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Counter UAS Mil-Ops Integrator (Farsi 3/3/3), TS/SCI, $175,000, Full Benefits

C-UAS Mil-Operations Integrator (Persian Farsi)

Intelligence Integrator (Persian Farsi) (C-UAS):

Location: Northern Virginia, US

Security Clearance: TS/SCI

Salary: $175,000+ (Deployment length and Language proficiency dependent)

Benefits: Full Package

PoP: June 2017-June 2019

Start Date: Immediate

Job Description:

 Client is currently seeking C-UAS All-Source Intelligence Analyst’s to serve on a unique, multi-discipline team assisting SOF and conventional operational and tactical commanders, their staffs and their subordinate units with fusing operations and intelligence information in an effective, seamless process to enhance their effectiveness against UAS threat networks.


The Client is currently seeking All Source Intelligence Analysts with fluency in Persian Farsi, with experience in Open Source research as well as experience supporting US Military Forces. These analysts will serve on a unique, multi-discipline team assisting the Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization and deployed Military Forces with fused intelligence products in order to enhance their efforts to disrupt enemy networks that employ or facilitate Unmanned Aerial Systems and other Improvised Threats.

Detailed Responsibilities:

The Intelligence Integrator will assist in developing processes that focus on developing Situational Understanding of threat networks and assisting friendly communities of action focused on dismantling, disrupting, and defeating them. Intelligence Integrator will prioritize and categorize requests for information, conduct near and long term analyses of device and network-centric problem sets through the analysis of open source information, as well as fuse and prioritize multiple open source data sources to facilitate disruption and defeat of threat networks that employ or facilitate UAV systems or improvised threats.

The Intelligence Integrator will focus on problem sets at the tactical through strategic levels while applying a thorough understanding of unclassified data sources and social media exploitation as well as the ops/intelligence fusion process to compile, collate, analyze and evaluate all sources of intelligence and information associated with UAV systems and their employment/facilitation by terrorist, insurgent, or criminal networks.

The Intelligence Integrator will work closely with other members of a multi-discipline team to identify capabilities and vulnerabilities of targeted enemy organizations and decipher and identify trends, patterns and key nodes highlighting their relationships to the targeted enemy networks. The Intelligence Integrator should understand the intelligence process to compile, collate, analyze, produce, and evaluate all-source intelligence as well as provide open source, language and cultural subject matter expertise. The Integrator must be able to provide guidance and mentorship to other analysts and should be able to provide daily feedback to the team lead on product development. The Intelligence Integrator must also possess the ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing in English.and information associated with UAV systems and their employment/facilitation by terrorist, insurgent, or criminal networks.


The Intelligence Integrator must have near-native or native-level understanding of the AO-related language as well as experience in shaping intelligence products that support tactical or strategic goals set forth by the supported unit commander in order to produce actionable and relevant analysis.
Successful applicants will have documented experience working with multidiscipline operations/intelligence teams and familiarity with other elements of the Department of Defense (DoD), the interagency and/or coalition partners.

The Intelligence Integrator must have the ability to participate in and lead meetings, conferences, and engagements to exchange information, assist in making decisions, and/or provide updates. The Intelligence Integrator must have the ability to identify and analyze problems and generate recommended solutions based upon experience working with elements of the DoD, interagency and international elements.

The Intelligence Integrator should have the ability to perform tasks and provide training to support the client in the uses and capabilities of the following web-based intelligence tools, software, and databases: Analyst Notebook / Palantir link analysis software, and Microsoft productivity software and applications. The Open Source Intelligence Integrator should also have an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms, blogging ecosystems, and a working knowledge of how social media communications can be analyzed to develop real-time understanding of ongoing events.

Experience and Education:


Native-level proficiency in Persian Farsi (DLPT scores of 3/3/3)

Must possess a current Top Secret/Specialized Compartmented Information Security Clearance.

Be deployable to the required theater of operations.

Senior Level requirement:

Masters degree and over 10 years of relevant experience, or a bachelor’s degree and 18 years of relevant experience, or 22 years of relevant work experience.

Journeyman Level requirement:

Bachelors degree and 3 years of experience, or associates degree and 7 years of experience, or 9 years of relevant work experience.

Must be willing to work rotating shifts if needed.

Highly Desired:

Post 9/11 experience conducting intelligence analysis for US military forces, Intelligence Community members, or Interagency elements.

Experience conducting open source analysis in languages other than English.

Recent cultural experience in country or region in which their language is spoken.

Working knowledge of threat usage of UAVs or willingness to learn.

Targeting experience.

Must be able to work independently with some government oversight and function effectively as part of a team in a joint working environment.

Provide thorough and completed products that require minor revisions and/or editing

Apply above (applications take priority) or send resume to Morgan at


If you send your resume: *** Address each bullet in Required Skills/Qualification or it will not be considered*** This a mandatory Government requirement


If you have other associates who can also qualify for the positions open, please refer them as we pay $1100  referral bonus for this candidate employed.

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