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Intel Analyst (Int. Air Defense Sys’s), Pope AFB, TS/SCI, Name your Pay

If you were upset when Army did away with ADA as a Branch, now’s you chance to make a comeback.  Instead of being the guard force for the BDF pulling guard on MaM’s.. you can comb the skies for the all elusive Amazon knock-off swarms carrying SIED’s toward the FOB.  So what if it takes the Q-37 30 minutes to sync.. get out there with the 240B and lead the cloud by a football field and go 6-9 plunging until all the drones take a dirt nap..  Step on stage at Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes and grab you the contractor Medal for Valor..

If you like to waste time, skip this sentence.. if not, make sure to address EACH in red below on your tailored resume or application or else we will ask you to do it each time until complete..

Location:  Fayettenam

Security Clearance:   Active TS/SCI 

POC:  Pete C at

Pay rate:  Negotiable but the range is between 105-125 currently

Referral Bonus: Open referral $1,000 paid upon your buddy’s employment date

Signing Bonus: $1,000 paid in time for Christmas, New Years or which ever holiday is after your start date!

Intelligence Analyst (Integrated Air Defense Systems) for our Pope AFB location

 The Contractor will serve as an intelligence analyst performing threat analysis, preparing intelligence assessments of current and projected Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) performance capabilities, and collaborate with service intelligence centers, national intelligence
agencies, and support elements.
 The Contractor will conduct all-source intelligence analysis of foreign IADS and subsystems capabilities and advise on defeat pathways.
 The Contractor will produce finished intelligence products in response to production requests to meet mission requirements.
 The Contractor must have the experience and knowledge to identify intelligence gaps, submit collection requirements, secure resources, and manage the production of IADS intelligence.
 The Contractor will serve as a subject matter expert (SME) and analyst for performance capabilities of specific IADS, determine subsystems use (radars, C4I equipment, SAM, AAA,
fighter aircraft), level of integration, tactics, doctrine, operation, strengths, weaknesses, and critical nodes.
 The Contractor must be able to develop methods to evaluate effectiveness of subsystems within the IADS, incorporate all-source intelligence from throughout the intelligence community and interpret modeling, simulation, and analysis results for application to specific operational and acquisition systems.
 The Contractor will follow daily intelligence on assigned areas of interest and report on strengths and weaknesses that influence mission planning, targeting, tactics, and acquisition systems development.
 The Contractor may be required to host meetings with other SME’s throughout the
intelligence/warfighting communities, attend related conferences, support meetings, IADS coordinating group meetings, and interagency production meetings.
 The Contractor must be able to operate independently, prepare and present briefings on areas of expertise to Squadron and Group leadership.
 The Contractor may be required to utilize signature reduction mechanisms to support specific requirements.

 IADS intelligence background.
 Intelligence Analysis experience. Must possess comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of concepts, principles, and practices to include the intelligence community missions, functions, and capabilities as demonstrated through a minimum of 5 years of experience as an intelligence analyst, with no less than 3 years specializing in IADS.
 Multi-discipline Intelligence experience. Must possess knowledge of, and experience with, various intelligence disciplines, including but not limited to, All-Source, HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, OSINT, MASINT, and special operations intelligence activities and programs.
 Systems, Networks and Database expertise. Must possess knowledge of and be able to utilize various intelligence data systems to include, but not limited to, JWICS, and NSANET.
 Contingency-related intelligence expertise. Must possess knowledge of intelligence principles and concepts sufficient to monitor and evaluate contingency plans and training. Must have the ability to respond to policy questions for intelligence as prescribed in applicable regulations and guidance.
 Special Operations knowledge. Must possess knowledge of special operations tactics,
techniques and procedures.
 Communications skills. Must possess the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
 Top Secret clearance and be eligible for sensitive compartmented information (SCI) access