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Fed Sales roles (IC, DoS, DoE), $150-300K (base/OTE), TS/SCI, DMV Area (Hybrid/remote after 30+ days)

Applicants must have sales and mission/domain experience in the State Department,
Department of Justice, CIA, DIA or Department of Energy.

Background: Client provides the first scalable commercial products to protect data when it’s most
vulnerable – when it is being used or processed. Whether performing searches or analytics on
data you own or seeking information from a third-party data provider, client proprietary/discreet
solutions ensure nothing is ever revealed during the entire processing lifecycle. For federal
customers, client provides the first certified solution for performing searches from
classified/trusted domains against sources on untrusted or lower classification domains. Client’s
discreet solutions ensure that selectors stay encrypted and nothing is ever revealed during the
entire processing lifecycle.

About You: As an experienced software seller with a proven history of achieving results, you are motivated by your personal success and financial gain. You pride yourself in your ability to identify and develop sales opportunities and establish a rapport and a pathway to building yourself as a trusted advisor.

-You understand Federal mission enablers and how to engage
multiple stakeholders to drive urgency and align with available budgets.
-Your reputation and integrity is very important to you. Your stamina and work ethic is second to none and you have a
winning attitude.     
-You hold a current TS//SCI clearance and are able to hold an IC green badge (for IC related positions).

About The Role: In this role you will be helping client grow its presence and adoption segments
of the US Government and building on a strong foundation that has been cultivated. We will
look to you to drive revenue growth by building upon that initial presence and identify and
engage with new entities who are not yet client customers. You will work to engage prospects
and clients in a group of targeted accounts and be responsible for creating new opportunities,
driving deal flow through a defined sales process, managing an accurate forecast and exceeding
established sales objectives. This is a critical strategic selling role and characterized by high
activity levels, dynamic communication, active prospect engagement and effective negotiation
and closing skills in a complex technology sales environment. This role and the organizational
culture requires that you be a team player and self-starter, highly motivated by your ability to
win new business and earn. As such you will be required to work and sell in a team environment
where collaboration, planning and precise execution will define success or failure. This role is
characterized by a demonstrable record of over-plan sales achievement, strategic account
selling, high activity levels, strong knowledge of the organization’s products and services and a
firm understanding of the competitive landscape. Team players with extensive experience
working in a very fast-paced, growth-oriented, early stage startup and a strong desire to earn
are ideally suited for this role.

What we need you to do:
● Engage qualified prospects and take them through the journey of identifying a fit for
Client solutions and negotiating through traditional enterprise sales
agreement/contract/procurement obstacles to achieve an ultimate win.
● Align Mission needs and requirements to potential funding and available contract
vehicles. Demonstrate success in securing unfunded requests and ability to navigate
SI/Partner landscape.
● Have knowledge of and manage the contracting and Federal procurement process.
● Work aggressively to develop the adequate sales pipeline needed to achieve or exceed
your sales targets and goals.
● Maintain a strong level of pipeline hygiene using
● Work closely with the extended team to ensure a cohesive effort is put forth when
demonstrating client products and services and to achieve a technical win.
● Collaborate and innovate as needed to create customer-facing presentations and
proposals unique to the prospect and situation.
● Work with sales and marketing leadership to develop a plan to drive client’s awareness
and demand generation within your targeted account set.
● Work with lead generation resources to ensure smooth handoff of qualified leads, which
you will use to help build top-of-funnel sales opportunities.
● Work closely with our engineering and customer success teams to ensure a successful
onboarding for new customers.

This Client Offers: We invest in the best people and treat them right. We offer competitive
compensation plans that are commensurate with experience and have great benefits. Our sales
team enjoys an aggressive variable commission plan that rewards for achievement.