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Combat Controller, TS/SCI/FS POLY, Ops/Intel Support, ICS, MCSE, SENIOR SECURITY SME, PSD

Clearance: TS/SCI/FS POLY Date of Clearance Adjudication: 01/2006 Availability: April 18, 2012 – Janaury 01, 2020 Disability: Current Passport: Yes Expiration Date – 5/15/2013 Desired Location: Stateside – District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Overseas – Willing to travel Highlight Write Up: Subject matter expert in SOF operations and intelligence training and support. Twenty years working in small team environments with in-depth knowledge and expertise within special operations, aviation, professional services and information technology. Current OGA […]

TS/SCI, Intel/Security Design, COMSEC, SIC, DOS, USCENTCOM, Project Manager

Clearance: TS/SCI Availability: April 24, 2012 – End Disability: None Language: German – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Bulgarian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Russian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Spanish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – Florida, Overseas – Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Highlight Write Up: Accomplished signal intelligence manager, originally trained as an enlisted signal intelligence operator, with further […]

Seeking US or International Venture Capital for Solar Project in AFG.

More can be discussed with a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place. Seeking venture capital for model solar project in one province in AFG. Concept agreed upon by provincial governor, service providers/solar cell manufacturers identified.  Initial access is between $2-20 million (scalable) for model project on a 12-18 month plan. Contacts and solutions are identified. for more information contact our Global Business Director at

CW2 Cantrell perishes while trying to save his daughters from a fire.

See Full Story Here: Girls in fatal fire to be buried at Arlington with their dad | There will be a benefit for CW2 Ed Cantrell’s wife Louise Cantrell 24 march at a local spot in Hope Mills NC. If anyone is interested in attending or donating to benefit Mrs Cantrell who survived a fire and lost her beloved husband and Hero as he raced back into the house to save there children please see the link below for contact information. Thank for any support you can offer to this cause on such short notice.!/events/338247179554175/ Instructions to donate […]

** 4 Days Left: $500 SOF, FS/CI Poly, IC, Cyber, Cleared Linguist, IT Candidates **

33 Candidates across 7 Companies and 3 Recruiting Firms to date.  Is your organization missing out?  We can set you up today, from small business to Fortune 500’s..stop paying $10,000 per candidate.  If the candidate does not work out we issue a full refund or re-fill.  This offer ends 10 March 2012.

22 Veterans are getting employed today: Beyond SOF $500 candidates.

22 Veterans are moving toward employment through our Veteran Rapid Sourcing Program, since 12:00 AM March 1, 2012. Get your discounted hires now! With over 600 candidates who are actively looking for employment, from March 1-10, Beyond SOF is offering ALL of our available candidates (FS Poly/SMU included) for a flat fee of $500.  No other Sourcing Service offers their talent for this low to get veterans employed.  Visit, “Available Talent” – Contact Candidate, and that Candidate is yours!  Once purchased, no other company has access to that Candidate.  3 SOF service companies […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.

Let us not forget there are those we have Served with who can no longer celebrate the Holidays with their Families.  Pray for their loved ones no matter what religion or belief to be strong through the Holidays and that who they lost Served a Greater protect the men and women next to them.  Remember Them Always..

Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face: Scott Locklin

Conservatives like to talk about the causes of Western Civilization’s downfall: feminism, loose morality, drug abuse, Christianity’s decline, reality TV. Blaming civilization’s downfall on lardy hagfish such as Andrea Dworkin is like a doctor diagnosing senility by an old person’s wrinkles. The fact that anyone listened to such a numskull is a symptom, not the cause, of a culture in decline. The cause of civilizational decline is dirt-simple: lack of contact with objective reality. The great banker-journalist (and founder of the original National Review) Walter Bagehot said it well almost […]

BUSINESS DAY: China accused of massive economic espionage

Google and Intel were logical targets for China-based hackers, given the solid-gold intellectual property data stored in their computers. An attack by cyber spies on iBahn, a provider of Internet services to hotels, takes some explaining. iBahn provides broadband business and entertainment access to guests of Marriott International Inc. and other hotel chains, including multinational companies that hold meetings on site. Breaking into iBahn’s networks, according to a senior US intelligence official familiar with the matter, may have let hackers see millions of confidential e-mails, even […]

Why do Security Contractors have a Bad Name ?

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