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Central Storage and HazMat Lead, SECRET, AFG

Central Storage and HazMat (LRS)

Salary: $6000/month

Rotation – 12 weeks on 3 weeks off

Location: AFG

Key duties include storing supply and equipment items, to include
classified and sensitive items and War Consumables Distribution Objective (WCDO) items and NWRM.

Other key duties include selecting items to be issued, shipped or transferred; conducting warehouse validations; and maintaining central locator functions. Assign property with no warehouse location within 24 hours. Responsible to the LRS CC/AO for the processing, handling, Care of Supplies in Storage(COSIS) and materiel handling equipment for which the LRS CC/AO has storage responsibility, all in accordance with the contract SOW and relevant Air Force Instructions.The Role and Responsibilities.

 Research, procure, receive, store and handle property in a manner that is safe, secure and incompliance with environmental directives, inventory, manage shelf-life items to include War Reserve Equipment.
 Manage reverse post transactions, maintain accounting documentation and distribute
commercially available supplies and equipment.
 Properly store all classified, sensitive, and pilferable, COMSEC, and NWRM items with no defects allowed per month. Perform inventory count for cycle inventory requirements,
 Research, documentation, reverse post and repost transaction to correct error conditions. All repost actions are to be processed within one workday of reverse-post transaction.
 Utilize special inventory counts if deemed necessary. Special inventory counts are used to reconcile out-of-balance conditions discovered during other than complete inventory counts.
 Accept and process demands, issue property from warehouses or establish backorders.
 Review stock balances to manage excesses and shortages, and forecast requirements according to usage, demand, and projected patterns.
 Peace Time Operating Stock (POS). Maintain/manage POS, POS levels will be based on historical repair/demand data and shall be supported using demand levels, Readiness Base Levels (RBL), Customer Orientated Leveling Technique (COLT), Proactive Demand Leveling (PDL) or special levels as required in ES-S. Utilize ES-S to manage/account for POS.
 On a quarterly basis review the COLT/PDL files, with 100% compliance required. Once reviewed by supply, coordinate with all effected units, with focus on aircraft maintenance counterparts for their careful review.
 POS Excess Stocks. Manage as directed by AFI, if local disposal is authorized assets will be sent to the applicable DLA Disposition Services (DLA-DS) for DEMIL and resale. Dispose of excess Government equipment/supplies as directed by the PCO, the applicable depot level Item Manager and DLA-DS.
 Shelf-Life. Establish and manage a shelf-life control system that meets policy objectives. Manage Precious Metals Recovery (PMR).
 Perform stock screening actions and will maintain all stock screening notifications and screening results received from the bases until suspect flags or exception control data is removed
 Provide and manage an on-base Base Service Store, Individual Equipment Element. Stocked items will be within Air Force specifications.
 Coordinate between base organizations and DRMS disposition of excess or unserviceable property utilizing procedures outlined by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS).
 Utilize Electronic Turn in Document (ETID) system to complete turn-in transactions to DRMS.
Handle and store Electro-Static Devices (ESD) assets with 100% compliance required.
Additionally, ESD will be consolidated for placement in storage and as feasible segregated from other items.
 Review requests for supplies containing hazardous materials to ensure proper authorization has been received prior to ordering.
 The Hazardous Material Pharmacy will authorize and track the purchase and use of all
hazardous materials, including those purchases with Government Purchase Cards, using the Environmental Management Information System (EMIS).

 Requisition hazardous items other than those eligible for alternate procurement methods such
as local established purchases. Ensure alternate Government procured hazardous items are tracked through the Environmental Management Information System (EMIS).
 Ensure hazardous materials are properly received, stored, handled and issued correctly and in a manner that is safe, secure, and in compliance with environmental directives.
 Perform housekeeping duties within area and help maintain a safe working environment.
 Perform periodic inventories of property in storage to maintain the accuracy of accountable records. Review stock balances to manage excesses and shortages, and forecast requirements according to usage, demand, and projected patterns.

US Secret Security clearance, ability to obtain a CAC card.
Experience in US Air Force Supply (LRS) Central Storage Technician (E4/E5), Career field 2S051/2S071
Experience with US Air Force Supply Computer System – ESS, LIMS-EV.
Must have valid HazMat certificate for storage, handling and distribution. Copy of certificate required.
Must have valid Forklift certificate up to 7/10 ton. Copy of certificate required.
Must have valid Driver Licence. Copy of licence required.
 Must have proven experience of functions and activities relating to USAF Supply material management requirements and computer systems, predominantly in Central Storage.
 An understanding of US Air force instructions with the ability to research AFI/AFM for
clarification and compliance.
Minimum six years’ service in U.S. Air Force Supply preferably E4/E5 in career field 2S051/2S071.
 Preferred knowledge of other USAF Supply Management functions, with the ability to assist with secondary duty functions in APS, FSC repair cycle, Inventory, Inspection, Customer service .
 Proficient in the use of computers Microsoft Windows and Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook).
 Good oral and written communications skills required with excellent organizational abilities and customer facing experience.
 Knowledge and understanding of health, safety and environmental matters within the
workplace. Where stipulated will wear relevant PPE as required by the task and security
 Position is located in a war zone in a contingency environment with harsh and dangerous
working and living conditions, including lifting, carrying and wearing 25 pounds of personal protective equipment for extended periods of time.
 Military experience in a hostile environment and knowledge and experience working with government contracts preferred.
 Willingness to comply with applicable Government and Corporate regulations, policies and procedures
*All Resume’s should contain all previous US Air Force roles, positions and experience relating to Supply (LRS) functions with a copy of the DD214 and where necessary include additional functional experience as below:
APS, FSC, Inventory, Inspection, Customer Service and Equipment
Main role as identified above however individual must be adaptable to work other areas within the LRS section as required at the discretion of the Supply Manager.
Location Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan –
Up to 12 hour shift patterns per day/night as operationally required
Room share with one other

Address all in red on your resume or it will be kicked back until they are addressed-send to Sarah at

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