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For Hire


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
November 01, 2018

December 01, 2019 – November 01, 2021


Current Passport:
US/ Blue
Expiration Date – Janaury 26, 2027

English – Speaking: Native, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic
Spanish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic
– Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Overseas- Willing to Travel

Highlight Write Up: 


Highly adaptable self motivated leader with 25 years of conventional and special operations experience. Proven ability to work collaboratively with inter-agency and joint personnel in high-pressure situations. Adept at applying a unique mix of flexibility, patience, critical thinking and experience to deliver exceptional results. Impeccable communication skills and an unwavering dedication to the success of all assignments. 

Naval Special Warfare/SWCC

Geo Location:
West Africa – Duration: 3 months
Central/South America – Duration:  2 years
Middle East  – Duration: 7 year
Eastern Europe – Duration: 2 years

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 30
Combat Hunter Instructor

Combat Profiling/human tracking Instructor. Instruct, train and mentor students. Profiling is taught using current-trend profiling, and behavior-patterning analysis, and study across various profiling domains. This analysis can effectively be used to detect anomalous behavior within a given baseline. Tactical Tracking Instructor, training and mentoring military and DOD personnel to gather information by analyzing the forensic evidence left by the individuals on the natural environment. Promote unit program objectives and policies as well as supporting follow on training within DOD. Develop, edit, revise, or review training material regarding current programs, and operational training analysis, policies, or proposals. Instruction is provided using current adult education standards.

Number of months in position – 15 years
SWCC, Special Operations Combat Medic/ Intelligence Rep, Foreign Combat Advisor, SERE Instructor

Primary detachment medical and intelligence representative. Provided care to detachment members through temporary and fixed medical facilities to support operations with emergency, routine, and long-term medical care. Developed and preparing reports and other written communications necessary for the units intelligence operations. Gathering, analyzing, and developing data from local and national intelligence collection methods, including OSINT, HUMINT, SIGINT. Created briefs and intelligence products for dissemination to joint, interagency and multinational units for immediate application in high threat environments. Briefed leadership and combatant commanders, allocated resources, and implemented operations to meet commanders intent.

Number of months in position – 36
Central Intelligence Agency 2000-2002
Surveillance Specialist

Program Design/Implementation for operational readiness and training of contract personnel and clandestine service trainees; Lead up to twelve-person teams providing training and preparatory instruction to agency, interagency, and joint personnel prior to foreign service and intelligence operations. Tasks include- Advanced Map reading, Geographical Interpretation, Human Intelligence Surveillance/Surveillance Detection/Counter-Surveillance, Intelligence/Counterintelligence, tradecraft, and Hostile Environment tradecraft.


Skills Write Up:
SWCC class 44- Basic Airborne-Navy Free Fall-SERE level C- Advanced Convoy Driving- Combat Hunter( Instructor)- Chief Engineer for Small craf 11M Rhibt- Range Safety Officer- PSD Protective Operations-TCCC Instructor-SOCM (ATP) Advanced Trauma- EMT-Naval Special Warfare Armorer-Advanced Defensive Driving- ASO LVL II � Naval Special Warfare Intelligence Course-STS Advanced Armorer- SERE LVL C(Instructor)
SERE 250(Restraint Defeat), Foreign Military Advisor � High Risk Instructor

Multiple combat zone deployments (OIF, OEF) JCET operations throughout Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America -10+ Years tactical and protective operations -Extensive leadership and management experience- 10+ years foreign instructor experience in formal and austere settings- Strong reporting and briefing skills-Weapons Specialist/ Armorer from Small Arms to Heavy Weapons- SPEC War Tactical Medic (TCCC, ATLS, PHTLS, EMT, BLS) -Graduate of Naval Special Warfare (SWCC)-Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office platforms-Tactical level analysis- Tactical Operations trainer- Working knowledge of Spanish/Arabic-  Current SECRET Clearance, Current DHS background and Polygraph.

Education Write Up:
George Washington University 2012
Emergency health services Certificate- Wound Management, Airway Management, Bleeding and Shock, Mass Casualty Operations, TBI, Compartment Injuries, Environmental Injuries, Mass Casualty Operations

NOVA- Annandale 2001
Completed Associate in General Studies (AA)

Fonda-Fulltonville Central 1991