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CI Analyst, $102K, TS elig SCI, AFG

Job Title: Counterintelligence Analyst

Salary: $82,000* ($20K equiv do to not being taxed after 330 days: $102,000)

Work Location: Afghanistan, 12-month deployment
Security Clearance: Top Secret with SCI eligibility
Education : Associates degree or DoD specialized training and two (2) years
CI/HUMINT analysis experience

Experience: Four (4) year’s analytical experience within DoD or equivalent Government
agencies and requires former MOS 1N, 35F, 350F, 18F, 35D, 34A or equivalent

Special skills or qualifications:
– Proficient in utilizing standard computer applications and intelligence related
to support analytical efforts and product development
Requires submission of an unclassified analytical writing sample on Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Iran, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, ISIS, or the HIG (250 word
minimum) with resume
– Possess strong research, analytical, and writing skills
– Be capable of effectively operating as a member of an analytical team from a remote
location in support of CJOA-A requirements
– Demonstrated briefing skills
Highly desired qualifications and/or experience:
– Bachelor’s Degree
– Experience in either CI, CT, Afghanistan/SWA regional issues, HUMINT, or
– Four years’ experience in CI/HUMINT preferred

Apply above or send resume addressing all in red to Ian at  If your resume or application does not address what is in red you are wasting your time..