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I am currently doing Protective Services in a high threat environment. Looking for contract or other opportunities in the security and other fieds.


Date of Clearance Adjudication:


September 30, 2018 – September 30, 2028


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – October 03, 2027

Indonisian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:

Highlight Write Up:
I have 20 years military experience and the last 11 being in the Special Operations field. I\’ve deployed on short notice in small teams and as part of larger elements to the Middle East and Asia. This makes me highly diversified and adaptable to the most austere environments with little to no higher support. My interpersonal communication skills are impeccable as well as my use of interpreters. I have also trained thousands of foreign soldiers and civilians with limited use of interpreters. During 20 years of military experience I maintained a Secret or TS/SCI clearance. For the last 11 years I have had the best training, money, weapons and equipment the military and civilian world has to offer.

Geo Location:
Middle East / Asia – Duration: 50 months

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 3
WPS II PSS Agent, Triple Canopy, Baghdad Iraq
-Perform day-to-day personal protective security functions for DoS principals in a high threat environment.
-Drive the lead vehicle, principal\’s vehicle, follow-vehicle, and/or acting as response agent whenever required in motorcade or similar operations.
-Maintains assigned protective formation position during principal\’s walking movements to and while on venue.
-Participates in advance security preparations.
-Mans the security post at the principal\’s residence or mans the command post, or other static posts as required.
-Monitor and set up technical equipment while conducting motorcade or static operations.

Number of months in position – 8
Operations Manager, 82nd Civil Affairs Battalion, Savannah GA
-Managed a company of 88 personnel, directly involved with the daily health, welfare and accountability of the unit to maintain a high state of readiness for rapid deployments.
-Prepared Command and Staff, training, and resource meetings in order to share information and determine roles and responsibilities for 15 subordinate units.
-Planned, coordinated, and executed the training of 88 personnel. Supervised the management of training and certification logs ensuring mission readiness for contingency operations to nine countries in Europe and Africa.
-Collaborated with multiple other agencies, units and offices to receive and de-conflict current and future operations plans, orders and mission requirements.
-Critiqued and routed all administrative or mission related documents before sending them to the next higher level for final approval.
-Counseled 8 subordinates and mentored 2 peers.

Number of months in position – 20
Civil Military Operations Planner, 3rd Infantry Division, Savannah GA (with a deployment to Afghanistan)
-Conveyed real time information through product development and analysis, to the organizational leader of 15-20k soldiers, improving his knowledge of the ever changing environment.
-Reestablished the DoD rewards program paying out $1.2 million to more than 31 individuals leading to the apprehension of combatants while maintaining strict accountability standards.
-Appointed as the Civil Military Liaison to the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan. Fostered the relationship between DoD and DoS entities to improve information sharing.
-Coordinated with multiple state and non-state organizations to eliminate human suffering due to natural and manmade disasters or the host nations� lack of civil infrastructure.
-Trained 100 foreign government and military members on Civil Military Operations and the employment of individuals and teams for targeted, effects based operations.

Number of months in position – 72
Civil Affairs Team Sergeant, 96th Civil Affairs Battalion, Fayetteville, NC (with deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Tajikistan)
-Senior ranking non-commissioned officer responsible for the training and implementation of all weapons, tactics, techniques used on a special operations civil affairs team during training and combat or less than hostile deployments.
-Conducted civil reconnaissance patrols and route surveillance missions to provide real time assessments on the Afghan strategy during the national elections. The analysis of my team directly led to the overall security and successful elections for the country of Afghanistan.
-Led a four-man team; responsible for identifying civil vulnerabilities, analyzing field work, and accurately depicting relevant information during product development.
-Coordinated with host nation officials and the U.S. Embassy country team to produce project nominations to improve the lives of citizens and alleviate human pain and suffering.
-Hosted bi-monthly working groups as the lead office for project nomination approval and tracking of all the projects funded by the United States or jointly with the host nation.
-Proposed and managed the process of 150 projects including, but not limited to, nomination and approval, benchmark inspections, quality assessment/quality control, and paying out over 200 million dollars throughout the period of performance.
-Built rapport with officials, civilians, and international organizations to achieve strategic national objectives by leading over 100 person to person engagements or official office calls.
-Trained over 3k host nation military and border agents on security and counter insurgency/terrorism defeat tactics.
partnered with and trained thousands of host nation security forces in Iraq and Afghanistan focusing on all aspects of foreign internal defense.
-Counseled 7 Non-Commissioned Officers and mentored 5 peers and 5 mid-grade Commissioned Officers.

Number of months in position – 24
Infantry Observer Controller, 1st Army Fort Lewis, WA
-Trained 10k Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines on current combat tactics techniques and procedures during a one year period.
-Trained unit Commands and subordinate units on proper communication and requests for close air support, fire support and medical evacuation.
-Certified as the senior master gunner on improvised explosive devices (IED) during the height of the Iraq war to defeat the IED threat.
-Conducted training on counter IED and counter ambush tactics as the senior certifying observer controller trainer on the CIED live fire exercises lanes.

Number of months in position – 108
Infantry Squad Leader, 327th Infantry Regiment, Fort Campbell, KY (with two deployments to Iraq)
-Managed two infantry teams comprised of four personnel each.
-Responsible for the health, welfare, accountability, training, mentorship and overall combat readiness of the squad.
-Conducted weapons training for 25k Iraq police focusing on weapons qualification, patrolling, IED defeat techniques, and the search and security of detainees.
-Managed the procurement of weapons, ammunition, vehicles, uniforms and other items for 25k Iraq security force personnel.
-Conducted hundreds of mounted and dismounted ground and airborne combat operations with Iraq partners resulting in security for thousands of civilians, host nation infrastructure and cultural, religious and historical relics.
-Restored basic human needs to a substantial land mass and population of northern Iraq, consisting of Kirkuk, Mosul Erbil and Sulaymaniyah after several major offensives.
-Counseled 2 Non-Commissioned Officers and mentored 6 Soldiers.

Skills Write Up:
Refer to Resume

Education Write Up:
Academi PSS training, from March 19 – April 30
BCDS Advance Off-road driving
Advanced Negotiations
NTAC Course
Gryphon Group mobile protection course
Fayetteville Technical Community College vertical construction courses
CIED Master Gunner trained
Refer to resume for further details