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6 Years, Secret, Special Operations, Fire Arms Expert, Ranger, EMT-B, Master Breacher, Combat Lifesaver


Date of Clearance Adjudication:


May 31, 2014 – End


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – N/A

English – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location: 

Stateside – Anywhere
Overseas – Anywhere

Highlight Write Up:

Highly decorated Special Operations Combat Veteran transitioning from the U.S Army’s Premier Light Infantry Direct Action Raid Force the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Geo Location:
USA – Duration: Six Years

Position Write Up: 

Ranger Rifle Squad Leader – Savannah, GA (07/2012- 02/2014)

  • Maneuvering units on the ground during the execution of numerous Special Operations Direct Action Raids to capture High Value Individuals reporting directly to the Ground Force Commander.
  • Planned and coordinated Helicopter Landing Zones using Google Maps working side by side with 160th Special Operations Aviation pilots in order to find the best possible terrain and provide the strike force and the aircraft safe and accessible terrain in which to infiltrate on and off targeted objectives.
  • Qualified in all areas of ground/urban tactics, Close Quarters Combat. Trained and certified in all areas of Mechanical, Explosive, Ballistic, and Thermal Breaching, Involved in step by step planning and execution of Special Operations Direct Action Raids.
  • Subject matter expert in the planning process of multiple Special Operations Direct Actions raids advising the ground force commander on scheme and maneuver of the personnel on the ground in order to give the assault force the best advantage to gain entry into the targeted building.
  • Responsible for the service and accountability of all weapons and squad equipment worth in excess of $1,000,000 for a period of 19 months with no losses.
  • Developed an extensive training plan using Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Google Maps, for an entire Afghan Special Operations Platoon to cover all facets of Light Infantryman techniques, starting from marksmanship, close quarter combat, medical, and culminating in Live Fire Maneuver Exercises. Training that ultimately provides for a sustainable and lethal Afghan Direct Action Raid force.
  • Responsible for the Tactical Questioning of detainees on targeted objectives in order to confirm or deny pattern of life, and to facilitate the Assault force onto possible follow on objectives.
  • Used Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Maps to generate scheme and maneuver slides for friendly assault elements depicting Infiltration and Exfiltration routes to and from targeted objectives to include helicopter landing zones. These slides were used to brief an entire assault force and were sent to the highest levels of the Joint Task Force for approval.
  • Awarded Army Achievement Medal for training and preparing 6 man squad in all Expert Infantryman Tasks which resulted in all 6 Rangers receiving their Expert Infantryman’s Badge receiving True Blue for first time go’s in all events.

Ranger Fire Team Leader – Savannah, Ga (08/2010- 07/2012)

  • Supervised a three man Airborne Ranger Fire Team capable of deploying worldwide in 18 hours to conduct direct action missions which include reconnaissance, target interdiction, airborne assaults, air assault raids and other special operations missions to achieve the goals, policies and objectives of the United States while maintaining a constant state of readiness and being on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Search and Seizure Team Leader on over 150 Special Operation Direct Action Raids. Ensuring that Team Members were properly tasked out in order to gather documents, and report the findings of incriminating evidence up the chain of command to help ensure the success of the assault force, and to help facilitate further intelligence gathering operations.
  • Sketch Team Leader on numerous Special Operations Direct Action Raids. Ensuring the targeted compound was accurately drawn and labeled correctly, and photographed to ensure accurate detailed reporting in order to paint a clear and concise image for the Joint Task Force, and for the Afghan Court System to prosecute targeted individuals.
  • Managed over $350,000 worth of Squad/Team equipment for the period of 23 months with no losses.
  • Accountable for enrolling targeted individuals into biometric databases, taking DNA samples, and fingerprinting said individuals in order to create a detailed list of known and suspected terrorist, and to expand intelligence gathering operations for the Joint Task Force.
  • Tasked with building and emplacing a wide variety of demolitions to gain entry into secured structures. Calculating fragmentation range, and minimum safe distances to ensure the safety of all personnel on the ground.
  • Awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal for the recovery operation of Extortion 17. The operation to recover the downed helicopter with Navy Seals from Seal Team 6.
  • Awarded Joint Service Commendation Medal for maneuvering fire team up hill to eliminate enemy fighting positions which resulted in no friendly casualties, and the seizure of multiple Taliban personnel, weapons and equipment.

Ranger Gun Team Leader – Savannah, Ga (10/2009 – 08/2010)

  • Lead Track Commander responsible for an 8 vehicle convoy tasked with providing a 65 man assault force reliable transportation and security to and from targeted objectives deep into the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan.
  • Created primary and alternate vehicle routes to and from targeted objectives. Was relied on to call up check points along our route to the Ground Force Commander. Was responsible for troubleshooting communication and navigation equipment in the vehicles ensuring reliable communication between the crew and assault force.
  • Emplacing a three man machine gun team into key blocking positions on 65 Special Operations Direct Actions
  • Raids to deny the enemy egress and ingress to and from the targeted objective. Providing security down key avenues of approach ensuring the safety and security of all Americans on target.
  • Awarded Joint Service Achievement Medal for performance spanning two deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Squad Automatic Gunner – Savannah, Ga (01/2008-10/2009)

  • Searching targeted compounds for incriminating evidence to be used to prosecute suspected terrorist in Afghan court system.
  • Collected DNA samples of detained individuals in order to confirm or deny their identity.
  • Tasked with providing security inside and outside the targeted objective, identifying potential threats in order to provide freedom of maneuver to the Assault Force.
  • Secured, detained, searched, and processed all detainees encountered on targeted objectives reporting any key information to higher leadership to facilitate their decision making process while on the ground.

Skills Write Up: 


Active SECRET Security Clearance; certified EMT-B; certified Master Breacher; certified combat lifesaver. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office, and Google Earth. Expert in close quarters combat; room/ building clearance; target discrimination; threat de-escalation and handling non-combatants in a close quarter combat situation.

Weapons and equipment qualifications

M4 5.56mm Rifle, MK17 SCAR 7.62mm Rifle, M9 9mm Pistol, Sig Sauer P226, Glock 19/22, AK47 Rifle, various Machine Guns (MK48, MK46, M249, M240B/L, and M2), Remington M870 Shotgun, Building and Emplacing Explosives, Mechanical Breaching Tools, PVS-15/31 Night Visions Goggles, handheld and NVG mounted Thermal Devices, PRC-148/154 radios, and multiple types of Optics and Lasers.

Education Write Up:

Military Education

  • Advanced Individual Training
  • U.S Army Airborne School
  • Ranger Indoctrination Program
  • U.S. Army Ranger School
  • 75th Ranger Regiment Master Breacher Course
  • Tiger Swan Tactical Advanced Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship Course
  • Viking Tactical Advanced Rifle Course
  • U.S. Army Military Mountaineer Basic Course
  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic Course
  • Combat Lifesaver

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