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8+ yrs., Logistics, Quality, Administrative, Project Coordinator, Data collection and analysis, MAXIMO Database, Secret


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
December 10, 2010

December 19, 2014 – April 01, 2019


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – May 10, 2015

Englist – Speaking: Native, Reading: Native, Writing: Native

Desired Location:
Overseas – Afghanistan,

Highlight Write Up:
I have 8 years of contracting work with KBR and Fluor in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I have also been to Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar and would have no issues with working for any of them. I also would work in Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc….

I have years of experience working Administrative, Quality, Logistics etc.. I would be a valuable asset to any company in which I do work for. I give 200% at all times. My references list my last job being stateside, which they will contend to the same however; if references are needed for my years overseas, I can produce them also.

When I left Iraq, my supervisor got a hold of me to let me know that it took 5 people to do my job and they turned it into an Operations Cell due to me leaving.

When I left Afghanistan with Quality, I was informed that I was one of the best QAs there was with the completion of the most reports along with good solids write ups (NCRs) on either departments or site management themselves.

If I have a job that keeps my interest and has challenges, I will be a happy camper. I am very use to fast paced environments along with dealing with high level brass. I have great reports with all that I have worked with.

Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: over 6 years
Afghanistan – Duration: 3 years
Kuwait – Duration: over 4 years
Dubai – Duration: over 5 years
Qatar – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Seychelles – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Maldives – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Thailand – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Italy – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Germany – Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 11
I was hired as the project coordinator and what I did was came into a job to where there was no tracking, records etc.. it was a fixer upper to the max. About a month into the job, I had mostly everything caught up and tracked from what could be found anyways. As time went on, the Logistics person who took care of materials quit, I was told that I was taking over all his responsibility, which I did… so, now I am keeping track of projects along with all the materials etc for construction. About a month later, the market administrator quit, and I was told that I would be taking over all the responsibilities of that job, which I did. So, now I am tracking, materials and vehicles, calendars, FedEx, office property along with all the crew personnel property. After all was said and done, I completed all of this and was on top of all of it and then I was told that I was being let go due to “loss of work” – the client was slowing the work load down. so, when I left my job was handed off to 3 different people to be completed. Since then; my managers who are listed on my reference list were devastated by me being let go and they keep in touch with me to see how things are going. I was given many kudos for the work that I did all the time. I am guessing since I was the only one there with the job title that I had, I was the accepted choice to let go. I can only guess on that.

Skills Write Up:
Data collection and analysis
Inspections and Audits
Schedule projects
Lotus Notes w/ Sametime
Outlook w/ Lync
Excel spreadsheets
Mail management/FedEx
Report writing
Executive Management Support
Employee training and development
Data Entry
Client Relations
Advanced MS Office Suite
Vendor management
Inventory Control &Tracking
MAXIMO database
Construction QA
Meeting planning
Report development
Travel administration
Spreadsheet development
Inventory systems

Received Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Received The Iraq Campaign Medal
Awarded the Army Achievement Medal in 2003
Awarded the Army Accommodation Medal in 2005
Secret Security Clearance
Awarded a military coin From DCMA for having such a passion for my job field
Recognized with over twelve certificates of appreciation for outstanding service including certificates of Appreciation from the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) for quality performance
Recognized with certificates of appreciation for outstanding service for mission success from the Base Commander and the Chaplains office.
Integral member of team recognized for building the most bridges to date in Iraq

US Army Engineer 21C
US Army Military Police 31B
Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Quality Management Certifications
Safety Auditing ISO 9001:2000 / 2001 Certifications
Quality Construction
MAXIMO database
Site Construction Quality Manager Certifications
OSR Certification

Education Write Up:
MOS 31B 2006
Ft Leonard Wood

MOS 12C/21C 2002
Ft Leonard Wood

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