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Junior-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst, TS/SCI, $80K, Iraq

Title: Junior-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst After 2 years experience of doing this in uniform get paid double what you were making as an E5 to wear permethrin doused 5.11’s and skip Mefloquine Monday’s to hop on a 767 out of BWI and hit the bar scene in IZ..  pull up bars, Hoohah bars at the back of the AHA from ’01, local welded bar bells from ’04, USO Juice bars, and rare MISO butter bars.. Salary: $80,000($100k if over 330 days: Work Location:  Iraq Minimum Required Qualifications […]

Mid- Lvl IMINT Full Motion Video (IMINT/FMV) Collection Requirements Manager, TS/SCI, $85K +(BONUS), AFG

Job Title: Mid- Level IMINT Full Motion Video (IMINT/FMV) Collection Requirements Manager Throw on your MLG Glasses, put a towel in the chair, bring 2 chilled Rip-Its, Turn the Lights down low, throw the screen protector on, and bring your face about 6 inches from the screen..  If you are accustomed to doing this not once, twice, but at least three times a day and feel no shame.. Grab your SF312 and a Visa and get ready for Quality Computer time at least 10X a day..  watch and evaluate every pixel as your short term memory stacks up with image […]

►BACK OPEN◄ All-Source Intelligence Analyst – Fusion Focus, TS/SCI, 100K+, Kuwait

Job Title: All-Source Intelligence Analyst – Fusion Focus If you have done intel ‘fusion’ and still have a clearance, green badge or a rep better than the helpdesk.. You are both a scholar and a gentleperson and are very likely qualified to negotiate the Palestine / Israel talks or somewhat likely to qualify for this position. Salary: $100,000($125k if over 330 days: Work Location: Kuwait, 12-month deployment Security Clearance: TS/SCI Minimum Requirments  Education […]

Mid-level Counter Intelligence Support Specialist, TS/SCI, $80K+(BONUS), AFG

Job Title: Mid-level Counter Intelligence Support Specialist You: why were you digging along the road by where you live Isafraz: I keep my other cell phone there because my brother won’t let me in his house with it You: why is that? Isafraz: The signal makes him nervous and sick You: whys that Isafraz: The ingredients he cooks with may cook all of the sudden.. You: I see.. well, this Rip-It’s for you Salary:  $80,000 ($100k if over 330 days: 120 Day Bonus […]

Mid-Level All-Source Analyst – Exploitation Focus, TS/SCI, Kuwait

Job Title: Mid-Level All-Source Analyst – Exploitation Focus Start working on the Christmas Office Jib Jab on NIPR while hashtagging P of I’s on JWICS..  Trade some protein powder from to the swole up taxi driver to get cheap Thuraya recharge cards Salary:  $100,000($125k if over 330 days: Work Location: Kuwait, 12-month deployment Security Clearance: Active Top Secret with SCI Eligibility Education – Associates Degree OR four years of direct relevant […]

*Armed Mid-Lvl CI Support Specialist, TS, 130K (+ BONUS), AFG

Job Description:  Armed Mid-Lvl CI Support Specialist Here we go.. Round 2 of the Armed CI position .. D Cell talks include “Between 2 Terps” with someone who’s name is tougher to spell then Zach Galifianakis. Salary :  $105,000  ($130k if over 330 days: 120 Day Bonus of $4500 to new hires Details: The employee must start CRC no later than 8/25/18 To receive the $4500 bonus, the employee must stay on contract for at least 120 days Bonus paid after 120 days […]

Multimedia Exploitation Specialist, SECRET, AFG

Job Title: Multimedia Exploitation Specialist Salary: TBD Work Location: Afghanistan, 12-month deployment Education: Bachelor’s Degree or related experience in media exploitation Clearance: Active Secret Special skills or qualifications: Extensive experience creating forensic or media exploitation tools on a Windows or Linux platforms. Requires basic programming skills and Windows Server Sys Admin experience. Proficient in database/SQL applications. Requires an understanding and utilization of various audio and video editing software and understands the popular media […]

Mid-Lvl All-Source Intelligence Analyst – RFI Manager Focus, TS/SCI, 100K, Kuwait

Job Title: Mid-Level All-Source Intelligence Analyst – RFI Manager Focus Kuwait.. Like a Real deployment only with 4G LTE.. Salary: $100,000  ($125k if over 330 days: Work Location: Kuwait, 12-month deployment Security Clearance: Active Top Secret with SCI Eligibility Required Qualifications: Education – Associate’s Degree OR four years directly relevant experience  Experience: at least four years of experience providing administrative and management […]

Mid-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst, TS/SCI, $100K, IRAQ

Job Title:  Mid-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst Know you are winning Version 17 of Iraq one AOI or one NAI at a time..  Close the deal by letting your GS-11 review and revise to ensure non of the info or work is yours.. Salary: $100,000 (*$125k if over 330 days: Work Location: Iraq Clearance – Active TS/SCI  Minimum Required Qualifications • Education – Associates Degree OR four years of relevant experience in Intelligence Operations OR equivalent experience  • […]

Sen. Software Tester/Quality Engineer, $140K, NATO, Belgium

Required level of Security Clearance: NATO Secret (US Secret is accepted) Salary: $75/ Ꞓ62 hour Location: Mons, Belgium Skills, knowledge, experience required: Duties: • Conduct Project, System and Service Quality Assurance reviews of NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP), Crises Response Organization Urgent Requirement (CUR) and internal NCIA funded projects transferring into Service Operations; • Implement, coordinate, execute, monitor and improve the Quality Management processes for Service Operations in line with the Agency Quality Management System; • […]

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