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Hiring: FLS Deputy Ramp Services Supervisor, SECRET, AFG, MHE job


Job Title FLS Deputy Ramp Services Supervisor

Job Code GAIS04; Aircraft Handler In/Out

Reports to FLS Ramp Services Coordinator/Ramp Services Supervisior

Who reports in to this position FLS Ramp Leads

Location  KBR,Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.


Working Conditions

Working conditions in Afghanistan are arduous and include heat
and dust, frequently involving much physical exertion and exposure
to the elements and aircraft related hazards. Operations will be of a
24 hour nature and may include routine air travel.

Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills
The Deputy Ramp Services Supervisor, in conjunction with the Ramp Services Supervisor, is responsible for the supervision of all KBR ramp staff to ensure safe handling and turn round of all Military and Civilian aircraft providing airlift to the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan. Responsible for the day to day supervision of ramp handling teams operating on multiple aircraft within Kandahar Airfield. They will also provide expert guidance on all aspects of aircraft loading and unloading operations.



  • Must be US citizen and hold a US Secret Security Clearance or be a member of one of the Five Eyes (FVEY) countries and have a completed National Agency Check with written Inquiries (NACI)
  • Proven ability of supervising ramp handling teams of at least 20 employees
  • Proven record of supervising air transport operations including terminal operations, cargo supervision, passenger supervision, dispatch of aircraft and the use of specialist Air Cargo Handling Equipment (ACHE) and Material Handling Equipment (MHE)
  • Be knowledgeable of air cargo acceptance procedures including Dangerous Goods (DG)
  • Be knowledgeable of, and have a background in, the training requirements of the various types of ACHE and MHE used by the military and civil operators
  • Have knowledge of the current operating criteria of military/civil transport aircraft standard operating procedures and processes for both fixed and rotary wing operations
  • Be familiar with NATO, ICAO, USAF and ISO terminology
  • Have a good administrative background
  • Thorough understanding of transport aircraft types, capabilities and configurations
  • Trained to IATA DGR Cat 6 (Cargo Acceptance Staff (including DG)) – training may be given
  • Fluent in English to a minimum level of 3333 in accordance with STANAG 6001


Core Responsibilities and Duties
Duties will include, but are not limited to :

  • Supervise ramp teams and act as the point of contact between all FLS agencies and the aircraft crew
  • Coordinate and supervise the physical loading/unloading of cargo, baggage, mail and passengers on all military and civilian air transport aircraft as per the aircraft load distribution sheet in a timely manner to ensure the flight is despatched on its designated departure time
  • Ensure that prior planning is instigated to ensure aircraft are loaded and can meet scheduled departure times. Ensure all agencies are aware of the required delivery times of services to the aircraft and highlight any problems such as outsize loads that may extend turn round times
  • Ensure all daily/weekly checks are undertaken on the ACHE/MHE and other vehicles and ground equipment involved in the handling of aircraft
  • Deputise for the cargo processor during absences due to rotational, compassionate or medical leave
  • Accept, inspect and process cargo, including dangerous goods, on behalf of military and civilian customers for onward transportation by air using inter and intra-theatre airlift assets
  • Ensure any DG are stored in accordance with IATA, USAF and local procedures
  • Advise and assist customers in the completion of movement requests
  • Prepare and maintain an accurate record of all cargo stored and processed by FLS
  • Ensure consignments of Valuable and Attractive Items (V&A), DG, weapons and mail are properly secured and registered
  • Participate fully in all aspects of the management of Health and Safety; in particular ensure staff are following the rules for the safe loading and dispatch of transport aircraft, are wearing the required PPE at all times and are proactive in the implementation of a safe working environment
  • Conduct OJT if required (including the assessment of ACHE/MHE operators)
  • Proactively carry out any other associated duties (as allocated by FLS Management) to promote FLS’s daily operations

►►ALL must be addressed in your resume (recommend Highlighting) then submit to Hector at

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