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8 yrs., Director Analytic Solutions, AFSO Deputy Commander, SOCEUR and AFSOC, PACOM, EUCOM, CENTCOM, and AFRICOM, TS/SCI, BS, MS


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
March 28, 2013

November 25, 2013 – Indef


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – Janaury 03, 2021

– Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Florida,

Highlight Write Up:
– SOLIC Masters Degree from NPS
– PMP Certified
– Active TS/SCI
– Portfolio experience in SOCEUR and AFSOC Group levels
– 3 Years proposal preparation experience
– 5 Years Command/Senior Leader operations experience
– Extensive overseas experience
— Led operational/tactical train and equip programs
— Familiar and comfortable in interagency setting

Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: 1 year
Afghanistan – Duration: 3 months
Pan-Sahel Region – Duration: 3 months
Korea – Duration: 1 year
– Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 24
Deputy Commander, 352nd Special Operations Group, Royal Air Force Mildenhall, UK

• Managing director in large overseas organization operating 15 aircraft, 1,100 personnel, $1.1B in resources, supporting operations over 2 continents; successful first-time VBSS using in-theater SOF
• Planned, executed, monitored and controlled administrative budget of $24M and defined requirements for construction $207M construction project — led to IOC for new aircraft on time and on budget.
• Led all interagency negotiations, conflict resolution, project initiatives and budget formulation
• Chaired a wide range of cross functional meetings spanning: intelligence reporting, status of training, facilities/growth planning, maintenance practices, safety, and human resource concerns
• Articulated and presented requirements analysis to management and gained an additional $2M for key project
• Built/mentored cross functional team that planned and executed overseas engagement strategies with 12 nations

Number of months in position – 25
Deputy Commander, Air Force Special Operations Training Center, Hurlburt Field, FL

• Managing director for large training organization employing over 1300 personnel who recruited, assessed, trained, and educated accessions for Special Operations
• Combined training resources and budgets with those governed by three other stakeholders to enhance efficiency
• Planned, executed, monitored and controlled $53M administrative budget and $400M in simulator assets
• Supervised 26,000 hours of instruction and exercises, training over 4,500 students annually
• Led unit’s environmental management means program ensuring unit complied with laws, regulations and policies
• Led training project in support of $20B acquisition program, defined and controlled scope, managed stakeholders, and met required deliverables 30 days ahead of schedule
• Established budget priorities and managed resource leveling to meet $462M in program requirements
• Increased training continuity by 50% and instructor manning by 200% in support of enterprise surge training plan

Number of months in position – 28
Deputy Commander/Ops Officer, 336th Training Group, Fairchild Air Force Base, WA

• Managing director for large training organization employing 500 personnel across 7 subsidiary organizations including 4 offsite locations
• Supervised conduct of 13 formal training courses, training 12,000 personnel per year
• Planned, executed, monitored and controlled administrative budget of $28M
• Led closing and acceptance of premier course deliverables; project was lauded in senior manager’s memo to top senior executive in the defense department.
• Spearheaded risk analysis effort and secured $1.8M in contingency funds to cover disconnect between emerging requirements and existing budget, ensured safety and quality of all deliverables
• Increased key personnel manning by 34% through requirements validation and presentation to leadership
• Saved $100K by negotiating with outside vendor resulting in no cost mutual training support
• Led $400K upgrade project; secured sole source contract and reached closure two weeks ahead of target date

Number of months in position – 12
Commander, 721st Expeditionary Advisory Squadron, Camp Taji, Iraq

• General Manager for 108 international advisors mentoring over 400 Iraqi personnel on aviation and maintenance practices for both US and Russian variant helicopters
• Mentored Iraqi Air Force base commander (organization’s senior executive) on execution of flying operations, training, aircraft maintenance, logistics and security
• Initiated requirements documentation and planning for US funded construction projects totaling $18M
• Reorganized for efficiency; cut staff by 40% while increasing Iraqi night flying capabilities by 500%
• Oversaw quality control on US vendor supporting Iraqi maintenance, ensured safety and scope were satisfied
• Increased qualified Iraqi maintenance qualified technicians by 131% within 6 months employing resource leveling techniques to increase training continuity

Number of months in position – 29
Special Ops Command Europe, Stuttgart GE, Deputy Chief Operational Planning Group

• Assistant Manager for operational planning group responsible for planning, developing guidance, and executing senior executive’s priority mission in North Africa
• Developed strategic plans and analysis for counterterrorism operations employing over 2,400 deployed special operations forces
• Planned utilization of $30M of interagency funding to support operations, recommended prioritization to ensure risk mitigation and effectiveness
• Led major assessment effort of foreign nation’s security capability and presented to Special Operations top senior executive; findings formed new strategy to garner stakeholder advocacy for project
• Spearheaded effort with 10 stakeholders to conduct over 130 activities across 7 nations, developed CMNS submission to support critical mission shortfalls
• Conducted research and critical thinking to identify and present requirements to external stakeholder resulting in an additional $38.7M to support company’s critical operational program


Skills Write Up:
– Department of Homeland Security – Interagency Course
– Force Protection Training
– Contract Management, Strategies for Mission Success
– US Air Force Air Advisor Qualification
– High Threat Driving Certification
– SERE Course SV-80, 91, and 93
– CBRNE Awareness Course

Education Write Up:
– Naval Postgraduate School
— Years attended 2003-2004
— Major in Defense Analysis (Irregular Warfare Track)
— Master of Science Degree
– Unites States Air Force Academy
— Years attended 1986-1990
— Major in Behavioral Sciences
— Bachelor of Science Degree

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