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Mid-Lvl All-Source Analyst/DOMEX, TS/SCI, $120K, Kuwait

Job Title: Mid-Level All-Source Analyst – DOMEX

Salary: $120K ($145k if over 330 days:

Work Location: Kuwait, 12-month deployment

Minimum required qualifications:

• Education – A+ Certification PLUS
• Experience – at least four years of hands-on experience in computer forensic investigations using
EnCase or similar commercial software on Windows Operating System file structure PLUS
Clearance – TS/SCI PLUS**

• Special skills or qualifications (all required)
– Understand and utilize various audio and video editing software as well as understand the popular
media formats WMA, WMV, AVI, MPEG, WAV, MP3, and RM including conversion and various CODECs
– Be capable of producing analog to digital format conversion to .wav, .mp3, and .wma formats
– Be capable of utilizing various programs to convert VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Beta SP, Beta 3/4, and HI-8
into DVD, VCD, and/or AVI type files into digital format in order to upload to the server
– Strong writing skills utilizing MS Office Suite
– Able to exploit traditional computer peripherals and mobile devices (including GPS devices)
– Briefing skills
– Basic networking knowledge

Highly Desired qualifications and/or experience that are NOT required –

Education – Security+ Certification, Network+ Certification
• Proficient in MS Sequel Lite
• Proficient in Forensic Scripting

Minimum Qualifications ** ENSURE YOU ADDRESS EACH OF THESE IN RED (and the ones that apply in blue) THE APPLICATION FORMAT BELOW and submit to

2 Comments on “Mid-Lvl All-Source Analyst/DOMEX, TS/SCI, $120K, Kuwait”

  1. Hello,
    I have a expired A+ Certification, I obtained it several years ago while working for USA Flex/Comark. I have a broad range of experience configuring, installing, and using MS Windows, Linux, DOS, and MAC software as well as PC hardware. While I have not used EnCase, the concepts are very familiar to me. Generally speaking the goal is to mirror the drive without writing to it. Any change in the source drive results in unusable evidence – any change in the destination drive results in otherwise corrupt data. Generally speaking, one would normally mirror the drive twice. The original is then secured, the first back is your exploitation drive, and the second bak is what is used if the first back yeilds unexplainable results.a That being said, once the drive has been mirrored, the goal is then to exploit whatver information is contained on the drive. This would include files (compressed and uncompressed)(encrypted and unencrypted); software to include version history, configuration, and settings; system usage data – to include programs, applications, network access, interenet access, removable devices, OS and relevant upgrades, antivirus/malware detection and prevention, and finally security applications such as vaults, VPNs, and possibly biometric access applications; Operating System essentials such as configured devices, removable devices (a.k.a thumb drives and the such), OS upgrades, patches, and fixes, and finally OS usage. I currently have a TS/SCI with CI Poly. I have a relatively good idea of the various media formats – no problems there. Converting digital and audio formats is fairly straight forward, which can be done either by mechanical means (player – cable – recorder) or the prefered method – load file, select suitable output format, convert file, save file, return file to customer. Converting VHS, Beta, and HI-8 all require a hardware device capable of playing the video in its native format with outputs directed at a higher end video capable PC or professional recording equipment. Mobile devices are exploitable through CELLEX. My background is HUMINT, which requires both suitable briefing and writing skills. I have built, configured, and installed networks for banks such as LaSalle while working for Olivetti as a contractor for AeroTek. Although the networking has changed considerably, I believe my skills should be suitable. Based upon what is written above – would someone be interested in my resume? I work in a facility that does not permit cell phones.

  2. I tried using the resume builder and that did not go well. I am assuming that is because my account is not fully established.

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