Clearance Sponsorship

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For Password, please submit resume to to be screened for qualifications required (see below) prior to receiving password

Required Qual’s/MOS supported under Armed CI (to be sponsored for a SECRET Clearance): All 18 Series, ASO 2 or 3, FTC, MOTC, ASOTC Grads, 35L, 351L, 97B, 35E, 35M, 351M/L, 97E or civilian 1811/0132 badged and credentialed CI Agent or DoD Joint Service or other Service equivalents

Armed CI New Hire Form

Required Qual’s/MOS supported under IBM NATO (to be sponsored for a SECRET Clearance): All candidates with 3+ years of IT or Systems Admin,

-Java, C++,

-VTC Techs, VTC and Unified Communications; SIP, TLS, H.323, H.245, H.239, G.711, G.722, Siren14, Siren22, Real Presence Resource Manager, RMX MCUs, Distributed Management Application (DMA) 7000, Cisco MSE 8000

-NATO BMD architecture (Link 16/JREAP, ADatP-3, App11C),
-IT PMs (Project Management Framework/Methodologies such as PRINCE II, PMP),
-CCNA, CUCM 10.5 or higher, CME, CUBE,
-Voice Techs- LAN technologies (e.g. HSRP, STP, Switching, VLANs, DHCP snooping, ARP Inspection, Port-Security)
-Transmission Techs- CCNP, IP/MPLS, DWDM as well legacy and TDM technology

NATO New Hire Form

Required Qual’s/MOS supported under DAGRS Vol III Key Pers (to be sponsored for a TOP SECRET w SSBI Clearance):

-All Technical Recruiters with over 3 years Experience including sourcing Key Personnel for Federal Contracts..

-All Former SOF PMs with over 10 years experience in direct support of SOF

-All SOF/SOF SUpport separating or recently separated (within 3 years) personnel with over 5 years experience implementing/evaluating technologies specific to SOF operations, test and eval, transition, procurement

DAGRS New Hire Form