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Call to Arms: Physically Challenged Vets for Bodybuilding Competition for Donations to Wounded Warrior

Attention all Veterans!

Currently I am working with (Military Special Ops) Group Manager Greg Amira and MN State Director IFPA Pro Bodybuilder & Promoter Aaron Callister. Our vision is to create a solo Wheel Chair BB Division for all physically challenged veterans in all branches to compete in MN at the Mr./Ms. Natural MN Bodybuilding/Figure/X-Treme Fit Pro Qualifier & IFPA Pro North Championships. May 18-19th 2012. This particular division would consist of all previous and present warriors with proof of service with DD-214 etc.
In the past Aaron & I promoted this division as a open group for all athletes in wheel chairs, but now our vision is to serve and promote our military soldiers for their services…If Amira, Callister & I can recruit and have a guarantee of at least 3 or more military athletes to commit to this wonderful event, Melissa Powell from Dallas who is on the Wounded Warrior Project group and Founder of her own Vet org, and I will personally donate $2500.00 to the top 3 placers….$1200.00 for 1st, $800.00 for 2nd, & $500.00 for 3rd…if we have over 3 committed to compete, the top 5 will recieve BB trophies as well…If anyone is interested in competing in this division or any of his other divisions you can find out more by contacting Aaron Callister at: ( and also the website…(…please note that currently Callister’s promotional flyer for the show does not have the WC division on it right now, but if we have the 3 plus committed to compete, he will change the flyer to reflect this new divison…God bless and Thank you all for your service!

Kelly Lynch

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