, Off Road Driving and ATV Course, Gryphon Group, Melbourne, FL, 2003
• Special Forces Intelligence Course 18F, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 2003
• Advanced Technical, Foot, and Mobile Surveillance Techniques, Intel Security Services, Stuttgart, Germany, 2003
• Tactical Covert Foot and Mobile Surveillance Techniques, Intel Security Services, Stuttgart, Germany, 2003
• Military Free Fall Parachutist Course, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 2003
• Advance Router and Switching I & II, Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC, 2002
• Routing and Switching I & II, Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC, 2002
• Fiber Optics: Installation and Repair Course, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 2001
• Self Defense Shooting Course, Mid-South Institute, Lake Cormorant, MS, 2000
• Individual Terrorism Awareness Course, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 1997
• Radio Frequency Communications Level I Course, Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC, 1997
• Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE Level-C), U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 1997
• French: Basic Language Course, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 1997
• Special Forces Communications Course 18E, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 1997
• Advanced International Morse Code Course, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, NC, 1996
• Maintenance Management, Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC, 1995
• Logistics Management Development Course, Ft Lee, VA, 1993
• AH-64 (Apache) Armament and Electrical System Repair Course, U.S. Army, Fort Eustis, VA, 1993
• Defense Reutilization and Marketing System Course, Ft Lee, VA, 1993
• Defense Hazardous Materials Waste Handling Course, Ft Lee, VA, 1993
• Total Army Retention Course, U.S. Army, Fort Hood, TX, 1991 & 1992
• Air Assault Course, U.S. Army, Fort Campbell, KY, 1987
• Basic Airborne Course, U.S. Army, Fort Benning, GA, 1986

Education Write Up: 

Bachelors of Science in Multi-disciplinary Studies; Cognates: Business and Social Science, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, 2010