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SOF Business Expert (Sig Redux), TS/SCI, $80K+, Bragg

Start Date: Immediate

Clearance TS/SCI

PoP: 18 months

Salary: $80-85 ($97-104K Wash DC equivalent)

Job Description

Business Analyst Expert Support
The contractor will provide business analysis and develop proposals to support organizational
requirements and provide support for developing, managing, and employing signature reduction
plans, business plans, and mechanisms relevant to organizational requirements. The contractor
shall act as advisor for the implementation of signature reduction plans into overall mission
planning, with an understanding of how commercial business practices influence planning
factors. The contractor shall stay abreast of current international affairs, with special emphasis
on global friction points, intelligence and security, economic factors, commercial business, and
operational matters. The contractor will advise the team leader in the use of signature reduction
and commercial business plans in the conduct of specialized missions. The contractor shall plan,
organize, and conduct analytical studies, develop nationally significant plans, policies, and
formulate strategy and future concepts for USG forces involved in operations. The contractor
shall provide analysis to support organizations within the enterprise for identification of business
requirements, regulations, laws, and best practices. The contractor shall assist in the
identification and analysis of data supporting operational requirements. The contractor shall
routinely apply a thorough knowledge of diverse operational missions and capabilities. The
contractor shall support continuing liaison with representatives of other military commands, US
and foreign government agencies, and associated partners. The contractor shall provide
information to support or refute complex operational decision making, based upon changing
international or interagency roles, complex relationships, controversial issues, and national
priority missions.

Min Requirements  ** These must be addressed in the resume or application or it will be kicked back**

The contractor shall possess knowledge of commercial business analytics to include, but not
limited to, international strategies, techniques and tools, via a minimum of 5 years’ experience
managing projects within a full development life-cycle.

The contractor must have a Bachelor’s degree in a business related discipline and/or the requisite on-the- job experience in this area.

-Intelligence Expertise

The contractor shall possess knowledge of mission, organization, and interrelationships of
Department of Defense (DoD), Joint Staff, and interagency working groups. Experience
analyzing complex data and intelligence products. Knowledge and/or experience in signature
reduction is preferred.

-Special Operations Policy and Doctrine Experience

The contractor shall possess detailed knowledge of national policies and doctrine concerning
special and unit operations in order to develop, coordinate, and assist in the implementation of
operational plans and policies.

-Data Research and Synthesis Expertise

The Contractor shall possess the ability to independently conduct research, compile, interpret,
and analyze a wide variety of practical and technical data from a myriad of sources. The
contractor shall be able to draw conclusions, present interpretations of the data, explain its
meaning, and devise practical recommendations for action.

-Communication Skills

The Contractor shall possess the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.


The Contractor shall possess the ability to solve complex analytical problems. Proven
proficiency in Microsoft Office products (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word) is required.

Minimum Qualifications ** ENSURE YOU ADDRESS EACH OF THESE IN RED  and submit to Ian at