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Equipment Accountability Element (EAE); SECRET; AFG; $$$

Equipment Accountability Element (EAE)

Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan

Salary: Negotiable

Security Clearance: SECRET

Equipment Management – Equipment Accountability Element (LRS) serves as the base equipment review and authorization activity and manages all base level equipment items with the exception of vehicles. EAE is responsible for updating base level data in the applicable materiel management IT system.  The Equipment Supervisor manages and implements all processes relating to the Equipment Accountability Element, all in accordance with the contract SOW and relevant Air Force Instructions.

The Role and Responsibilities.

  • Assist installation equipment custodians with processing equipment transactions.
  • Provide materiel management support and guidance to AOs, Responsible Officers, and Responsible Persons in the control and accountability equipment assets within the AF equipment system.
  • Responsible for interfacing with the MAJCOM Command Equipment Management Office (CEMO) and AFMC SCM-R Equipment Activity in regards to equipment management.
  • Ensure all information involving the movement of equipment is coordinated with CEMO and forwarded to the AFMC SCM-R Equipment Activity for processing.
  • Attend base deployment concept briefings to identify organizations deploying/transferring equipment.
  • Manage Communication Security/Controlled Cryptographic Item (COMSEC/CCI) and Small Arms/Light Weapons (SA/LW) reconciliation.
  • Ensure supporting documentation is on file for special allowances (i.e. 048,054, and 063).
  • Ensure Block III Training (AFEMS CBT and supplemental) is conducted for all custodians.
  • Advise approving and/or appointing authorities on equipment guidance and procedures affecting lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed government property (Class II, VII and IX).  Provide Block III, COMSEC, and Item Unique Identification (IUID) training to custodians.
  • Ensure Block IV training is conducted for deploying custodians (primary and alternate)
  • Maintain a Master Custodian Authorization/Custody Receipt Listing (CA/CRL) jacket file for each equipment account that exists at base level.
  • Maintain deployed detail quantities to accurately reflect what assets within a custody receipt account code are deployed or on hand.
  • Maintain current CA/CRL contain signatures (digital or wet signature) from the Primary or Alternate custodian and organization commander.
  • Ensure outgoing equipment custodian concurrently performs a floor-to-book physical inventory with the incoming equipment custodian.
  • Maintain a copy of each letter requesting changes to Special Purpose Recoverable Authorized Maintenance (SPRAM) authorizations maintained by the EAE in a folder along with the current R25 SPRAM listing and the custodian appointment letter.
  • Maintain a SPRAM Custodian file for each account where SPRAM accountability approval has been given. Maintain XF3 items on SPRAM details have MAJCOM or higher authority approval.
  • Ensure the SPRAM Custodian file contains all required items and not anything other than what is authorized
  • Produce a schedule to conduct annual organizational visits to ensure custodians are adequately performing their accountability responsibilities.
  • Maintain EAE document visit results to the applicable squadron commander (responsible officer) with recommendations for corrective action.
  • Maintain accountability of all capital assets, NWRM, COMSEC, and 10% of the organization’s remaining accountable assets.
  • Process a Small Arms Reject/Recon (DSR) input to update the Date of Last Inventory (DOLI) on Small Arms /Lightweight Weapons (SA/LW) in-use serially controlled details.
  • Work/clear delinquent documents, rejects, shipments within twenty four (24) hours of occurrence.
  • Ensure classified, sensitive, and pilferable and COMSEC items are properly identified, handled, shipped and stored, with 100% compliance required.
  • Manage reverse posts; including completing research, documentation, and reverse-post and repost transactions to correct error conditions within 1 workday of reverse-post transaction
  • Produce and provide management reports as stipulated within the SOW and AFIs
  • Provide Equipment Management support to remote US or Coalition sites as required, air transport will be coordinated by military.


  • US Secret Security clearance, ability to obtain a CAC card.
  • Experience in US Air Force Supply (LRS) Customer Services Technician (E4/E5), Career field 2S051/2S071
  • Experience with US Air Force Supply Computer System – ESS, LIMS-EV.
  • Must have valid Driver Licence. Copy of licence required
  • Preferred – Valid HazMat certificate for storage, handling and distribution.
  • Preferred – Valid Forklift certificate up to 7/10 ton.


    • Must have proven experience of functions and activities relating to USAF Supply material management requirements and computer systems, predominantly in Customer Services.
    • An understanding of US Air force instructions with the ability to research AFI/AFM for clarification and compliance.
    • Minimum 6 years’ service in U.S. Air Force Supply preferably E4/E5 in career field 2S051/2S071.
    • Preferred knowledge of other USAF Supply Management functions, with the ability to assist with secondary duty functions in APS, FSC Repair cycle, Inventory & Inspection, Equipment and Central Storage.
    • Proficient in the use of computers Microsoft Windows and Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook).
    • Good oral and written communications skills required with excellent organizational abilities and customer facing experience.
    • Knowledge and understanding of health, safety and environmental matters within the workplace. Where stipulated will wear relevant PPE as required by the task and security conditions.
    • Position is located in a war zone in a contingency environment with harsh and dangerous working and living conditions, including lifting, carrying and wearing 25 pounds of personal protective equipment for extended periods of time.


  • Military experience in a hostile environment and knowledge and experience working with government contracts preferred.


  • Willingness to comply with applicable Government and Corporate regulations, policies and procedures

Apply above addressing all in red..or tailor resume to address all in red (based on actual experience) and email it to Sally at

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