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Go to Iraq: Firearms Instructor, $500+day, Erbil

Job Title: Firearms Instructor / Simulator Operator

Location: Erbil, Iraq


Job Summary:
Supervises weapon requalification training in overseas locations. Plans and coordinates weapons
requalification training. Ensures that all equipment, weapons, ammunition, and materials are on-hand
for training. Conduct requalification firing. Operate and conduct training on the firearms simulator
training system. Responsible for all installation, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of the
firearms simulator training system, including but not limited to: Set up and installation of firearms
simulator training systems, operate firearms simulator training system in all modes, troubleshoot
firearms simulator training system problems, conduct technician-level maintenance on firearms
simulator training system and all system components, remove failed components for repair or
replacement on the firearms simulator training system, install replacement parts on the firearms
simulator training system, and coordinate with DS/OPO and the system manufacturer for higher level
repair or warranty service for the firearms simulator training system to include the return of
malfunctioning system and components.

Qualifications and Skills:
 Must be a US citizen.
 Must possess a minimum of three (3) years of applicable experience.
o A minimum of one (1) year of this experience must include experience in static guard or
emergency response services.
o Experience may be gained in the employ of any national, state, provincial, local, or
commercial entities providing armed high threat protective services that require skills
similar to those identified in the PSS or guard training course as outlined in SOW –
Attachment 2, Training.
 Must possess a minimum of one (1) year of experience working as a full-time equivalent (FTE)
firearms instructor, this experience must have been earned as part of other federal, state, or
local government training assignments.
 Must possess a minimum of one (1) year of experience working as a full-time equivalent (FTE)
firearms simulation trainer.
 Must possess valid certifications for technician-level training from the manufacturer or other
source of instruction approved by DS/OPO on the firearms simulation training system identified
in the task order.
 Instructor certifications need to be through the government, military, or law enforcement.

 Rotational deployments: 105 days on and 35 days off.
 Workweek: 12-hour shifts, six days on and one day off.
Base pay is $500.00 a day, paid six days a week, with $52.00 per diem every day.
No foreign taxes incurred by employee.

 Short- and Long-term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, CONUS Health Insurance, Tricare
Supplement, and 401K.
Company provided:
 Two-week training (lodging and meals provided).
 Travel to and from training (if you are within the United States).
 Deployment, redeployment, and official travel expenses will be paid.
 On-ground lodging provided.
 Pre-deployment medical screening, shots, Visas, and any work permits will also be covered.

Apply above, or Email resume to the Teamroom; Make sure your resume reflects the above quals or it will be kicked back.. No ticky-no Lahndry.. title the email “Firearms Erbil”