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MID-LVL-Tactical Intel Analyst, TS/SCI, $80K+($4500 BONUS), AFG

Job Title: Mid-level All-Source Intelligence Analyst-Tactical Intel Analyst Tired of getting off work and having to rush to the pool to catch a tan at 530PM-having to angle the chair this way and that to catch the western rays?  Say hello to this Mid Lvl Tac’Intel role AKA bring the SPF 100+.  25 minutes on top of your B-Hut in the AFG sun at lunch and you’ll be tanned up like an IFBB Pro on the main stage..  Don’t forget the Hawaiian shirt for Semi-Tactical/Semi_permissive Fridays.. Package includes 100% commuter reimbursement package.  No more metro or toll surge fees. Clearance: Active […]

Now Hiring: Intel Network Analyst  (Novice, Journeyman, Senior), TS/SCI,

If have 3-8 years intel experience and don’t want to drive to work, try out this gig.. No driving to work 6 months out of the year.. Walk 60m to work.. Its awesome.   If you are working on your MLG status, how about 12 hours of gaming time a day.. you aren’t getting that stateside..  Smoke out those 12 year olds talking smack in Germany on COD4 or Redemption 2.   0200Z? Team up with the 9 year olds in the Philippines and spit rip-it from your nose about the digital bodycount onslaught you are handing the Green Beret newbs’ at […]

Software Engineer Level 3, TS/SCI with FS Polygraph (CI Poly within Five Years), DC Metro

Job Title: Software Engineer Level 3 Same deal, similar contract(s), you know everyone again.. you have a different lanyard that’ new and its spring can bring your badges to the top.. Clearance Requirement:  TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph Location:  TBD Salary: Above current LCAT PoP: Base year plus 2 option Job Description: The Software Engineer develops, maintains, and enhances complex and diverse software systems (e.g., processing-intensive analytics, novel algorithm development, manipulation of extremely large data sets, real-time systems, and business management information […]

Mid-Level All-source Analyst – CIST/OCT Support, TS/SCI, 100K, IRAQ

Mid-Level All-source Analyst – CIST/OCT Support Ever do a four man stack in an urban setting under heavy fire and get the target?  This is for you.  Pick 3 other analysts and start stacking ppt presentations in reverse chronological order under intense cross fire between your country team lead, corporate PM and the opposition force (opposing members of the multi award prime and their sub K’s).  Get the target through PCIs/PCCs on font style, size, page numbers, and nested DoD logos (upper left hand side for bona fides) and the TTPs on ease of use in reading your SIM card […]

Seeking: Roleplayers/Advisors (NASA), SECRET, Cape Canaveral, $TBD

Start Date: Approx Aug 2018 Daily Rate: TBD (within $300-600) PoP: One week intervals Write up: Client is seeking former SOF (Operators and SOF Support included) personnel for role player and advisory roles in the Titusville/Cape Canaveral, FL area.  Client is mainly interested in former SOF/SOF support that have high altitude training, experience with Hypoxia training: Anaesthetic machines and anti-hypoxia devices; operating at high altitudes (above 6K feet) for extended periods of time (2-3 months), ARSOF with G Force training (G simulator). Advisory roles primarily involve integration […]

Socio-Cultural Dynamics/Human Terrain Analysis SME, Tampa, $110K+

Socio-Cultural Dynamics/Human Terrain Analysis SME  Location: Tampa Salary: $110K ($130K DC equivalent) PoP: 1 Year, 2 option Start Date: Aug 15, 2018 Job Description: Client-a Prime Contractor seeking is currently seeking experienced, motivated individual(s) to serve as Socio-Cultural/Human Terrain Analysis Subject Matter Experts in support of customer programs in the Tampa, FL area. As a member of a highly skilled, elite team, selected candidates will function as a Subject Matter Expert on socio-cultural/human terrain analysis issues supporting unique special operations mission requirements. “Interested […]

All-Source Intelligence Analyst, TS/SCI, 100K+ ($4500 BONUS), AFG

Job Title: All-Source Intelligence Analyst Reflector Belt Betty is on the prowl even during daylight hours.. CSM has Strike Package Alpha set up with the FOB MPs and extra duty personal on overwatch.. Stay Shiny my Friends Salary: $80K ($100k if over 330 days: 120 Day Bonus of $4500 to new hires Details: The employee must start CRC no later than 8/25/18 To receive the $4500 bonus, the employee must stay on contract for at least 120 days Bonus paid after 120 days […]

System Admin. Level 2, TS/SCI w/ FS Polygraph, Location TBD …

Title:  Systems Administrator Level 2 Remember.. Its only one step from the Penhouse…to the Dog House.. Clearance Requirement:  TS/SCI with Full-Scope Polygraph Job Location: TBD Job Description:  The Level 2 System Administrator shall be able to perform the indicated Level 0 & 1 tasks plus the following indicated tasks:  Provides support for the dispatch system and hardware problems and remains involved in the resolution process  Provides in-depth experience in troubleshooting IT systems  Configures and manages UNIX and Windows operating systems and installs/loads […]

Systems Engineer Level 2, TS/SCI w/ FS Polygraph, DC Metro

(Will, SES4) So I left Southy and found out the way the world works is a little different than what I learned at Hahvahd and MiT so I worked at DAhPA for awhile and relaized its sahvival of the fitest out theah and I’ll leave it at thaht.. Job Title:  Systems Engineer Level 2 Clearance Requirement:  TS/SCI with Full-Scope Polygraph (CI Polygraph within Five Years) Location:  Hannover, MD Required Skills: Fourteen (14) years system engineering experience in programs and contracts of similar scope, type and complexity within the Federal Government is required. Bachelor’s […]

Software Engineer Jr, TS/SCI with FSP (CI No Older than 5 Years), Location TBD

Software Engineer Level 0 Clearance: TS/SCI w/ FSP (CI no older than 5 yrs.) Work Location: Customer Site (MD) LCAT: Software Engineer Level 0 Job Description: Entry-level position providing Java software development support for customer systems. Analyzes user requirements to derive software design and performance requirements Designs and codes new software or modifies existing software to add new features Debugs existing software and corrects defects Integrates existing software into new or modified systems or operating environments Develops simple data queries […]