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3 yr OCONUS, Serv. Disabled, All-Source Intel, TS/SCI, CN/CI/HUMINT/SIGINT, IJC, CJ2X, Palantir


Sep 2012

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 30

English – Speaking: Native, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands, Wyoming.
Overseas – Afghanistan, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Switzerland, UK, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, USA.

Highlight Write Up:
Intelligence specialist in various disciplines (All-source, Biometrics Identity, CI/HUMINT, Narco-intelligence, SIGINT), performing in multi-agency task forces and traditional Army units, from tactical to strategic levels; strong background in biometrics-based intelligence and analysis, source/informant operations, dynamic targeting, network analysis, liaison and collaboration with sensitive organizations, and intelligence tradecraft.

Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: 1 year
Afghanistan – Duration: 2 Years

Position Write Up:

Armed Tactical/Operational Intelligence Analyst (NOV 2012 – Present)

Civilian, Target Focused Analysis & Neutralization, IJC/CJ2X, (6 mo. In-country)         

Bagram Airfield, Parwan, AFG

I conduct non-lethal targeting of ANSF personnel to identify potential insider threats that may pose Green-on-Blue vulnerabilities. I perform traditional all-source and biometric-enabled intelligence analysis to develop and refine targeting. I also conduct supplemental counterintelligence interviews, PCASS exams, and conduct biometric enrollments using the SEEK II as needed. I routinely liaise with other members of the intelligence community, maneuver units, and special staff members to develop leads and coordinate concepts for future missions. I also assisted with development of the SOP for the Targeted Focus Analysis & Neutralization teams (TFAN).


Jun 2012 – Oct 2012     Relocated to FL, Seeking DoD Contract Work    Tampa, FL

HUMINT Analyst/Targeting, Team Leader (Aug 2011 – May 2012)

Civilian, Counter-IED Analysis Team, US Army (10 MTN; 82 ABN), INSCOM (7 mo. In-country)

Howz-e-Madad, Kandahar, AFG

I synchronized the team with INF BN operations, collaborated and liaised with THTs, LEPs, CA, FDS collectors, SOF, and tactical source OPS. I developed non-lethal/lethal targets and nominated JPEL targets through a pattern-of-life analysis. I also employed the F3EAD targeting process to support dynamic tasking for CONOPS. I analyzed and evaluated HUMINT draft reports, atmospherics, and M3 reportin to help identify threats and IW. I produced more than 200 target intelligence packets and person-of-interest dossiers, which, were primarily focused on IED facilitators. I produced robust SDR for both Tac-HUMINT and FDS collectors and provided cyclical support to their collection operations. I developed NAI/TAI through HUMINT to assist ISR collection management. I produced intelligence information, and answered requests for intelligence information through written, oral, and graphic presentations. I participated in both the commander’s Threat Working Group and Targeting Working Group by presenting assessments and briefs. I also provided “real time” decision-point-analysis, resulting in a successful DA operation, as well as numerous ad-hoc assessments for time-sensitive matters in targeting, source operations, CONOP support, and HUMINT collection.


Jul 2011 – Jul 2011       Seeking DoD Contract Work      Clifton Park, NY


Biometrics Case Manager (Apr 2011 – Jun 2011)

Civilian, NGIC, US Army, SOTF-A (3 mo. CONUS)

Charlottesville, VA; MacDill AFB, FL

I completed training/orientation to deploy as a Biometrics Enabled Intelligence Case Manager for SOTF-A, including: The NGIC orientation to the DoD biometrics architecture under BIMA, various terrorism databases and watch operations, the production of BIARs and publishing in AIMS, biometrics collection support as a SEEK 1-2 FSE, and attendance of the Sensitive-Site Exploitation training at NCFS in Largo, FL where the primary focus was on physical evidence and latent fingerprint recovery and cellular exploitation using the XRY CELLEX system.


Feb 2011 – Mar 2011     Seeking DoD Contract Work      Clifton Park, NY


Senior Counterintelligence Specialist, Team Leader (Nov 2009 – Jan 2011)

Civilian, US Army, USFOR-A CJ2X, INSCOM (14 mo. In-country)

Bagram; Kabul, AFG

I established a CI support team that supported five US bases in Kabul, AFG, where, I collaborated with THT collectors, JCIU-A, JOB-A, CA, atmospheric collectors, and SOTF10. I conducted joint interviews with JCIU-A, spot/assessment for USI, supported SOF elements with special CI screenings and credibility assessments (PCASS), and presented OPSEC briefs for the local commander. I interviewed more than 200 local nationals during routine CI screenings and targeted CI interviews using Dari/Pashto/Urdu interpreters. I evaluated persons-of-interest (POI) by using all available resources including; Review of M3 and CIDNE reporting, interview results, PCASS exams, background review via AIMS, BI²R, BAT, cross-agency checks, SI reach-back and tradecraft. I routinely made recommendations for removal/addition to the Biometrics Enabled Watch List, produced POI dossiers, and edited individuals’ BAT records. I produced target intelligence leads, oral/written briefings, link analysis products, CI threat assessments, and OPSEC assessments. I also developed a CONUS target for US federal law enforcement, received written recognition from the JCIU-A Director, assisted development of local SOP and policies, and contributed to three successful US Army unit rotations.


Operations Manager/Botanical Preservations (Dec 2005 – Nov 2009)

Civilian, Self Employed/ Unrelated Experience

Schenectady, NY

I owned/operated a botanical preservation business and also worked as a skilled carpenter during this time, performing no government-related work. I developed the business model/plan, website, climate-controlled production site, production systems design, advertising materials, managed all aspects of production, and provided all related customer services and relations.


CW-2, 350B/F All-source Technician (Aug 2005 – Nov 2005)

Active Duty, US Army, 42 ID (3 mo. In-country)

Tikrit, Iraq

I supervised three intelligence analysts performing analysis of insurgent activity and atmospheric trends in four Iraq Provinces, producing historical and predictive analysis products. I also provided constant intelligence liaison with CENTCOM, Corps, four BCTs, and other DIV elements. I provided daily, immediate analysis and reporting for time-sensitive requests by the DIV G2 OIC. I served as the trail party OIC, supervising 15 soldiers upon the unit’s departure and preparation for the base hand-over to ISF.


CW-2, 350B/F All-source Technician (Apr 2005 – Aug 2005)

Active Duty, US Army, 42 ID (4 mo. In-country)

Tikrit, Iraq                   

As the Assistant OIC for the Division Intelligence Fusion Cell, I supervised eight intelligence analysts targeting the North-Central provinces (Salah ah-Din, Diyala, Kirkuk, As-Sulaymaniyyah). I edited and authored portions of approximately 120 Division Intelligence Summaries. I provided constant intelligence liaison with U.S agencies, joint-services, four BCTs, and adjacent major commands. I supervised an analytical team focused on ethnic tensions, tribal issues, insurgent TTP, ISF disposition, Iranian influences, and developing NAI/TAI. I managed daily reporting and dissemination to MNC-I J2 and presented oral briefs to DIV staff. I continually mentored junior analysts with specific focus on the characteristics of the insurgency.


WO-1, 350B/F All-source Technician (May 2004 – Apr 2005)

Active Duty, US Army, 42 ID (4 mo. In-country, 7 mo. CONUS)

Ft. Drum, NY/Tikrit, Iraq

As the G2 Division Intelligence Battle Captain (2nd), I supervised and mentored four intelligence analysts during the mobilization for OIF3, producing collection decks and NAI and TAI development. I drafted a major portion of the Division’s intelligence collection plan and assisted DIV staff with assessing critical collection capabilities that would successfully identify indicators and warnings. I planned, executed, and managed the Division’s first-ever use of MASINT (80 missions). I also assisted with the daily mission management of imagery collection for BCT support and secured the tasking of a wide spectrum of collection assets up to national level. I provided constant intelligence liaison with U.S government agencies, CENTCOM, MNC-I-J2 and brigade elements.


WO-1, 350B/F All-source Technician (May 1998 – May 2004)

Active Duty, Res., US Army, 642 MI BN (72 mo. CONUS)

Albany, NY

As the Senior Case Support Analyst, I supervised the counterdrug intelligence support team (six analysts) and synchronized its operation within a multi-agency intelligence task force. I presented oral and written briefings (formal and informal) for senior and tactical level audiences, and a U.S. congressional procession. I analyzed smuggling and concealment techniques, trafficking patterns, raw HUMINT information and to a lesser extent IMINT/SIGINT. I spearheaded a special collection plan that targeted clandestine lab activity to identify indicators and warnings for investigators and patrol operations throughout NY State. This effort produced accurate, predictive analysis of clandestine-lab activity two years prior to any actual detection in the State. I interviewed confidential informants and during the 9/11 response, conducted tactical questioning of persons-of-interest at the US/Canada Border. I performed in numerous U.S. Border security and drug enforcement missions, rotary-borne eradications, searches of various types of vehicles/vessels, surveillance/counter-surveillance, and command post duties. I authored and edited approximately 150 intelligence bulletins (disseminated nationally) and the TF’s quarterly INTSUM, while improving its scope through quantitative and qualitative methodology. I provided constant liaison with multiple agencies at local, state, federal and DoD levels. I also led the production of a curriculum for a 40-hour intelligence course that was focused on criminal narcotics investigation support. In addition, I volunteered weekly, as a mentor for youths in the Corps of Cadets program.


WO-1, 350B/F All-source Technician (Apr 2003 – Apr 2004)

Reserve Duty, US Army, 42 ID (12 mo. CONUS)

Troy, NY

I served as the acting Counter-intelligence/HUMINT section chief (an O-3 position) and was chosen by the Commander to attend a classified seminar in the U.K. as the CI/HUMINT team representative, supporting the unit’s pending mobilization for Bosnia. I mentored intelligence analysts on transiting from a Soviet-based OPFOR to the COE, as well as criminal intelligence analysis. I mentored junior CI agents on matters of force protection, OPSEC, insurgencies, case management, dossier development and threat vulnerability assessments. I completed MI-WOBC (All-source Tech) at Fort Huachuca, AZ during this time. I received written recognition for performance from Mr. David XXXXXXX (CW5, MI, 351B/L).


SSG, 98C SIGINT Analyst (Aug 1996 – Apr 2003)

Reserve Duty, US Army, 642 MI BN, 42 ID (56 mo. CONUS)

Troy, NY

I was a junior SIGINT analyst in a newly formed MI BN. I served as the SIGINT Team Leader; mentoring others (training course TA-103) in this specialty. I fulfilled the additional duty as acting ACE Platoon NCOIC for nearly one year as the unit awaited a qualified NCO. Likewise, I also served as the acting SIGINT Team Chief.


SPC/SGT, 98C SIGINT Analyst (Feb 1999 – Sep 1999)

Reserve Duty, (NSA) US Army, 642 MI BN, 42 ID (7 mo. CONUS)            

Ft. Devens, MA

I was solely responsible for analysis of two AORs concerning infrastructure and population dynamics in support of the National Security Agency.


SPC/SGT, 98C SIGINT Analyst (Dec 1996 – May 1998)

Active Duty, Res., US Army, 642 MI BN (17 mo. CONUS)

Scotia, NY

I processed and managed seized-asset sharing from federal narcotics investigation. This required constant liaison and coordination with several federal and state agencies and routine execution of time-sensitive actions with senior staff members. I developed a standard operating procedure for managing this process, greatly improving it for which I received an official commendation (ARCOM).


PV2/SPC, 95B Military Police (Apr 1994 – Aug 1996)

Reserve Duty, US Army, 1st Army, 105 MP (28 mo. CONUS)

Ft. McClellan, AL; Troy, NY

I completed IADT/AIT in May, 1995 and returned to my unit for reserve duty where I trained in the basic skills for Military Police and deployed on two domestic missions in support of state civil authorities.


Skills Write Up:
Intelligence specialist in various disciplines (All-source, Biometrics Identity, CI/HUMINT, Narco-intelligence, SIGINT), performing in multi-agency task forces and traditional Army units, from tactical to strategic levels; strong background in biometrics-based intelligence and analysis, source/informant operations, dynamic targeting, network analysis, liaison and collaboration with sensitive organizations, and intelligence tradecraft. I have vast experience with presenting time-sensitive briefs, direct support to operations and planning, writing and editing intelligence reports for both senior and tactical level audiences. Systems familiarity: Google Earth, MS Word/PowerPoint/Excel/Outlook. Analysis tools (Query-Tree, CIDNE, M-3, MFWS, Palantir, ANB, TIGR, TAC, Intelink), biometric intelligence database systems (BI²R, AIMS, BAT), biometric collection (HIIDE, SEEK-1, SEEK-2), credibility assessment (PCASS), cell phone exploitation (Cellebrite, CyberHawk, XRY).

Education Write Up:
Diploma, Stillwater Central High School, Stillwater, NY 1982
B.S. Organizational Management, Nyack College, Nyack, NY 112 credits earned, 12 Pending.



Palantir, Bagram Airfield, AFG, JAN 2013

TAC intelligencemanagement software,BagramAirfield,AFG,JAN 2013

XRY/Calyx/CyberHawk, CELLEX, BagramAirfield,AFG, NOV 2013

BiometricsTrainerCourse,BagramAirfield,AFG, NOV 2012



Biometrics/ForensicsOverview,NGIC,Charlottesville,VA; Apr-May2011

CyberHawk, Cellebrite CELLEX, Camp Phoenix, AFG, MAR 2010




(350B/350F)All-sourceIntelligenceTechnicianCourse,FortHuachuca,AZ; Apr2004


AnalyticalInvestigativeTechniquesII Course,NiagaraFalls,NY;Mar2001

AnalyticalInvestigativeTechniquesI Course,NiagaraFalls,NY;Mar2000















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