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8 yrs+, Service Disabled, HUMINT, C-IED, Human Terrain, Atmospherics, Detainee Ops, Former FA Officer, TS/SSBI, Spanish

Top Secret (SSBI)


Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 30%

English– Speaking: Native, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Spanish –Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Intermediate

Desired Location:


Overseas– Afghanistan, Bolivia, India, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, USA

Highlight Write Up:

I am a U.S. Army Veteran with more than eight years of Intelligence, and Operational experience and Intelligence Systems Operations Planning and Management experience.? I have training and experience in HUMINT and Human Terrain Analysis, Atmospherics Analysis, Detainee Operations, C-IED and C-RAM Analysis, All-Source Analysis and Intelligence Briefings.? I have logistical, personnel travel, military and liaison experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, the U.A.E., Malaysia and Thailand.

I was acting SME and Knowledge Manager for SE/SW Asia Middle-East/North Africa Order of Battle Analysis (Ground Forces, Air Defense and Insurgency) at ATICs (Advanced Technical Intelligence Center) Intelligence Analyst Boot Camp.


Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: 2.5 years
Afghanistan – Duration: 1 year

Position Write Up:

8/2017 to Present (Cholla High School):

  • Taught Freshman Pre-Avid to 75 students
  • Taught History/Criminal Minds to 90 students
  • Assistant/Defensive Coordinator for JV football team

07/2016 to 12/2016-World History Teacher (Kofa High School):World History Teacher

  • Taught Freshman World History for 115 students
  • World History from 1915 to 1945
  • Taught History in Films for 27 students
  • Instruction on how World and U.S. history is portrayed in film.
  • Assistant Football Coach for Freshman football team
  • RBs an DBs coach


02/2014 to 10/2016-Project Manager/Conventional Weapons SME and Researcher (UMD-START):聽 Project Manager/Conventional Weapons Expert and Order of Battle Analysis Researcher

for the University of Maryland鈥檚 START (Strategy on Terrorism and the Response to Terrorism).

  • Conducted research for the DOD鈥檚 Pentagon Simultaneous Multi-Layer Assessment (SMA) group in response to questions from Regional Commands (PACOM, CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, SOCOM, EUCOM) concerning current and future regional conflicts.
  • Military Analyst SME for, Foreign Ground Forces systems, Naval Systems and infrastructure, Air Defense Systems and ISR systems.
  • Coordination of research teams, including facilitating collaboration, scheduling research activities and maintaining a high level of communication between teams.
  • Provided SME knowledge for the following:
    • South-East Asia Regional Conflict
    • Europe Regional Conflict
    • North Africa
      • AQIM-Nigeria and Boko Haram
  • Managing all reporting requirements to the project sponsor, including reviewing all expenses associated with the project.
  • Assisting with the preparation, editing and publication of all final reports and other products of the research.

Operations Manager/ISR SME, (01/2013 to Present)聽Operations Manager and Military Operations/ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) SME for the APG FSD Operations Branch.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Subject Matter Expert for the Field Support Directorate supporting ISR Analysis and Collection Systems in the field.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Supervise the Collection and Knowledge Management for Army Intelligence C2 and C4 ISR Systems and Database Systems.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Supervise the Operations Center Team of 7 personnel that Collected and Disseminated information to the government client and other partners as well as stored Historical Data for reach-back sources.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Coordinate with six regional managers (world-wide) and additional sub-contractor management for daily summaries, reports and personnel movement around the globe.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Responsible for the FSD Weekly Activities Report (WAR) and Task Order Daily Regional Report and Travel Update.

o聽聽 To include PowerPoint Presentations and Briefings.

C-RAM (Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar) Program Operator聽(12/2011 to 09/2012)

  • Operated and maintained the FAAD, AMDWS , WAVES and WARN system for the BDOC
  • Tracked and analyzed POO (point of origin) and POI (point of impact) of incoming rounds and reported information to the BDOC commander.
  • Maintain LCMR radars and WARN and WAVES warning systems.
  • Utilized Satellite Imagery and GEOINT Imagery during planning operations.

CIED HUMINT Analyst (BAE),聽Counter-IED Operations Integration Center (COIC) Network Analysis Cell (03/2011 to 08/2011)

  • Supported the Counter-IED Operations Integration Center (COIC) Network Analysis Cell
  • Provided expert all-source research, analysis and intelligence analytical products.
  • Experienced in studying Thermal Imagery, FMV, GEOINT and Satellite Imagery to track C-IED making materials, emplacement and facilitators.
  • Chemical Fertilizers (ammonium nitrates).
  • Supply routes
  • Utilized the following intelligence tools: Analyst Notebook, MapHT, TiGR, Data Miner, ArcGIS, AxisPro, Query Tree.
  • Utilized the following Intelligence databases: SIPR (CIDNE, Janes Defense, Intel-Link, Intellipedia).

Senior Atmospherics Reports Analyst (McNeil),聽APA-A (Atmospherics Program-Afghanistan) program, Kabul, Afghanistan?(01/2011 to 03/2011)

  • Collected and analyzed atmospheric data taken from the field through interviews and wrote daily INSUMs for RCs (Regional Commands).
  • Published Weekly INTSUMs based on Regional Commands and overall national atmospherics.
  • Identified trends in population pertaining to governance, political, religion, stability and military and created Weekly/Monthly INTSUMs for presentation to RCs and ISAF HQ.
  • QA/QC for raw report data emanating from RC-East and RC-West and gave feedback to Atmospheric Collection Teams.
  • Utilized the following intelligence tools: Analyst Notebook, MapHT, TiGR, Data Miner, ArcGIS, AxisPro, Query Tree.
  • Utilized the following Intelligence databases: SIPR (CIDNE, Janes Defense, Intel-Link, Intellipedia).

Human Terrain Team Research Manager (BAE)聽(11/2009 to 06/2010)

  • Conducted intensive training in COIN (Counterinsurgency), Basic Arabic, Open-Source Intelligence Analysis and Iraq Cultural Immersion.
  • Collected and managed researched and analyzed materials and created BDE level presentations to include statistical, cultural and demographical analysis.
  • Utilized HUMINT analysis and data collection to determine LN social and political stability and attitudes towards regional governance.
  • Utilized Satellite Imagery, GEOINT to track Human Terrain mapping.
  • Utilized the following intelligence tools: Analyst Notebook MapHT, TiGR, ArcGIS, AxisPro.
  • Utilized the following intelligence databases: SIPR (CIDNE, Janes Defense, Intel-Link, Intellipedia).

Project Lead Analyst (OSS),?TIFRC (Theater Internment Facility and Reconciliation Center) VOTEC and Reintegration Program, Camp Taji, Iraq (03/2009 to 11/2009)

  • Served as the Project Lead for OSS (Operational Support and Services) for the TIFRC (Theater Internment Facility and Reconciliation Center) VOTEC and Reintegration Program in support of TF134 located at Camp Taji, Iraq.
  • Coordinated with the military client on the status of student ideology, analyzed and tracked student progress and possible continuation in the program and prepared physical and online reports for the military client.
  • Used screenings and interview analysis to determine detainee link to insurgent activity.
  • Developed, organized and managed the VOTEC and Reintegration Program that consisted of the Computer, Art, Agricultural, HVAC, Carpentry and Masonry to include POIs (Programs of Instruction).
  • Utilized the following intelligence tools: Data Miner.
  • Utilized the following intelligence databases: SIPR (CIDNE, Jane’s Defense, Intel-Link, Intellipedia).

Field Artillery Officer,聽US. Army (11/2007 to 03/2008)

Battery Executive Officer:聽Executive Officer for HHB (Headquarters and Headquarters Battery) of a M119 Battalion.

  • Arranged and insured routine and daily training schedules for Battalion.
  • Created and supervised training regimen for an Area Reaction Force Platoon and a Protective Security Detail Platoon to include weapon qualifications and real-world situational training.

Business English/Western Business Standards Lecturer,Rajapat University,?Bangkok (10/2006 to 08/2007)

  • Taught Marketing and Banking and Business Correspondences to over 140 students majoring in Business, Education and Tourism.
  • Responsible for the overall curriculum for third and fourth year students as well as course study and examinations.

Project Manager,COSCOM Barracks Complex Project, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina (05/2006 to 09/2006)

  • Coordinated the submittal of materials used on the project, allocation and transportation of said resources and the tracking and reporting of progress to the client and the home office.

Operations Specialists,DOD contractor, Kellog, Brown and Root (KBR) Services, Forward Operating Base, Western Iraq (04/2005 to 02/2006)

  • Coordinated with the military client and civilian commercial agencies for material resources and perishable items including the transportation of items to the sites and in-country convoy movements.
  • Coordinated Operations and Maintenance (O&M) project teams by developing and implementing common work processes and procedures and providing management administrative assistance.
  • Assisted O&M management in the identification of client/customer needs and the development?of appropriate work processes to meet identified needs.

Field Artillery Officer (US. Army),Battalion Liaison Officer/Assistant S-3 (Operations),?Artillery Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)?Battalion (02/2001 to 02/2005)

  • Coordinated battery and platoon-level training for annual field exercise and unit-level certification of weapon and support systems to include arrangement for resources, training guidelines and hands-on instruction.
  • Assisted in operational planning by writing and implementing Operational Orders and concurrent training.

Support Platoon Officer, MLRS Battery

  • Directly supervised 25 personnel and responsible for 12 vehicles, including six HEMTTs, two HMMWVs, two 5-tons, two refueling vehicles.
  • Coordinated with Battalion and Brigade level for resources and tracking of munitions and material within the unit.
  • Served an Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC)Defense officer for Battery.

Fire Platoon Leader,Artillery MLRS platoon

  • Responsible for reconnoitering firing points, setting up firing positions for launchers, and establishing a fire direction center for the battery.
  • Responsible for setting up platoon-level perimeter security and establishing communications with all battery-level elements.
  • Served as Weapons Rooms Officer for Battery.

Administrative/Logistical Operations Center,Administrative/Logistical Operations Center (ALOC)platoon

  • Coordinated between the Battery and Battalion for allocation of resources to include material support and munitions.
  • Coordinated routes and firing points during Battery operations.
  • Led perimeter security details around established Battery operational area.

Skills Write Up:


Human Terrain System, 2010, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

Iraq Immersion Course, 2010, University of Kansas, KS

C-IED Analysis, 2011, Washington D.C., Charlottesville, VA

C-RAM C2 (Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar) and SnW (Sense and Warn) Course, 2012, Huntsville, AL

Analyst Boot Camp, ATIC (Advanced Technical Intelligence Center), 2012, Beavercreek, OH

Order of Battle Analysis, FMV, IMINT, GEOINT, SAR, Thermal IR, GMTI, (ATIC) Beavercreek, OH, 2012

Satellite Toolkit, Palantir (ATIC), Beavercreek, OH, 2012

Analyst Notebook, AxisPro, MapHT, ArcGIS and TiGR, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 2010

AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System), Ft. Sill, OK 2002

PSD, QRF, Ft. Hood, OK 2008


Education Write Up:

BA Anthropology (1999)

University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri


Basic Combat Training, Ft. Jackson, SC, 2001

Officer Candidate School, Ft. Benning, GA, 2001??????

Field Artillery Officer Basic Course, Ft. Sill, OK, 2002

Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Unit Level Course, Ft. Sill, OK, 2003

FBCB2 (C2PC, Blue Force Tracker) Command and Control Course, Ft. Hood, TX 2008


Published Articles:


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