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Special Operations (SOF) Communications Planner; Germany; TS/ SCI

Have you ever witnessed the steam flowing out of the 18Z’s ears and nostrils right before that dead silence before the wall locker goes flying down the company’s hallway?…. with the junior 18E in it’s vortex? Depending on what side of “Troubleshoot” you’re on in that scenario, you may be in luck on landing this gig. “PACE plan’s is as per Team SOP, Sir!” Special Operation Forces (SOF) Communications Planner Salary: Negotiated Location: Hohenfels, Germany Security Clearance: TS/ SCI The SOF Communications Planner shall possess a Bachelor’s degree in a technical/business field: […]

Inventory Material Mgmt. Supervisor; SECRET; AFG; $$$

Inventory Material Management Supervisor Haz pay, LIMS-EV, and Taco Tuesday.. 12 hours to rack up kills in COD Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan Salary: Negotiable Security Clearance: SECRET Rotation Schedule: 12 weeks on/ 3 weeks off The Role. The Inventory Material Management Supervisor is responsible to the Supply Manager for the smooth and efficient running of the Inspection Section. The Inventory Material Management Supervisor is required to liaise with the Supply Manager, client and customer representatives at all levels in order to maintain excellent working relationships […]

Tactical Army Advisor; TS/SCI, Kenya; $$$

Tactical Army Advisor By, With and Through.. Both a SOF Mantra and the Trademark phrase for Cipro.. Key to success in this job, never show frustration, Gold Bond after lunch, morning boot check with a spaghetti ladle Location: Kenya Security Clearance: TOP SECRET Salary: Negotiable Job Description:  Conduct operational planning Conduct tactical and operational full spectrum targeting Conduct enabler/asset integration Conduct close combat techniques Conduct operations in dense urban terrain Conduct operations in open sparse terrain Conduct site exploitation […]

UAS Technical Representative, SECRET, Africa; $$$

Tactical Army Advisor/ UAS If you want to ride dirty..there is no where else to ride as dirty as West Africa UAS Ops..  You get the opportunity to set up the iron clad supply chain for aviation___ once, maybe even twice a day.. vet it while you sweat it.. Ergo, luke warm Pineapple Fanta and fuel truck drivers casting enough shade to keep you at a brisk 88 degrees.. Get instant cred’ by grabbing group selfies with the local maintenance crew to throw up on Insta.. Location: Cameroon Security Clearance: SECRET Salary: Negotiable Job Description:  Provide immediate technical advice […]

SOF Planner, Hohenfels, Germany, TS/SCI

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Communications Planner: Salary: Great hourly then full time salary ($120-180 experience dependent) How it Works: Part time (about 1/2 time) till awarded Location: Eastern Germany Hohenfels The SOF Communications Planner shall possess a Bachelor’s degree in a technical/business field. The ideal SOF Communications Planner shall: Possess active TS/SCI clearance; Possess 5+ years of experience supervising, installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, training, and assisting with communications equipment, within a maneuver battalion or SOF Tactical […]

►BACK OPEN◄ Mid-Level – HUMINT- Strategic Debriefer/Screener – CIST, $100K, Iraq

Dust off the 2012 Dell SIPR tower over at the Greenzone Bazaar “SWA DRMO”, plug it in and pull up your old notes which have the same info as the 18 de-briefers before you.. Same names too Job Title: Mid-Level – HUMINT- Strategic Debriefer/Screener – CIST Salary: $100,000 [$125K equivalent due to money saved for staying 330 days (IRS 330 day overseas tax exclusion)] Work Location: Iraq, 12-month deployment Start Date: under 30 days Period of Performance: 1 year + Minimum required qualifications • Education – Government CI/HUMINT credentialing course such as CI Special Agent Course […]

Foreign Disclosure Representative, $100K+, AFG

Get ready to hear about all of the R&R stories from Qatar when Joe took a taxi down to Doha .. Job Title: Foreign Disclosure Representative Salary:  $100,000 ($120K equiv due to IRS 330 tax exclusion) Work Location: Afghanistan, 12-month deployment Security Clearance: Top Secret with SCI eligibility Min Requirements:  Education: Associates degree or DoD specialized training and two (2) years CI/HUMINT analysis experience Specialized Training: Completion of DIA DIE FDO Course (Tampa) and USCENTCOM FDO training IAW USCENTCOM Regulation 380-5 Specialized Skills or Qualifications: – […]

Routing Engineer, $110K/42EUR/hr, NATO Secret, Netherlands

Salary: $53/hr 42.00 EUR/hour Location: The Hague, Netherlands Requirements / Qualifications: • BS/BA or MS/MA and 2-4 years of experience in related field (may consider 4+ years additional related industry experience in lieu of degree); • Broad understanding of telecommunications and wireless/cellular systems; • Experience with Cisco network equipment; • Security clearance – NATO Secret; Or US Secret Skills: • Minimum 5+ years of experience as a technical engineer in the Wireless Communications Industry in IEEE 802.11 standards; • Intermediate knowledge in optical […]

Voice Engineer, Secret, $110K, Netherlands

Salary: $53/42.00 EUR/hour Location: The Hague Requirements / Qualifications: • At least four years’ operation and configuration experience of Cisco Call Managers, Cisco Unified Border Elements and Call Mangers Express; • CISCO Certified Network Associate Voice (CCNA Voice) or equivalent; • Security clearance – Nato SECRET; US Secret will suffice Skills: • A diploma from a vocational school in a communication related subject, or an equivalent level of work experience in the field of telecommunication • A minimum of 1 years’ experience with the configuration and […]

.NET Developer (Web Dev) – Netherlands, SECRET, $37K for 4 months

PROVISION OF 700 HOURS TECHNICAL SUPPORT .NET DEVELOPER (WEB DEVELOPMENTS) 4 month Euro trip in the Netherlands, can you imagine? August everyone is on vaca so you get the European Beach scene (additional training may be required) and then the fall and early winter is absolutely phenomenal..  Think about bringing another qualified friend along as a roommate so you can alternate who carries the backpack on road trips. Salary:  $53 or 45.00 EUR/hour Negotiable Location: The Hague Period of Performance: The Order consists of the following: 700 hours of effort from August 2018 to December […]