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Security Clearance: Active TS/SCI, Full Scope Poly
Availability Date: November 2011, Willing to Relocate
Current Job Description: Full Motion Video (FMV) Imagery Analyst


Highly experienced and accomplished professional with over nine years as an All-Source Intelligence Analyst; Proven leader with superior managerial skills capable of handling time-sensitive and complex problems in order to satisfy customer’s requirements; Capable of supervising and directing multi-skilled teams in the successful accomplishment of assigned tasks; and, Diverse background in the functions of All-Source Intelligence Analysis and Intelligence Operations in conventional and special operations environments.

BAE Systems
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency / Office of Counterterrorism 2011-Present
Full Motion Video (FMV) Imagery Analyst

• Assigned to Global Analysis in support of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).
• Served as part of a 24-hour all-source operations center serving multiple agencies and commands
Completed real-time intelligence analysis in support of U.S. Government agencies.
• Provided Full Motion Video (FMV) exploitation and imagery analysis supporting current Counter Terrorism (CT)
• Performed extensive historical analysis of national and tactical intelligence assets using a variety of
intelligence software and databases.
• Contributed to the completion of “quick turnaround” projects for high-level members of the U.S. Intelligence

United States Marine Corps
Marine Special Operations Regiment 2006-2011
Senior Intelligence Analyst / MARSOC Spec Op Capabilities Specialist (SOC-F)

• As Intelligence Watch Chief/Collection’s Manager, trained, mentored, and supervised four All-Source Analysts,
two SIGINT Analysts, one HVI Targeting Analyst, and one Geospatial Intelligence Analyst in all aspects of
intelligence functions in order to allow multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously.
• Fused geographic, all-source, human, and signals intelligence into robust, comprehensive products in support
of full spectrum special operations missions.
• Published numerous density layer, trend, and predictive analysis products ensuring that the Commander’s
intelligence gaps were filled.
• Provided all-source intelligence analysis support to the Human Intelligence Officer through research,
analysis, and production enabling the proper recruiting, vetting, and tasking of sources.
• Developed and maintained a robust intelligence collection’s plan aligned with the theater lines of operation
for RC-North and RC-West to provide direction for all SOTF-West, subordinate units, and attachments.
• Established and burgeoned a relationship between SOTF-W and the Center for Spanish Intelligence through
information sharing and closing a collection’s gap to support target development and IPB.
• Requested, apportioned, and coordinated theater and national level assets for RC-North and RC-West integrating
FMV, COMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, and IMINT capabilities for target development, IPB, and indications and warnings.
• As Senior Intelligence Analyst, produced, delivered, and supervised regionally focused briefs to the Commander
and his staff fusing all-source intelligence increasing situational awareness.
• Produced, delivered, and supervised the production of mission specific Intelligence Preparation of the
Battlefield products for mission preparation of MSOTs.
• Produced, delivered, and supervised specially tailored products on the threat environment for deployed and
deploying MSOTs.
• Contributed to the mission analysis of deploying MSOTs, identifying capabilities/shortfalls, and recommending
solutions with ample needs statement justification ensuring that MSOTs are capable of performing special
operations tasks during mission execution.
• Developed and supervised the scenario development for three MSOT operational readiness exercises certifying
MSOTs in full-spectrum special operations.
• As lead instructor and course developer for the former Advisor Intelligence Course (AIC), instructed periods
of instruction ranging from special operations oriented intelligence to analytical methodologies certifying
ten non-intelligence professionals as Intelligence Sergeants for MSOTs.
• As Team Intelligence Analyst, created fused and finished all-source analytical products in order to increase
situational awareness, provide indications and warnings, and enhance force protection.
• Gathered and analyzed multi-INT reporting producing and delivering daily intelligence summaries to the team,
company, battalion, and regimental Commanders and staff.
• Provided intelligence periods of instruction (IPB, Collections, HVI Targeting, Intel/Admin Systems, and FMV
employment/exploitation) to designated host nation intelligence personnel.
• Produced, delivered and coordinated geospatial intelligence products consisting of HLZ studies, raid support
packages, and route studies utilizing geographic information systems and remote sensing software programs
(ArcGIS, Google Earth, Falconview, RemoteView, and RDOG) in support of Host Nation COIN and CT operations.
• Conducted liaison with inter-agency and coalition partners as well as Embassy staff in order to coordinate
intelligence support and synchronize intelligence operations.
• Special Operations deployment experience includes Pakistan from April 2011 to June 2011, Afghanistan from
November 2009 to June 2010, Colombia from March 2007 to July 2007, and Colombia from August 2007 to December
2007. Billets held during these deployments consisted of Team Intelligence Analyst and Intelligence Fusion
Center Chief in Pakistan, Intelligence Watch Chief and Collection’s Manager for SOTF-81 (SOTF-West) in
Afghanistan, and Team Intelligence Analyst and Colombian Army Ranger Student in Colombia.
• In June 2010 awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for professional achievements as Intelligence
Watch Chief and Collection’s Manager in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan.
• In October 2009 awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for meritorious achievements while
serving as the Senior Intelligence Analyst for Marine Special Operations Regiment.

2nd Reconnaissance Battalion 2004-2006
Intelligence Specialist

• Produced and delivered the Battlefield Update Brief to the Commander and his staff on a daily basis during
combat operations and on a weekly basis during peacetime operations.
• Gained and maintained intimacy with the insurgency within our assigned area of responsibility allowing for
quick identification of new enemy trends and tactics, enemy networks, and local atmospherics.
• Produced and delivered Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield products for training exercises and combat
• Identified intelligence requirements and developed collections plans further reducing intelligence gaps and
focusing the collections effort within our area of responsibility.
• Served as the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Tactical Controller during 30 missions
employing tactical, theater, and national level assets to confirm or deny enemy presence of specific named
areas of interest (NAIs).
• Provided 120 hours of tactical, theater, and national level Full Motion Video (FMV) exploitation and conducted
limited first phase FMV exploitation of 30 OIF named operations resulting in 30 all-source products fused with
\ IMINT, SIGINT, and HUMINT reporting.
• Developed and maintained 100 Target Intelligence Packages (TIPs) on Anti-Iraqi Forces and key personalities
within the MNF-W area of responsibility.
• As Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Team Leader, conducted tactical level SSE on company, platoon level
operations, and further exploited the evidence with the assistance of interagency partners.
• Performed duties during analyst driven interrogations allowing assigned interrogators the ability to maximize
exploitation of detainees utilizing unclassified and classified intelligence in support of follow-on
operations and prosecution of the accused.
• Performed the duties of Red Cell Team Leader for battalion and company level exercises.
• Assisted in the development, production, and deliver of mission specific intelligence in support of
reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition mission preparation and execution during exercise
scenarios and combat operations.
• Deployed to Multi-National Forces West – Iraq from 26 March 2006 to 18 October 2006 and 10 September 2004 to
08 April 2005.
• In April 2006 awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for professional achievements as an
Intelligence Specialist in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

6th Marine Regiment 2002-2004
Intelligence Specialist

• Produced and delivered to the Regimental Commander, his staff, and subordinate units on a daily basis
regarding the threat environment and its impacts on current and future operations.
• Prepared and delivered five Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield products that incorporated social,
cultural, political, economical factors and the threat for Central and Eastern Afghanistan.
• Produced and maintained over one hundred Target Intelligence Packages (TIPs) on Taliban and Anti-Afghan Forces
High Value Individuals and key personalities of interest.
• Provided direct all-source analytical support to two Marine Corps Infantry Battalions and one Army Infantry
Battalion during surge operations in Eastern Afghanistan.
• Assisted in exercise scenario development for deploying Infantry Battalions and Regimental Headquarters
• Assisted in the preparation and deliver of mission-oriented intelligence products to the Commanding Officer
and Battle Staff in support of mission planning and execution.
• Deployed from 27 February to 29 June 2004 as part of CTF Stonewall in support of Operation Enduring Freedom –
• In June 2004 awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for actions as Intelligence Specialist and
Rifle Platoon Team Leader in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan.

Bachelors of Arts, 2007-Present, Major: Political Science, Credits 94/121, G.P.A.: 3.725
College: American Military University

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified 2011

Motion Imagery Tradecraft Intermediate-Level Course, Global Analysis Tradecraft Advancement Center, BAE Systems, McLean, VA, 2011.
Fundamentals of Full Motion Video (FMV) Course (SET2122), National-Geospatial Intelligence College, Fort Belvoir, VA, 2010.
Peacetime, Governmental, and Hostage Detention (PGDHD) Course (SERE C – Peacetime), Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, Camp Lejeune, NC. 2010
SOCOM Level III Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Course, Joint Special Operations Command, Fayetteville, NC, 2009.
Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate (F3EAD) Course, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, Camp Lejeune, NC, 2009.
J2X Operations Course Defense Intelligence Agency, Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Washington, D.C., 2009.
Intelligence Collections Course, Defense Intelligence Agency, Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Washington, D.C., 2009.
Intro to Measurements and Signatures (MASINT) Course, Defense Intelligence Agency, Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Washington, D.C., 2009.
MAGTF Intelligence Specialist Career Course, Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, Virginia Beach, VA, 2009.
SNCO Career Distance Education Program, Marine Corps Institute (MCI), 2009.
Asymmetric Warfare Intelligence Analysis Course, Defense Intelligence Agency, Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Washington, D.C., 2008.
Colombian Counternarcotics Course, National Security Agency, United States Southern Command, Miami, FL, 2007.
Escuela de Lanceros (Colombian Ranger School), Tolemaida Air Base, Melgar, Colombia, 2007.
Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Course (SERE C – Wartime), FASOTRAGRULANT, Brunswick, ME, 2006.
Cold Weather Survival Course (CWEST), FASOTRAGRULANT, Brunswick, ME, 2006.
Sergeant Distance Education Program, Marine Corps Institute (MCI), 2006.
US Army Airborne Course, Ft. Benning, GA, 2005.
High Value Individual Course, Regional Joint Intelligence Training Center, United States Central Command, Tampa, FL, 2005.
Intelligence Specialist Entry Level Training, Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, Virginia Beach, VA, 2003.

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