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Open for Hire: 20 yr, Sr. SOF PM, TS/SCI/CI Poly, PMP, M.A. Spanish


Date of Clearance Adjudication:

February 12, 2019 – February 11, 2020


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – Febuary 16, 2027

Spanish – Speaking: Fluent, Reading: Fluent, Writing: Fluent

Desired Location:

Stateside – District of Columbia, Virginia,

Highlight Write Up:
Over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, program management and supporting SOF and SAP programs. A proven strategic leader with a track record of successful concept development from implementation to executing strategic organizational plans and organizational operations worldwide. An experienced senior program manager and senior leader; talented in bringing diverse groups of people together and leading them to success.

Geo Location:
La Paz, Bolivia – Duration: 2 years
TSCTP, Countries – Duration: 6 years on and off
Iraq – Duration:
Democratic Republic of Congo – Duration: 1-4 weeks
– Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 4 months
Senior Program Manager, MELE Associates 2018 to Present

• Recruited by VP of $50 million, Security, Energy and Information Technology company to oversee the IT, Cyber and Security Programs contract in support of the National Nuclear Security Administration, Special Access Programs; quickly familiarized with organizational culture values and operational requirements; prioritized strategic objectives, implemented communication’s plan, major tasks list and reporting standards

• Wrote business case analysis to modernize IT operations; proposal will increase capabilities and manpower by 100%; potentially driving business revenue exponentially throughout the next five years

• Led a 13 person IT, Cyber and Security customer support team; supported over 1,000 personnel over 10 locations; improved customer service experience by 95%.

• Managed project resources, project milestones, while meeting and/or exceeding key operational performance targets, with results that included:

­ — 97% improvement in resolving IT issues and customer complaints

­ –95% improvement in IT/Cyber security reporting

Number of months in position – 9 months
Senior Advisor/Senior Program Manager, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City, OK 2017 to 2018

• Provided senior leadership and guidance to a 160-person cross-functional organization that delivered customer service and support to over 29,000 military, contractors and civilian; drove operational performance, policy issuance and customer service support by 95%

• Collaborated with senior leaders to revamped organizational structure and communication’s plan; decentralized operations to empower mid-level managers; improved communication and decision-making processes among teams

• Change Agent, worked with Financial Services Officer to streamlined financial services department’s operations, with results that included:

­ – 95% improvement in timeliness

­ – 93% improvement in accuracy

Number of months in position – 24 months
Operations Manager/Military Attaché, US Embassy La Paz, Bolivia 2015 to 2017

• Developed a 10-year security cooperation and partnership strategic plan; focused on deliberately engaging Bolivian military while synchronizing operational efforts with U.S. Southern Command

• Delivered end-to-end project management on two international projects; developed excellent working relationships with foreign stakeholders; executed US foreign policy initiatives in a difficult political environment; lauded by Ambassador and DIA and US South Command Senior Leaders

• Drove collection management efforts; established priorities and delivered monthly status reports to US Embassy Senior Leaders and DIA; resulted in 100% reporting increase

Number of months in position – 24 months
Senior Financial Manager/Project Manager, Special Operations Command Africa, Germany 2009-2011

• Managed complex and diverse $50M Department of Defense funding authorities; supported 1,200 Special Operations personnel throughout AFRICOM’s AOR; ensured operational requirements were 100% met

• Co-Led $35M train and equip and construction project in the Democratic Republic of Congo; worked with stakeholders and contractors to develop pricing and proposals; with results that included:

- 1,000 Congolese soldiers trained

– Five buildings refurbished

 – Executed five distinct training programs

• Briefed Foreign Service Officers and/or Ambassadors at various U.S. embassies in Africa concerning organizational strategic objectives; garnered long-term business support; resulted in 96% improvement in support

• Oversaw all SoF classified funding ~500K; managed CMPF, Section 1208 and NAR requirements; strengthen SOCAFRICA’s CT initiatives

Number of months in position – 60 months
Senior Financial Manager/Project Manager, Special Operations Command Europe, Germany 2003 to 2009

• Provided business analysis to complex programs and projects in Europe and Africa; defined and analyzed operational policies and financial strategies; ensured $40M correctly appropriated in support of SoF missions/operations

• Juggled priorities across nine Special Operations teams in Africa and Europe in support of J3X operations; masterfully articulated resource requirements to senior leaders; secured $20M to advance counterterrorism objectives

• Spearheaded logistics, financial/contract management, life-support and security operations requirements for $5M field based foreign assistance project in Niamey, Niger; project supported 120 soldiers, sensitive items, equipment and supplies

Oversaw all SoF classified funding ~250K; managed CMPF and Section 1208 requirements; enabled J3X and SOCEUR Commander’s CT goals and objectives


Skills Write Up:
– PMP Certified

– Joint Military Attache System (JMAS)

– SERE Level C – Peacetime Governmental Detention and Hostage Course

– ACADEMI, Tactical Driver Training and High Threat Executive Training

– Department of Homeland Security, International Banking and Money Laundering — FLETC Course

Education Write Up:
Webster University, MA International Relations – Fall 2019

Wayland Baptist University, BS Management Information System