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5+yrs, HUMINT Roleplayer, TS/SCI/FS Poly, Fluent Mandarin, TTL, SOCCENT-CEG, J2X, SSE, CMOE, B.S.

Clearance: TS/SCI/FS POLY Date of Clearance Adjudication: May 31, 2016 Availability: May 21, 2013 – May 21, 2016 Disability: None Current Passport: US Expiration Date – February 09, 2021 Language: English – Speaking: Native, Reading: Native, Writing: Native Mandarin Chinese – Speaking: Fluent, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – Overseas – Highlight Write Up: • Five years experience as an ASO exercise roleplayer for various military client groups; • Three years experience supporting HT-JCOE exercises as an Army reservist; • Two […]

22 years, Wounded Warrior, Intelligence Analyst/Collector, CT Analyst, Top Secret, HUMINT, All-Source

Clearance: Top Secret/SSBI SCI elibible Date of Clearance Adjudication: August 15, 2008 Availability: February 07, 2013 – End Disability: Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 90 Current Passport: No Expiration Date – Expiration date Language: English – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – Texas, Overseas – Prefers not to deploy Highlight Write Up: I am a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant from the 35P career field. I have more than 22 years experience in the intelligence field as a collector, analyst, and supervisor from the tactical leve […]

UZIEL CP: Police CQC Course: Crossfit Colosseum, Toronto, CANADA, 16 Feb

NEW Military/Police CQC Course: DATE: SAT FEB16 2013 TIME: 10-1400 TOPIC: “Reactionary Gap/ CQC” This will be hosted by “Crossfit Colosseum” in Toronto Canada. (222 Islington South Unit-4) WE ARE OFFERING 50% TO ALL “BEYOND SOF” MEMBERS… PDF: Avail soon on our website…

$2 SOF/IC Resumes? Its Math. averages 5400 viewers a week.  Isn’t it time you posted your SOF/IC position with us?  $20 gets your job posted across a network of 1.2 million in SOF/DoD/IC with your contact information-so NO placement fees.  Average Return on Investment? 10 resumes per posting not to mention candidates who contact you directly that can fit other job requirements.  That’s $2 for SF, SEALs, IC folks To top that, for $100 a month or $1K a year ($200 off the monthly plan) you get unlimited job postings with no placement fees.  30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely […]

Please Donate to CW2 Douglas Vose Memorial Statue (A/1/10 SFG) Doug was a solid SF Brother, please donate $20 or whatever you are capable of to remember this Warrior.  Thank you.

New Era in connectivity for DoD Service Members: now open to DoD Service Members

              Imagine a system as easy and as user friendly as LinkedIn® or Facebook and exclusive to Active, Reserve, or National Guard DoD Service members.  What if you are being stationed somewhere new and there was a network where you could reach out to people you are connected to in that location or Chain of Command and ask questions before you even have a sponsor?  What if you wanted to join a unit and you could get opinions, reviews, feedback and need-to-know information to be better prepared to join? These and many other possibilities […]

8yrs SOCM/CAMS Medic; 1/75 Ranger Bn, Secret Clearance, Basic Indonesian, B.S.Biology, M.S. Epidemiology

Clearance: Secret  Availability: September 01, 2012 – End Disability: 
None Current Passport: 
 US Passport. 
Expiration Date – January 05, 2022 Language: Indonesian – Speaking: Basic Desired Location: Stateside -
Overseas- Geo Location: Afghanistan – Duration: 3 months Ramadi, Iraq – Duration: 3 months Position Write Up: 2011-2012  Columbia University, Dept. of Epidemiology  New York, NY   Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant •Assisted in the instruction and presentation in the course, “Applications of Epidemiological Research Methods” to […]

Good Read: A Doctor’s compilation of Warriors who go Home after coming off the X.

-Saw this being posted around and found it useful. I’m a psychiatrist. Every day I listen to my combat veterans as they struggle to return to the “normal” world after having a deeply life-changing experience. I do everything I can to help them. Sometimes that can involve medications, but listening is key. Sometimes a combat veteran tells me things that they wish their families knew. They have asked me to write something for their families, from my unique position as soldier, wife, and physician. These are generalizations; not all veterans have these reactions, but they are the concerns […]

Communications SME/Project Manager, Manpack Radios, Electronics Maintenance Tech, Combat Service Support Tech, TS, SCI Eligible, NSW Communications Operator Course, SDN-M, SERE, HF/VHF/UHF/SATCOM

Clearance: TS/Eligible for SCI Date of Clearance Adjudication: May 01, 2010 Availability: October 31, 2012 – October 31, 2013 Disability: None Current Passport: USA Expiration Date – August 21, 2015 Language: Spanish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Italian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – Virginia, Overseas – Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Highlight Write Up: – Communications Subject Matter Expert: Attended NSW Communicator […]

NSW Kids: Providing support services for children of SEALs

Click link to learn about and donate, try to do $5 or more for Paypal…Thank you.