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Hiring: Special Handler, MOVCON, SECRET, AFG

FLS JOB DESCRIPTION Handle dangers goods, inspect your load, and label that Hazmat with authority Job TitleĀ Special Handler Job CodeĀ  Reports toĀ MOVCON Manager Who reports in to this positionĀ No direct reports LocationĀ  US MOVCON, Kabul (HKIA) Airfield, Afghanistan POC: Hector at front@beyondsof.com Working Conditions Working conditions in Afghanistan are arduous and includes heat and dust, frequently involving much physical exertion and exposure to the elements and aircraft related hazards. MOVCON Operations will be of a 24 hour nature taking place both day […]

Cargo Handler, AFG, No Clearance Needed (we can sponsor)

JOB DESCRIPTION Working Job TitleĀ Cargo Handler Salary: Negotiated Ā GAIS04 Corporate Job Title Aircraft Handler In/Out Reports to TMO Manager LocationĀ  Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills ā–ŗā–ŗALL must be addressedĀ in your resumeĀ (recommend Highlighting)Ā then submit to Sarah atĀ Frontdesk@beyondsof.com Essential: Must be able to demonstrate previous relevant experience in the aviation cargo handling operations. Must hold a valid and internationally recognized national driving license. (must include a forklift license […]

Central Storage and HazMat Lead, SECRET, AFG

Central Storage and HazMat (LRS) Salary: $6000/month Rotation ā€“ 12 weeks on 3 weeks off Location: AFG Key duties include storing supply and equipment items, to include classified and sensitive items and War Consumables Distribution Objective (WCDO) items and NWRM. Other key duties include selecting items to be issued, shipped or transferred; conducting warehouse validations; and maintaining central locator functions. Assign property with no warehouse location within 24 hours. Responsible to the LRS CC/AO for the processing, handling, Care of Supplies in Storage(COSIS) and materiel […]

Need 6 CIED folks/resumes, no clearance by tomorrow, $400/day, Africa

Mali and Burkina Faso for Spring Break.. Pineapple Fanta and Gin in a ziplock bag

Flightline Support Services (FLS) Cargo Processor, SECRET, $4600/m, AFG

Flightline Support Job:
Location: Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Salary: $4600/ month ($55,000) stateside equivalent of $72,000 due to 330 day IRS tax exclusion.

FLS Ramp Services Coordinator,

Grab you DD214, collect $4500 and proceed to Kandahar to on ramp/off ramp

Mid Lvl, OSINT Analyst, $100K+, Iraq,

Believe in Something
But not if it means sacrificing your Brother’s Corolla

“Logistics” Advisor, SECRET, CAR/DRC-Africa

Free first class ticket on a murdered out Air America style C27.. *Rolling stop* so make sure the wheels on the Stanley Tough box are greased up and you are wearing laced up sneakers..Ā 

“Logistics” Advisors, Great Pay, Chad-Africa, Spec. Anti-Terror Group, NOW!!

Super awesome.. Just stop reading and sign up..Ā  Well, sign up if you have the min requirements..Ā  Look.. pronounce Escargot w/out a southern accent and have the ability to have a SECRET and have driven a forklift for SOCOM..Ā  Ā Hurry up Job Description Develop an Initial Capabilities Assessment. – Due no later than Ninety (90) days following arrival in country and embedding with partner nation military. Help devise a work plan – Due no later than fifteen (15) days after delivery of Initial Capabilities Assessment with quarterly updates following quarterly gap analyses. – Quarterly […]

Program Manager Position (OCONUS); TS/SCI; $125K+

If you are PM for this client you can go anywhere you want.. Including a BNR for Space Force and 50% off Virginia EZ Pass* Duties Responsible for the overall execution of program operations, monitoring all technical areas of support. Responsible for support of program business and functional operations including identifying and facilitating resolution of operational issues and acting as a liaison between technical and functional areas. Formally identify, assess, monitor, and mitigate risk. Coordinate with Sr. Management and functional support on program operations […]