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SOF Irr/Sensitive Act., Stuttgart, $130w/LQA, TS/SCI,


LocationStuttgart, Germany
Salary: $120K+ (30-40K LQA)
Start Date: 4-10 weeks, open

Period of performance: 2 years

Clearance: TS/SCI


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Job Description:
Client is looking for an IW (Irregular Warfare) Planner to provide subject matter
expertise to Special Operations, Counterintelligence, HUMINT, Sensitive Activities, and
Joint Operations Group (JOG) efforts across Europe.

Responsibilities will include:
 Provide advanced technical knowledge and analysis of…
– Highly specialized applications and operational environment
– High-level functional systems analysis, design, integration, documentation, and
– Implementation advice on complex problems which require knowledge of the
subject matter for effective implementation
 Apply principles, methods, and knowledge of specific functional areas of expertise to
specific task order requirements
 Provide advice on esoteric problems which require extensive knowledge of the subject
 Design and prepare technical reports, studies, and related documentation
 Create charts and graphs to record results
 Prepare and deliver presentations, training, and briefings

Minimum Qualifications:
 10-15+ years of relevant specialized military experience
 Experience supporting Special Operations/Special Forces
Desired Skills and Experience:
 Former Special Forces officer, warrant officer, or senior enlisted
 Previous experience in a Europe/EUCOM/SOCEUR assignment
 Recent assignments to J2X, J3X, or JOG
ASOT Level II training course graduate (Level III training course graduate highly

 BA/BS in International Relations, Political Science, or related area of study preferred

Apply here and or submit resume addressing all in red (all) and submit to Joyce at Titled “IrregStuttgart”


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