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*UPDATED* Exec Protection, $190K+, NYC, Tier 1/2, US Citz./FVEYs, Grn Card

Updates below job write up:

Salary: $190,000 to $200,000 annually

60 Day paid (at rate above) trial/vetting period

Benefits (negotiated)

Location: NYC
PoP: quarterly review
Referral Bonus: $500
Start Date: Immediate (2-4 weeks) open position


Would provide EP and Personal Security Management and EP Services to a UHNWI
Responsible for all facets of security for corporate, Family, Travel etc.
Based in NYC
They would travel with the client/family when required to do so.



Mid 30’s to early 40’s

Tier 1 or 2 SOF only (US, UK, Israeli etc) with the ability to work in the USA (For this you must be a Citizen or have a Green Card or equivalent e.g. an i-551 stamp or B1 form etc.)

No more than 5 years separated from a SOF Operational Team/Element
Demonstrated logistical planning and considerations as it relates to PSD.
Over 5’10 Preferred
Preferably EP Trained (Not essential as training can be given)
Valid, current Driver’s License


? Valid, current NY Driver’s License

? Current U.S. (or other) Passport.

? EMT/Medical training

? Ability to score 70% or higher in APFT/PRT/PFT or GB/IS equiv

Address all in red and those that apply in blue on application (apply above) or resume and submit to Erich at titled: “Senior EP”



1. The role is not necessarily a 24/7 gig. There is a “crash pad” in Manhattan that will be used as the ops base for the EP head. They will plan logistics and conduct TVA-styles of work from time to time.
2. OCONUS travel will be their bread-n-butter. They will be present from a distance. This will be where that ASO style of thought comes into play.
3. Cannot be a “dick”, and should be trainable, should be above 5’10”
4. EP training will be provided, so prior EP service may not necessarily “enhance” their resume.
5. The first 2-3 months may be an assessment period to ensure that the candidate is a good fit. This is merely to assess the candidate’s demeanor and reliability to the job. The client wants to have longevity, which is why the $200k salary range.
6. Resume can ONLY be ONE PAGE. Needs a pic and their vitals on the page.
Resume should be a one page summation like the example below: