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Arabic Crypto-Linguist, TS/SCI/CI Poly, SOT-A, DLI, DRT, Biometrics, COMSEC Mgmt.

Summary of Qualifications
I have served in the Army as an Arabic Crypto-Linguist for 6 years, 2005-Present. In Modern Standard Arabic, I scored 3/3 on DLPT 4 and 3/3 on DLPT 5 (current as of AUG 2011) while also scoring a 2+ on the OPI. I have a great deal of experience working within the Special Operations Intelligence community as well as being highly capable in terms of operating and troubleshooting information systems and communications devices. I am qualified to operate numerous SATCOM systems, DNR/DNI collection platforms, and passive and active targeting apparatuses. My intelligence qualifications include that of SIGINT Analyst (DEPL2000/3000) with tactical and strategic expertise in pattern of life development, real-time target tracking, and substantial knowledge of the most currently used exploitation and GIS databases as well as gathering, assessing, and analyzing All-Source intelligence to produce comprehensive products. I am also familiar with generating reports for follow-on distribution to customers using CPE. My additional duties as a non-commissioned officer have included section training manager, section subject matter expert on equipment and TTPs, COMSEC management, and supply/property book management. My ETS date from the Army is 15 Feb. 2012. I will be available to begin working upon taking terminal leave in December 2011. I am interested in living in the District of Columbia, Virginia, or Maryland areas. I will be able to deploy up to 4 months out of the year.
Team Leader — Special Operations Team – Alpha, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Mar 2009-Present
• Supported 5th SFG (A) on deployment to Iraq in support of OND for 8 months, operating active and passive
SIGINT platforms in support of kinetic and non-kinetic target engagements. Performed SI analysis on an
extensive target deck.
• Led a three man SOT-A team while maintaining accountability of over $3 million of equipment during a combat
• Assisted the Operational Detachment – Alpha Intelligence Sergeant with targeting and atmospherics/intelligence
• Led two SOT-A teams during pre-mission training events in preparation for a combat rotation.
• Developed numerous training schedules and periods of instruction to educate junior soldiers on SI TTPs,
equipment, and core tasks.
Assistant Team Leader — Special Operations Team – Alpha, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Dec 2007-Mar 2009
• Deployed on two 5th SFG (A) combat rotations for OIF V and OIF VI as the targeting NCO performing all team
analysis and target development; operated both passive and active SIGINT platforms in support of kinetic
signals terminal guidance operations.
• Developed, organized, and facilitated training exercises focused on collection, analysis, and terminal
guidance operations with ODAs and sister battalions.
• Attended basic through advanced courses in mobile communications theory, numerous equipment familiarization
courses, basic and advanced SIGINT analyst courses, and courses in radio wave propagation and antenna theory.
Attended the Special Operations Advanced Tactical SIGINT course and graduated top in my class. Gained
exposure to a wide array of active and passive SIGINT targeting and collection platforms as well as the
relevant exploitation databases.
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL Apr 2010 – Ongoing (intend to complete by Jun 2012)
BAA Business Administration – Management
4.0 GPA
Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA Apr 2006 – Jul 2007
AAS in Modern Standard Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies
Distinguished Honor Graduate, Highest Honors
University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI Aug 2001 – Nov 2005
BSs in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Bacteriology
Unfinished – Enlisted prior to graduation but intend to complete
Technical Skills
Trojan, Trojan Lite, SDN-M, SDN-Silent Dagger, Stingray 1&2/Amberjack, Kingfish, Gossamer, Blackfinn 1&2, Artemis/ Typhon, Gjaller, Juggular, Growler, HEAT-R, GSK/DRT, Wolfhound, PRD-13, PRD-14, AR 8200, Sagem/Tetley Handy, ICS-2, Blind Date, Red Cloud, Simus, Cellebrite, SEEK, Cogent (biometrics), EnCase (computer forensics), ArcGis, Analyst Notebook, Sharkfinn, RTRG suite, Goldminer, SEDB, Association, Fascia, Cultweave, Mainway, Dishfire, SigNav, Octave, Contraoctave, Cineplex, GlobalReach, Anchory, Maui, TowerPower, Stiletto, Ethereal/Wireshark, Aircrack, Kismet, QueryTree, Palantir, Pathfinder, & CPE reporting platform; CompTIA Sec +; working on CCNA and CompTIA Network+ and A+ certifications with a strong background in Information Systems and networking.
Additional Courses/Areas of Emphasis:

• Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Advanced Tactical SIGINT course
• Assured Pursuit Certification – Typhon & Artemis (attended twice)
• PGI CNE 802.11X course
• DEPL 2000 (attended twice)
• DEPL 3000 (attended twice)
• WIFI Theory, Techniques, and Exploitation course
• RF Theory course
• GSM Theory and Techniques course (attended and instructed)
• CDMA Theory and Techniques course (attended and instructed)
• Cellular 4G Emerging Technologies course
• NEK/FBI Computer Forensics course (FREDDIE/EnCase/Talon)
• Biometrics Collection and Exploitation course
• GSM/CDMA Survey Techniques course (attended and instructed)
• Rover (Radiant Blue) Analysis course (attended and instructed)
• Palantir course (attended three times)
• Harris (Blackfinn II/Kingfish/Stingray II/Harpoon/Gossamer—HEAT-R/Gjaller/Juggular/Growler) courses
• Advanced DRT Operations and Collection Management course
• Hydrah/EFR2/NBSS & DF20C/DF240 Direction Finding Supplemental course
• Wolfhound course
• NEK Personal Cybersecurity course
• Partner Language Training Center Europe (PLTCE) Intermediate Arabic course

Successfully completed the one year US Army Tactical Intelligence Familiarization (301Q21-Intel Warrant Officer) correspondence course.
Cultural Skills
I am a fluent speaker of both Arabic and Spanish. I have extensive Middle Eastern experience acquiring a combined 18 months of deployment time in Diyala, Salah Ad Din, and Ninewa provinces, Iraq throughout my three combat rotations. I lived for a month in Cairo, Egypt while studying at the International Language Institute. I have had significant exposure to multiple dialects of Arabic and Arab cultures during my time on active duty.
Additional Information
I am currently pursuing my degree in Business Administration with a focus in management which I intend to complete by the middle of 2012. Thereafter it is my desire to pursue an MBA at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business with a focus in International Business, Information System, or Accounting. I also wish to apply for my PMP certification upon completion of my degree. Throughout my time in the U.S. Army I have served in very dynamic environments during which I have implemented full-spectrum F3EAD tenets in order to produce products of superior quality and utility for both kinetic and non-kinetic engagement strategies. My skill sets in terms of analytics, linguistics, information systems, equipment operation and maintenance, training, and leading/managing assets are ideally suited to the demands of the US intelligence mission.