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__For Hire: 15yr+ SOF HUMINTer, TS/SCI/CI Poly, Russian, M.A. Psych


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
November 20, 2017

May 15, 2018 – May 15, 2028

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 90

Current Passport:
Expiration Date – August 21, 2023

Russian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington,

Highlight Write Up:
Former Special Forces Intelligence Collector skilled at directing teams of operators and analysts in providing critical intelligence data in a timely and secure manner. Expert knowledge of HUMINT principles, concepts, and research methods, exploitation and elicitation techniques, and reporting on foreign infrastructure capabilities.

Skilled at identifying requirements, resolving deficiencies, and integrating intelligence from multiple disciplines.

Advanced knowledge of emergent, foreign technology threats, red team tools, and task-force development.

Demonstrated proficiency navigating the various organizations, missions, and functions including the management of sensitive activities supporting research, development, and employment of SOF capabilities.

Talented at managing special projects in fast-paced, team-oriented environments; providing guidance on collection programs, intelligence operations, and requirement development to produce value-added insights in determining criminal and terrorist activity patterns and foreign infrastructure capabilities.

Specialized insight into collection techniques and requirement development, producing value-added insights and unique strategies to identify, define, mitigate, and solve problems.

Active TS/SCI with Counterintelligence Polygraph.

Geo Location:
– Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 2
Security Manager, Confidential Tech Start-Up

Plan, direct and monitor systems and process to ensure the security of company equipment, information, activities, and personnel. Assess vulnerabilities, plan contingencies, and investigate threats.

Number of months in position – 38
Engagement Strategy Consultant, Capital Deployment Group
Facilitate strategic business relationships for executives throughout the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Helping RIA and 501(c)(3) firms to identify, qualify and engage potential clients, donors, and customers.
• Built and maintained strategic relationships that increased physical and social infrastructure throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia
• Led engagements with foreign stakeholders to collect information, advise on opportunities, and manage perceptions of their presence in the region

Number of months in position – 13
Senior Human Intelligence Operations Manager, US Army Special Operations
Intelligence liaison between 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) and the Office of Special Warfare; managed human
intelligence operations and counterintelligence investigations.

• Responded to inquiries concerning relevant HUMINT operations across SOCPAC, SOCKOR, and SOCCENT
• Directed teams of analyst and intelligence collectors determining foreign infrastructure characteristics and capabilities to support Operational Preparation of the Environment
• Supervised the intelligence cycle (planning, direction, collection, processing, analysis, production, and dissemination of intelligence products) and a Mission Target Analysis procedures
• Performed intelligence collection management duties to include developing, validating, and disseminating collection plans to satisfy national and theater collection requirements
• Conducted research, evaluation, analysis, and fusion of multi-source information from all intelligence disciplines
• Produced and guided intelligence assessments on foreign activities for unified and operational commands, DOD acquisition programs, and national level decision-making communities

• Led multiple, operational planning teams in the creation of country studies and assessments supporting DOD and DOS research initiatives; established reporting infrastructure, requirements, and organizational architecture for Task Force 513
• Converted complex information into usable formats to monitor intelligence reporting activities of multiple overseas operations producing 80% of all intelligence reporting in the organization, increased in report evaluations by 500%
• Advised CJTF-OIR intelligence teams on collection methods and authorities in adherence of U.S. Code Title 22; positively influenced senior leadership strategies for intelligence operations and regional asset distribution

Number of months in position – 41
Sensitive Support Detachment NCOIC, US Army Special Forces
Senior Intelligence Planner supporting the Office of Special Warfare, managed operational communications and analysis required to conduct sensitive activities in direct support of theater strategic plans.

• Planned and executed full spectrum intelligence operations to create physical and social infrastructure, identify centers of gravity and potential leads, and determine criminal or terrorist activities throughout SOCPAC and SOCCENT
• Managed, reviewed, and coordinated the development and staffing of SIGREDUX plans, requirements, and a wide range of supporting actions in accordance with USSOCOM directives and policies
• Debriefed US and foreign personnel to identify and degrade foreign intelligence threats, develop country assessments, and fulfill national intelligence requirements
• Collected, analyzed, and reported intelligence from strategically placed intelligence assets to communicate operational information for anticipatory warnings, policy development, and the creation of physical and social infrastructure
• Researched and analyzed foreign intelligence and military doctrine, strategy, theory, and training procedures
• Maintained situational awareness of the geopolitical and security situations in countries where personnel were deployed or could potentially deploy in the future

• Generated intelligence architecture, training lanes, and scenarios for the Special Forces Regiment’s unconventional warfare exercise involving 700+ Service Members and a $13 million budget, resulted in a congressional delegation and the redrafting of intelligence training doctrine
• Restructured organizational tasks of personnel conducting sensitive activities, increased intelligence reporting workflow by 325% in 9 months
• Developed 4 unconventional warfare training lanes for Joint Readiness Training Center exercise 14-05, resulted in the successful initial test of future US Army Special Operation Force concepts

Number of months in position – 7
Sensitive Activities Manager & Senior Intelligence Collector, CJSOTF-I
Sensitive Activities Case Manager for CJSOTF-I during Operation Inherent Resolve; conducted and managed intelligence operations to support DOS objectives in the region.

• Performed intelligence collection management duties to include developing, validating, and disseminating collection plans
to satisfy national and theater collection requirements
• Conducted intelligence collection operations as a singleton and member of a team
• Synchronized collection efforts with national level intelligence organizations, participating in conferences and working groups to address intelligence requirements
• Conducted source validation to support intelligence operations and force protection measures in non-permissive and semi permissive environments
• Led engagements with foreign military leaders to collect atmospheric information, advise on operations, and manage perceptions of US assistance and presence in the region
• Drafted national-level Intelligence requirements and strategies alongside United Kingdom, Canadian, and Australian intelligence professionals to accelerate collection operations
• Developed intelligence targeting packets using archived information, database research, and behavioral insights to enable and facilitate the future recontact of historical assets

• Prepared, reviewed, and published 400+ intelligence information reports in 6 months, increased in intelligence reporting output by 300% and reduced time from collection to publication by 65%
• Enhanced source validation and risk management protocols, increased the frequency of spotted and assessed assets by 75%
• Produced reports on international activities and strategic relationship proposals reviewed by the US President, Secretary of Defense, and Joint Chiefs of Staff

Number of months in position – 9
Operations NCO, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Daily Operations Manager for A Company, 4th Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne); directed the command and control, training and operations, logistics, communications and resource management for assigned personnel.

• Conducted classroom and field instruction on intelligence methodology as a primary and assistant instructor; monitored and evaluated student progress
• Oversaw company security management programs to control focal point information; established procedures to assure adherence to DOD and US Army policies
• Conducted site inspections to assure classified material was properly marked, reviewed, and destroyed properly
• Coordinated and participated in field training exercises and remote practical exercises; developed full spectrum training protocols to support real-world operations
• Debriefed US and foreign personnel to identify and degrade foreign intelligence threats, develop country assessments, and fulfill national intelligence requirements

• Influenced leadership support of operations with significant risks and benefits to the organization, increased intelligence leads by 500% in less than 6 months
• Created full-spectrum training and career development protocols that increased training timeline efficiency by 45%
• Developed the company’s training budget matrix, provided detailed explanations of funding requirements that guaranteed more than $2 million in specialized training for 40+ Service Members
• Oversaw the relocation of A Co, 4th Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) under budget and on time

Number of months in position – 23
Human Intelligence Collector, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Intelligence Specialist for the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) Intelligence Operation (S2X) office; provided general and direct operational support to intelligence activities throughout PACOM and CENTCOM.

• Oversaw HUMINT-related blocks of instruction, both platform and practical exercises; ensuring that the material presented was current and doctrinally correct
• Conducted intelligence collection operations as a singleton and member of a team
• Maintained databases to capture, sort, analyze, and compose weekly and monthly intelligence summaries
• Debriefed US and foreign personnel to identify and degrade foreign intelligence threats, develop country assessments, and fulfill national intelligence requirements
• Assisted in the production and delivery of multi-source intelligence products and briefings for senior Military leadership and US government agencies
• Researched and analyzed foreign intelligence and military doctrine, strategy, theory, and training procedures

• Assisted in the design and development of an intelligence training course adopted by the US Special Forces community, created lesson plans and training criteria that built in multiple levels of evaluation and utilized performance metrics to prepare students for the Source Operations Course
• Engineered and directed online reputation and identity management oversight procedures for 200+ personnel and their families, reduced social media exploitation risks by 40%
• Incorporated psychological profiling into country assessments, increased information leads by 75% in 12 months

Skills Write Up:
Special Operations Staticline Jump Master Course
Russian Special Operations Language Training – Level I
Basic Intelligence Analysis
Support Operations
Human Intelligence Advanced Leader Course
Human Factors Engineering Course
Army Basic Leaders Course
Network Enablement Capability Trainer
Unconventional Warfare Operational Design Course
Special Forces Network Development Course
Identity Management
Open Source Information Exploitation & Social Network Analysis
Advanced Trust & Rapport
Psychology of Interviews & Elicitation
Defense Strategic Debriefing Course
Source Validation Course
Asset Risk Management Systems
Joint HUMINT Analysis and Targeting
Advanced Force Protection in Hostile Environments (Lone Operator)
2X Operations Management
Advanced Kinesic Interview and Interrogations Techniques (Level I & II)
Source Operations Course
Basic & Advanced Reid Interview & Interrogation Techniques
Scientific Content Analysis
US Army Airborne School
Department of Defense Human Intelligence Collector Course

Education Write Up:
Master of Arts
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Major: Behavioral Economics (Decision Psychology)
GPA 4.0

Associate of Applied Sciences
Cochise College
Major: Intelligence Operations (Human Intelligence Collection)

Bachelor of Arts
The Ohio State University
Major: Criminology with Social Psychology concentration
GPA: 3.0