NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT); SECRET; $70K-$100K; Camp Lejeune, NC

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Location: Camp Lejeune, NC
Salary: $70,000 – $100,000
Start date: Approx  March 2018
Period of performance: 1 yr+ 2 option
Job Description:
  • The contractor shall provide full time Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B), working under the license of the MRTC Senior Medical Officer (SMO), to support the MRTC staff by providing live-fire emergency medical support.
  • The contractor shall work with the MRTC SMO to develop and validate the latest emergency medical protocols ensuring the best emergency medical care is available for MARSOC using the training/sustainment program approved by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  
  • The contractor EMTs shall gain an intimate familiar with the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) associated with the high-risk training evolutions that are conducted on a daily basis and will remain fully engaged in supporting these as requirements generated from the operating forces evolve.  
  • The contractor shall be able to stand, walk, sit, lift, carry, use their hands to handle or feel objects, tools or controls, reach with hands and arms, climb stairs, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, talk and hear, speak and be understood on a two-way radio, move human casualties and/or equipment up to 150 pounds, and handle exposure to extreme conditions (heat and cold environments while on field coverage).
** Make sure to address each of these in your application or resume as it relates to your direct experience or it will be kicked back for you to do it again**
  • 5 years military enlisted field medical field experience similar to either Navy Enlisted Category 8404, Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Corpsman or USA MOS 68W/Medic. OR…
  • Five (5) years of civilian EMT experience is an acceptable substitute.
  • Current National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) certification and/or a North Carolina State EMT certification (EMT-I & EMT-P)
  • Carry gear and equipment weighing up to 150 lbs.
  • 1 year of experience using MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Possess a SECRET clearance on day one of contract execution


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  1.  Position Crosswalk


SOW Requirement Individual Qualifications


  1.  Education/Certifications

Each citation shall include name/title of degree/certification, year achieved/awarded, and institution issued from/awarded by


  1.  Work History

Each citation shall be laid out as follows.  The description section shall cover all actions proposed to meet SOW requirements, and should link back to the Individual Qualifications identified in Section 1.


Title of Position Held Location/Unit/Company Dates Assigned
Description of Position Duties/Required Occupational Skills

4.  Accomplishments/Awards (OPTIONAL)

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