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Military Ops Environmental SME, TS/SCI, Stuttgart, $120-$180K,

Salary: Negotiated based upon current salary/LCAT held

Location: Stuttgart, Germany
PoP: 3 years starting in Sept
Referral Bonus: $250 open referral to anyone who submits a friend or peer who gets hired.
Start Date: Sept-Oct 2019

Job Description:
Client is looking for a Military Operational Environment Subject Matter Expert (SME)
to provide extremely-high level subject matter expertise in one or more of the following
 Threat
 Population
 Partner Nation Capability
 Preparation of the Environment
 Special Operations Forces (SOF) Capability
Responsibilities will include:
 Provide advanced technical knowledge and analysis of…
– Highly specialized applications and operational environment
– High-level functional systems analysis, design, integration, documentation, and
– Implementation advice on complex problems which require doctorate-level
knowledge of the subject matter for effective implementation
 Apply principles, methods, and knowledge of specific functional areas of expertise to
specific task order requirements
 Provide advice on esoteric problems which require extensive knowledge of the subject
 Design and prepare technical reports, studies, and related documentation
 Create charts and graphs to record results
 Prepares and deliver presentations, training, and briefings
Minimum Qualifications:
 5+ years of relevant specialized military experience
 7+ years of relevant experience as an Industry or other Government Professional
Desired Skills and Experience:
 Military Special Operations experience
 Former field-grade officer or Chief Warrant Officer

 BA/BS minimum; MA in International Relations, Political Science, or related area of
study preferred

submit application or resume to Sean titled: “MOE SME”

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