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For Hire: 20yr+ SEAL, TS/SCI FS Poly, Global PM, CSO Pakistan, HTM, AFO, Sniper, Diver, Paramedic


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
May 02, 2017

July 25, 2017 – July 03, 2018

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 100

Current Passport:
Expiration Date – July 17, 2021

– Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Florida,
Overseas – Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Korea,South, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan,

Highlight Write Up:
Goal oriented, team player offering proven experience as a Navy SEAL with well-rounded background in leadership, planning, mentoring and large scale program management, with an acute focus on security and information sensitive programs. Experience with leading large groups of individuals with agility and discretion in uncertain, ambiguous environments requiring initiative, resilience and innovative problem-solving.
 International Experience – Nine deployments, including Middle East, Asia & Europe
 Operational & Combat Experience – 18 years in Special Operations, 10 years of Advanced Special Operations (LIII)
 Leadership, Negotiations & Decision Making – Directly led groups of up to 27 Operators, consistently top ranked among peers
 Global Program Management & Strategic Planning – Trained and mentored Special Operations units from eight countries
 Force Tactical Surveillance – Directed training and operations with other government agencies
 Medical Training & Experience – Independent

Geo Location:
AFG – Duration: 1 year
Iraq – Duration: 6 months

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 24
Tactical Operations Support Services, F3EA and TSM Corporation 2016 – Present
Instructor, Role Player (contract work)
Lend expertise in the fields of intelligence gathering, cross component/agency coordination and data compilation to be used in targeting package construction and development. Provide input and guidance to the Surveillance Team regarding surveillance/counter surveillance, reconnaissance, ISR and target development. Conduct target development of off-site locations to be used for unit training evolutions. Ensure students learn the intricacies of intelligence gathering.

Number of months in position – 12

Firearms Instructor
Teach firearm fundamentals with a focus on safety, gun handling and marksmanship.

Number of months in position – 24
Special Reconnaissance Team One, Special Operations Troop
Training Leading Chief-San Diego, Officer In-Charge Detachment 10-Afghanistan 2013-2015
Led SEAL qualification training for command, including parachuting, diving, demolition and small arms training. Responsible for the leadership, management, logistics, training, and tactical guidance of 8 personnel deployed in support of a National Mission Priority Program to Afghanistan
 Selected to lead a Cross Functional Team in support of a National Mission Priority.
 Led and executed 90 high risk sensitive operations, yielding 40 intelligence products, including 15 intelligence reports critical to the Task Force targeting and program objectives.
 Directly responsible for the advancement of three sensitive lines of operation into

Number of months in position – 12
Naval Special Warfare Command
Force Tactical Surveillance Manager-San Diego 2013
Managed the training of 215 operators with a $6 million budget, through one Chief Petty Officer, six contractors and three Echelon-3 major commands.
 Advised US Special Operations Command on creation and implementation of Special Reconnaissance Training manual, which resulted in significant expansion of special reconnaissance capabilities across USSOCOM enterprise and served as a catalyst to formulate new tactics techniques and procedures to meet evolving requirements.
 Managed $6 million of special projects funding and $600k in training funds, improving readiness training and decreasing annual spending by 25%.
 Identified and acquired new technologies to fulfill critical requirements certifying relevancy for the Naval Special Warfare Surveillance program.
 Developed critical new tactics, enabled modernization of Tactical Surveillance Operations across Special Operations Forces and interagency, specifically, special communications, electronic signals and defensive cyber operations. These restructured programs increased operational readiness and capabilities by 75%.

Number of months in position – 6
Leading Chief Special Operations Command Pakistan-Bahrain 2012
Initiated and executed Special Operations Command US/Pakistan engagement in a third country. Coordinated multiple foreign militaries and government agencies resulting in the successful re-engagement of the US & Pakistani COIN/CT forces greatly strengthening US/Pakistan relationship.
 Led orchestration of the participation of 6 Pakistani Flag and Senior Staff Officers participating in the 9 nation, Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise. This enabled the Pakistani Military and Gulf Cooperative Councils partner nations to work for regional stability while advancing US Central Commands Strategic Objectives.
 Managed $750K of Counter Narcoterrorism Funds

Number of months in position – 12
SEAL Team Five
Platoon Leading Chief Petty Officer-San Diego 2011-2012 Orchestrated and directed the scheduling of 20 SEALs for professional and tactical schools, ensuring mission readiness of the Platoon. Developed a critical training block to synchronize and develop basic standard operating procedures with the 40 SEALs in the Task Unit. Personally orchestrated the 25-man assault force, devised tactical presentations, and set the standard of future events representing the Naval Special Warfare community.
 SEAL Team Five Advanced Special Operations Manager, leading the screening processes of 15 SEAL Operators for acceptance into this special program successfully graduating all candidates.
 Planned, coordinated and executed a 3-week special security mission with the United States Secret Service. Prepared a 12-man maritime counter assault element.
 Developed and managed a

Number of months in position – 12
Special Reconnaissance Team One
Leading Chief Trainer-San Diego 2011
Responsible for the qualifications and training of 348 headquarters and forward deployed personnel. Ensured new Cross Functional Teams training fusion and culmination exercises were realistic models of current operational environments resulting in a significant degradation of enemy movement, communications, confidence and recruitment.

Number of months in position – 12
Leading Chief Cross Functional Team One-San Diego, Afghanistan 2010
Accountable for the management, training, tactical operational leadership of 27 deployed SEAL and Technician Personnel. Developed plans and coordinated kinetic/non-kinetic operations. Supervised 27 people in four departments, producing 160 draft intelligence information reports and 34 target packages leading to the 39 EKIA and 41 captured insurgents which seriously degraded the insurgents’ networks in Zabul province Afghanistan. Mentored and trained 70+ personnel in complex CFT Operations having the best managed, focused, fused and motivated teams that greatly contributed to the successful deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines. Managed Civil Affairs Programs in Afghanistan, as well as the medical clinic at Fire Base Lane treating over 150 locals and nominating four Civil Affairs projects worth $120k that helped bolster the local economy and provided much needed medical care for the local population.

Number of months in position – 12
Leading Petty Officer, Training-San Diego 2009
Exercise lead for three targeting exercises. Directly liaised with USSOUTHCOM, Miami Dade Special Operations, US Coast Guard, US Customs, Homestead Air Force Base and Chief of Station Miami which brought realism and greatly advanced the Cross Functional Teams experience in Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit and Analyze operations. Directly responsible for the development and implementation of critical Irregular Warfare sustainment training which has increased the operational readiness of two deployable Cross Functional Troops comprising 77 SEAL, Intelligence, Tactical Information Operators, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operators, and Tactical Surveillance Operators. Superior performance in one of the most challenging and operationally demanding billets in Naval Special Warfare. At the leading edge of enhancing and professionalizing Naval Special Warfare’s Advanced Special Operations and Irregular Warfare capabilities.

Number of months in position – 6
Leading Petty Officer, Cross Functional Team-San Diego, Philippines 2007-2008
Led coordinated and managed Advanced Special Operations activities for three operational stations the Sulu, Archipelago and Philippines. Directly supervised six Cross Functional Team personnel, conducting over 200 sensitive technical operations. Leadership and tactical expertise enhanced intelligence fusion throughout the Pacific command and directly contributed to Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines. Mentored operators in the targeting processes, resulting in increased intelligence collection and disrupted terrorist networks. Conceived, developed, planned, executed as an airborne Joint Tactical Controller providing real time information for a Filipino artillery strike against Terrorist camps and targeted 26 High Value Individuals.

Skills Write Up:
Advanced Special Operations LIII,
Naval Special Warfare Scout/Sniper
High Threat Meeting Special Operations
Independent Duty Corpsman- Paramedic
High Threat Personnel Tactical Survivability
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Parachute Rigger
Tactical Entry
SEAL Tactical Communications
Combined Skills Interoperability Trainer
NATO Joint Tactical Controller
Offensive Technical Operations
Diving Supervisor
Tactical Support Operations
Range Operational Safety Close Quarters, Dynamic, Static
Tactical Surveillance Operations
NSW Nuclear, Biological, Chemical & Radiological Defense
Advanced Driving COIs
NSW Platoon Leader
NSW High Risk Instructor
Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Class 211

Education Write Up:
Coastal Carolina Community College business courses, History
Program management Course Microsoft manager
Entrepreneur course