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Maritime Maintenance/Log. Advisor (MMLA); SECRET; $$$; Tanzania

Maritime Maintenance/ Logistics Advisor

Make sure the spare parts arrive on time (within a month of when needed)..  You can get it down to 2 weeks if you pop selfies with the import/export SME 14 yr old with Ray Bans you will be dealing with, show him all the likes you have on your secondary Insta account with all the Russian model followers you got using FIVERR..

Location: Tanzania

Salary: Negotiable based on experience

The MMLA will provide an outline of the assessment framework within fifteen (15) days of embedding within the TPDF Navy for COR review and comment. The capability assessment report shall articulate those near to mid-term outcomes (e.g., maintenance plan) that the MMLA can support as well as recommendations for other training requirements that the MMLA cannot support that requires the U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam’s Office of Security Cooperation (OSC) to explore other assistance opportunities.


The work under this task will take place in the following location(s):

  • Tanzania; Group 1 for Base Period (Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Togo);

At a minimum, the MMLA’s capability assessment shall examine the following aspects:

  1. Inventory of current equipment, assets, parts and spare parts. ii. How current equipment, assets, parts, and spare parts are being utilized.
  2. Support the TPDF Navy Develop and Implement a Maintenance Plan
  3. Forecasting and scheduling required maintenance actions for TPDF Navy maritime platforms, assist in finding suppliers and delivery mechanisms, create a framework to allow timely and efficient ordering for required spare parts and establish a process to maintain accurate maintenance logs.
  4. Supply chain maintenance and logistics capabilities to repair their equipment. In addition, the MMLA will be able to order or purchase training aids and tools to assist them with making repairs or support preventative maintenance per COR approval. The MMLA may also recommend replacement parts for order or purchase per COR and OSC approval.
  5. The MMLA shall provide recommendations as to the necessary Maintenance facilities needed for host country to adequately maintain the Defender boats at the unit level and at the next higher level. These facilities could include boat ramps, floating docks, cradles, lightweight cranes and/or forklift trucks, overhead protection from sun and weather, adequate power, adequate light, adequate security for the working area, secure storage for spare parts and tools
  6. The MMLA shall also serve as a liaison between the Office of Security Cooperation and the TPDF Navy maintenance personnel and leadership to help create a self-sufficient Defender Boats preventative maintenance program.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Ten (10) years experience in surface maritime domain required.
  • Ten (10) years experience repairing and maintain both inboard and outboard engines required.
  • Eight (8) years hands-on experience in operations and maintenance of Defender and Shark Boat watercraft required.
  • Five (5) years experience in unit level maintenance and logistics required 
  • Two (2) years  experience developing and/or delivering training modules to U.S. partner nations to build their maritime capacity required.
  • Professional experience requiring excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Speaks English fluently.

Apply above addressing all in red..or tailor resume to address all in red (based on actual experience) and email it to Sally at

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