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7+yrs., Special Forces Medic, TS/SCI, EMT-P Lic., WPS, ASO 2, Advanced SSE, French, Thai, B.S.

TS/SCI with DoD, Secret with DoS


30 days notice



French – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing:
Thai – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing:

Desired Location:
Stateside – Any
Overseas– Any

Highlight Write Up:
* Honorably discharged after 7 years of experience as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D) in US Army Special Forces
* Experienced with operation planning and military Composite Risk Management procedures to include total operational considerations (mission, support, air, medical, communications)
* Highly experienced with planning and executing medical and humanitarian assistance projects in 3 different countries
* 1 year experience as manager of a medical clinic that served 1,500+ soldiers
* Excellent analytical, written and oral English communications skills, and demonstrated ability for creative problem solving
* Expert at teaching classes to more than 700 foreign soldiers, both in large and small groups with minimal training materials and facilities
* Experienced in medical operations within austere and combat environments, encompassing pre-hospital trauma, long-term care, dental, veterinary. and preventive medical practices
* Demonstrated exceptional interagency experience with the Department of State and subsidiaries in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa
* Demonstrated ability to work as part of a US and multinational team in various environments

* Trained in baromedicine to include diving, high altitude and explosive effects

* Trained in forensics and Sensitive Site Exploitation to include MEDEX (electronic and physical), forensics, WMD investigation and blast pattern analysis

Geo Location:

Afghanistan – Duration: 2 months (ongoing)
Iraq – Duration: 9 months
Senegal – Duration: 5 weeks
Mali – Duration: 4 months

Position Write Up:

APR 2012 – Present: Protective Security Specialist/EMT-Intermediate

* Provided daily convoy support for guard force at U.S. Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan

* Provided daily medical care for 500+ person guard force

* Acted as tactical medic for Emergency Response Team at U.S. Embassy Kabul

DEC 2011 – APR 2012: Graduate Student

* Emergency and Disaster Management graduate program through American Military University

* Studied risk assessment, disaster planning, and interagency coordination during the instruction

DEC 2004 – DEC 2011: Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D)
* Planned medical/tactical training for an SFODA, a Marine CAT-A team, and an Air Force Civil Medical Team in Joint Exercise Emerald Warrior 2011 resulting in successful training mission (MAR 2011)
* Ensured accuracy in writing Standard Operating Procedures when standing up a new SFODA which included the following: Urban Combat, Mobility Operations, Medical Operations, SSE procedures. The ODA was lauded by the Battalion Commander for thoroughness (2010 – 2011)
* Assured maintenance of the base camp infrastructure in Mali and addressed all health concerns of 12 U.S. military personnel living at the camp, resulting in 0 disease injuries over a 5 month period (JAN – JUN 2010)
* Performed planning and execution of a joint civil-military medical missions with both U.S. and Malian health providers, caring for more than 500 patients and 300 animals in 6 hours in an austere environment, received accolades from the U.S. Ambassador for efforts (MAR 2010)
* Organized and conducted 3 medical assistance visits in rural Iraq, treating more than 500 patients, improving US/Iraqi relations and enabling further HUMINT efforts (JUN 2008 – FEB 2009)
* Worked with civilian medical contractors in Baghdad for prosthetics fitting for Iraqi SWAT soldiers injured during duty, which improved local US/Iraqi relations (JUN 2008 – FEB 2009)
* Performed maintenance of the accountability and control of between $100,000 and $300,000 worth of medical equipment and Operational Funds at all times during the last 7 years in Special Forces, with $0 discrepancies.
* Maintained control and administration of narcotics on 3 OCONUS deployments and multiple CONUS training missions with no loss of inventory and 100% approved usage by overseeing health provider (2008 – 2010)
* Managed 10th Special Forces Group clinic and trained 6 additional medics in advanced skills resulting in improved medical coverage for 10th Group (2007 – 2008)
* Prepared Support Battalion medical personnel and equipment for Operation Total Recall (USSOCOM inspection) resulting in 100% accountability (FEB 2008)
* Facilitated Battalion and Company deployment/redeployment during OIF III, resulting in no transportation delays and 100% accountability of men and equipment (2005 – 2006)
* Managed Battalion Air operations and Schools operations for 8 months providing a 100% accountability of air logs and Army training attendance which passed a USASOC inspection with no discrepancies

AUG 2002 – DEC 2004: Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D) Student
* Studied medical topics to include: pharmacology, physiology, medical diagnosis, veterinary, dental, pre-hospital medicine, surgery, anesthesia. Made Commandant\’s list for the class.
* Led study group for other students which provided 100% pass rate of the medical portion for those who attended.

AUG 2000 – AUG 2002: Infantry Rifleman
* Deployed on two major training exercises and was given awards for efforts on both exercises (2001-2002)
* Liaison to the Nisqually Tribe during I Corps Native American Heritage Month celebration and awarded for the quality of static display and efforts with the tribal council (SEP – NOV 2001)

Skills Write Up:

* EMT-Paramedic License (State of Georgia)

* Advanced Tactical Practitioner (ATP medical)

* Emergency Response Team training (ERT for DoS)

* Worldwide Protective Services training (WPS for DoS)
* Krav Maga Practitioner Level 1
* ASOT Level II (Achilles Dagger)
* Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course/ Senior Leader Course

* Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course (SFAUC-C)

* Special Operations Combatives Level 1
* Modern Army Combatives Level 1
* Sensitive Site Exploitation – Operator Advanced Course
* Special Forces Sniper Course – Level II
* Anti-Terrorism Manager, Level 2
* Defensive Driving Course – Gryphon Group
* UAV pilot, Raven I, (80 hours flight time)
* SERE level C
* Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course
* Primary Leadership Development Course
* Airborne training
* Infantry Basic Training

Education Write Up:
* Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor Course (PALS), Air Force Academy, CO Sep 2011
* Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor Course (ACLS), Air Force Academy, CO Sep 2011
* Basic Life Support (BLS), Fort Carson MSTC, CO Aug 2011
* SOCMSSC, Fort Bragg, NC Nov 2004 | Mar 2007 | Aug 2009
* Army Special Forces Diving Medical Technician, Fort Bragg, NC Nov–Dec 2007
* Rhodes College, (1999-2000) Biology major, Bachelor of Science (B.S)